Obama to Attend Baucus Fundraiser at the Yellowstone Club?

by JC

I think I’m going to puke.

“Tea Party group to protest Obama visit ”

Obama’s visit could be a real opportunity for the Tea Party to get more exposure, [steering committee member Bob] Adney said.

Talk about stumbling off cliffs. Obama, that is.

update: added question mark to headline


  1. I believe this was a rumor that the station later retracted on their Twitter feed, saying Baucus staff were denying the story.

    President Obama isn’t the enemy here. If he uses the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for Max to continue to press forward his reform agenda, I don’t know how that means he’s “stumbling off a cliff.”

    Also, it’s probably worth noting that the White House has yet to confirm any of the President’s stops yet.

    • I agree with Jamee, here…Obama going to talk to health industry lobbyists isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

      White House has confirmed, BTW.


    • JC

      Well, the News Station updated the article once already, so I’ll take it as it reads, until it says otherwise.

      And the White House did confirm the stop, according to KECI:

      The White House has confirmed that President Barack Obama will be in Bozeman on Aug. 14th White House officials would not say Friday what Obama planned to do while in the city.

      However, White House officials did tell us that the First Family plans to travel to Yellowstone National Park.

      I’m not saying shouldn’t come. But I do question the wisdom of letting him go to a Baucus Fundraiser at the Yellowstone Club–you know, recent bankruptcy and ugliness with the Blixeth’s.

      Obama really needs to not fall prey to the TownHall Teabaggers. And falling into Baucus’ sphere in Montana will do just that. Hopefully, someone as smart as Jim Messina can see this for what it is, and steer the president in better directions–like a trip to Yellowstone, instead of a funder for Max.

      • Is there even a fundraiser? There was one last weekend..but I haven’t heard anything about a Baucus fundraiser this week.

        My original info included that they were going to stop in Big Sky and meet with some senators to work on health care. So maybe they are going to the YC, but it isn’t for a fundraiser, it for a meeting of some sort.

        • petetalbot

          Still … the Yellowstone Club? C’mon. Couldn’t they just meet at the Crystal Bar or something?

          • Practically speaking, pete? No. There’s certain security issues that come in to play with a president in tow. Private property is much more able to be made much more secure than, say, the Crystal Bar.

          • problembear

            The boorish and borderline KKK behavior of the bagger crowd certainly warrants the best security measures…

            With jake eaton running the show anything goes. Jakes respect for law has been demonstrated to be lacking.

  2. Confirming a family trip to YNP isn’t confirming “the stop” at the Yellowstone Club. Two different things.

    From my perspective as an organizer, this is a damn exciting opportunity for us to try to steer the ship straight again.

    • JC

      I’m not trying to derail your ship, Jamee. By all means, the Teagger Brigade needs to be met head-on.

      My greater concern is that Democrats have been blind-sided this August by the astroturfing of the health care industry. And if they don’t come up with a great short term tactic to counter it, by the time August winds down, it’ll be all over. Public option shot down, reform watered down, and insurance corporations walking with a bunch more money.

      Counter demonstrations and other progressive actions are all good and well, but they just raise the noise level even more, if they are just there to counterbalance Teabaggers.

      The Dems need to show some real leadership here–and by Obama not speaking to the issue, he serves to reinforce it. And if he were to fall into a Baucus trap of headlining a funder at the Yellowstone CLub, then he’s just playing into the wrong hands.

      Look, I don’t know if he’s going to the YC or not. KECI put the news out, it hasn’t been retracted (and I wouldn’t call a Twitter retraction that I can’t find as reliable).

      I’d like for Obama to show up at a TownHall, tell the Baggers to sit down and shut up and listen to reason. And I want the media to honestly report on that.

      Will it happen? I really doubt it.

      Will the TeaBaggers walk away from this having gained some attention and stature? I sure hope not, but they are obviously looking at it as an opportunity, judging by their statements I referenced above.

      • problembear

        not too sure about meeting the tea baggers “head-on”. prefer guerrilla warfare myself…as in good intelligence and counter info which obama’s people are very good at….

        i think that obama is hoping they make fools of themselves and we should not over-react so they look as bad as they really are….

        i don’t mind strafing a few ignorant neo-conservative blog-jammers once in awhile but getting in the tea-baggers face would only make us look bad – i think a steady stream of info to counter the misinfo is better with calm direct and firm but polite….just the way obama likes to appear. reasonable. while the tea-baggers will just look pathetic and marginalize themselves even further from the mainstream of the nation’s thinking.

        don’t get too worried about the squadrons of blog jammers. they are snacks for us but obama’s crew knows how to handle the big show on the MSM.

        • Big Swede

          Hey, if you guys are lucky maybe the “crew” can do another beat down on some bagger.

          • problembear

            I have no pity for those who defend health insurance parasites at the expense of the middle class and the working poor.

            And that includes bagger/spammers
            And max baucus..

  3. petetalbot

    There are a lot of holes that need to be plugged in this post and the comments that follow. The sources that these are based on seem sketchy, at best.

    Weren’t the big “Camp Baucus” fundraisers over a week ago? Also, I can’t believe that either Baucus or Obama would be stupid enough to do anything at the disgraced Blixseths’ Yellowstone Club.

    I don’t hold it against Obama for meeeting with Baucus. Someone needs to get our senior senator to propose some decent health care reform and Max certainly isn’t listening to his constituency.

    And as far as the Bozeman Teabaggers — does anyone really take them seriously?

    • JC

      Plug away Pete. That’s why I put it out there.

      Baggers are reading into it what they want, so everybody needs to be prepared.

      I don’t hold it against Obama for coming to Montana, or meeting with Baucus. But a funder at the YC would just be so… wrong.

      And about the BozoBaggers–well the national Baggers are coming to Montana, too. I’m sure they’ll adjust their agenda to help out their local counterparts.

      • petetalbot

        Wow, JC, in trying to plug the holes, I learned that Obama ISN’T joining Max at the Yellowstone Club for a fundraiser. Does that mean that Max IS holding a fundraiser at the YC? If so, I was wrong in my earlier comment that Baucus wouldn’t be as stupid as to hold one there. I see that Rehberg is holding one at the YC but that’s par for the course … but if Max is, too, well … he never ceases to disappoint.

  4. Sorry to be cross, JC. I know we’re coming from the same place on this, and it’s totally understandable to be hesitant to believe things when when sometimes it seems like nobody is getting the whole story!

    It came from Bozeman’s CBS Twitter-feed, which isn’t maybe the most credible of all credible sources (Twitter, that is, NOT Bozeman’s KBZK!) but frankly this entire thing has been based on rumor and conjecture since it broke late one night earlier this week.

    http://www.twitter.com/kbzk had the following on it’s feed:

    -Sen. Max Baucus’ office is now reporting that Obama is NOT attending a fundraiser at the Yellowstone Club next week.
    @8:36 AM Aug 6th from web

    -DC sources say Obama will attend a fundraiser for Sen. Max Baucus at the Yellowstone Club next weekend
    @1:59 AM Aug 6th from web

    I’m sure they were caught in the “reliable sources” trap as well. Is Max even hosting a fundraiser at the YC? Is it even still open??

  5. Prozax-me

    Fundraiser at the Yellowstone Club. Ah yes, finally a low key regular folks kind of place. We that is if you have the regular millions to live there.

    Perhaps something good could come of this. President Obama could take Max back to Washington DC with him. He sure as hell isn’t much use to Montana. It’s like my momma used to say, “useless as tits on a boar.”

    On a related note. We have us a brand spanking new Cancer center here in Billings now. If only everyone could afford to use it. Oh wait…..the Yellowstone Club people.

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