Jake Eaton Leads MT Republicans TeaBaggers to Protest Obama’s Visit

by JC

So little Jakie got all growed up and went to work for an astroturf manufacturing company, Americans for Prosperity, and its “grassroots” front group, Patients United Now (no PUN intended). Been wondering what he’s been doing since he got runned out of town with his tail between his legs for voter suppression last fall.

In Montana, the effort is being coordinated by Jake Eaton, former executive director of the Montana Republican Party…

Eaton said AFP officials and some local people will be on the bus, which will stop for rallies in a dozen towns.

Patients First already had been planning a Montana bus tour to rally opposition to health care reforms, and readjusted its schedule to make a stop in Bozeman to correspond with the president’s visit, Eaton said.

This should be interesting, no?

In other related news, there still isn’t any confirmation of a fundraiser at the Yellowstone Club, or any other details, for that matter.

  1. Be sure to watch Rachel Maddow’s interview with Jake Eaton’s new boss at Americans for Prosperity Now, Tim Phillips. It’s essential viewing if you want to understand who’s fighting health care reform and why. Before shilling on behalf of his current corporate clients, Phillips and his pal Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, lobbied Congress in the late nineties/early aughts for energy deregulation on behalf of their client Enron.

    Eaton, Phillips and their coworkers are a special group of people.

    • JC

      I saw it. I think it was one of the few times that a guest of hers got the best of her. He managed to make it into a commercial for AFP, and Rachel got all flustered trying to keep control of the interview.

      The guy’s a real slick slime bag.

      • Jim Lang

        Did you watch the same interview as I did? At what point did she become “flustered”?

        He did robotically repeat his talking points, for example, he kept saying “we’re happy to take corporate money”…. I’m not sure that really helps his cause, lol.

    • problembear

      Jakes bad behavior will be rewarded again, I am sure.

      Where are the real churches in all this hysteria?

      I am not talking about fringe white supremicist and hate spewing neo-christians….

      Where are the catholics on health reform? The lutherans? Episcopalians? Presbyterians?

      It is about time some groups with common sense answered the parasite defenders and the tea baggers on this.

      A sick health care system affects everyone of their parishoners and congregational members. Silence from the majority only encourages the fringe to behave badly. Where are the voices of reason?

      • JC, I agree to certain extent. Rachel should have had a better rejoinder for Phillips after he used the oft-heard right wing catchphrase “this is just another example of ‘gotcha politics'”. Something along the lines of, “If by ‘gotcha politics’ you mean I just exposed what a shitty human being you are, then yes. Gotcha.”

    • Anon

      Thanks, Rebecca, for that link. A little humor for a Sunday morning. Always nice to see someone from the MSM get handed their head on a platter.

  2. goof houlihan


  3. Disco Tut

    I don’t like going after the GOP’s hacks personally… I know many progressives who’ve had them do the same thing and it’s below the belt… plus anybody who knows what was really going on with the voter disenfranchisement knows it was Rehberg calling the shots, not Jake and Erik. Do you honestly think those guys can put together something like that without higher approval?

    Hopefully this hooker stuff will bring down Rehberg… but the point is the same… young hacks on either side are just doing their jobs and shouldn’t be attacked personally for this stuff. Yeah Jake’s politics are backwards, corrupt and retarded, but focus on the generals, not the pawns.

    • problembear

      Rehberg may have said yes to it but denny couldn’t find his ass with both hands and a swiss guide….

      He takes his orders from jake’s bosses.

    • JC

      People should know how all the cogs are interrelated to get this dirty work done. Jake’s actions need to be reflected back on Rehberg and the MT GOP.

      But ignore Jake and take Rehberg to task for… what, concerning the upcoming protests?

      My goal with bringing people’s attention to the TeaBagger’s and Eaton’s involvement with the health care debate, and townhalls really have nothing to do with Rehberg. But I think that a political operative who has engaged in voter suppression and is trying to play off his new antics as part of the democratic process needs to be uncovered and discredited.

      I don’t feel any qualms going after any hacks, GOP or dem, if what the are doing is slimey.

      • Disco Tut

        You do have a point there.

        • problembear

          I’ve met and talked with denny….

          Had more stimulating conversations with a tree stump.

          He’s a mannequin with a GOP supplied continuous loop recorder installed in his skull.

          Unlike baucus who willfully betray’s his constituents.

          Max is the bigger threat on health reform.

  4. Matt

    I know a lot of people who went out to participate in the tea parties, and they weren’t paid or organized in anything other than a true grassroots fashion. Most (if not all) made their own signs, with their own messages, by hand, and they simply found out about the event via friends telling them on Facebook. At least one was a doctor who I know to be genuinely concerned about what’s going to happen to the quality of care he can deliver. I know him to be a good man who really cares for his patients.

    Attacking people who are genuinely taking part in the process is going to make the left look really bad in the long run, and it’s going to alienate a lot of people that voted for Obama hoping for a better tone in national (and local/statewide) politics. It’s only confirming the paternalistic view that a lot of people hold of the left, and it’s damaging the positive message that the the left tried so hard to communicate during the presidential race.

    Just some thoughts from a Bozeman resident…

    • problembear

      I have no doubt the people participating are blameless.

      The point is the people are being spoonfed lies and misinformation. By the lobbyists of the health insurance industry so they can continue to rip us all off.

      But fortunately most americans can see through the lies of those corrupt organizaions.

      • problembear

        In fact, matt, I would venture that corrupt politicians like baucus and the corporate lobbyists who have infested washington politics are the real enemies.

        They keep us busy instigating things so we go at each others throats instead of theirs.

        It’s an old aristocratic trick and it works most of the time.

        Let’s hope they don’t succeed.

    • Lizard

      here’s what rubs me raw: when it comes to the economy, and foreign policy, Obama is basically continuing the failed policies of Bush by propping up wall street and expanding the very costly imperial projection of military power.

      but through the warped lens of the extreme right, Obama is perceived as a non-citizen muslim socialist who is preparing to kill old people and sarah palin’s retarded baby.

      stirring the fringe has already produced casualties, and i’m afraid the NO HEALTH CARE brownshirts will eventually resort to violence to achieve their desired results.

      and what are their desired results? the total negation of anything the quote “liberals” are trying to achieve.

      it’s the same thing we saw with clinton. as billy was busy outsourcing good paying jobs through NAFTA, and cutting welfare, and bombing people through NATO, and starving iraqis through sanctions, and preparing the financial collapse through deregulation, the republicans were obsession over presidential blowjobs.

      this is what the great american death spiral looks like, folks, and we’re all playing our assigned parts in the spectacle.

  5. Big Swede

    Debate is only for the Dems.

    • problembear

      divisive political crap like this only serves the masters BS….mainstream americans could care less whether we are democrats or republicans. they just want honest government. after being a toilet seat for bush/cheney for eight years, the middle class and the working poor wanted a better deal….and they are still waiting to see some promises kept.

      if the democrats are too corrupt to give it to them, then a new party must be formed which responds to average americans….not the corrupt leaders of two parties who rely on their corporate lobbyist masters.

  6. problembear

    i believe that the struggle for democracy’s future lies no longer in the locked horns of the two party system. democrats and republicans have corrupted themselves so badly that salvation seems to be possible only from outside the mainstream political arena.

    somehow the great majority of americans who are sick of the dirty tricks and the corruption of the lobbyists must assert themselves and create a new party which will tolerate no more business as usual….it will take something big happening but it will happen and when it does it will be as big a surprise to the traditional power brokers as the collapse of wall street was.

    the nature of the conceit of those in power makes them blind to change even when it is happening right under their noses. people everywhere are becoming disgusted with both partyies and the corporate masters who pull their puppet strings.

    meanwhile, the rule of the masters is enhanced by keeping us divided. because if we ever unite in reclaiming the democracy which was once america’s birthright, their rule will be finished.

    • Jim Lang

      I’m willing to bet against the end of the Republican/Democrat two-party system in my lifetime. Any amount of money you wish to stake.

      • Don’t see it happening. Whenever we’re treated to a third party, it’s usually “centrists” — or fiscally conservative, socially liberal old-school Republicans. Which wouldn’t solve any of the problems here.

        We’ve already seen that a left party doesn’t have enough votes. And a far-right party wouldn’t, either. As we’re witnessing now with the GOP.

        It’d have to be some populist, anti-corporate party that didn’t touch social issues. And since Nixon wedded big business interests to social conservatives, that might not be possible.

        • Jim Jones

          When you say “here,” Jay, do you mean Montana as here, or Pennsyvania, where you’ve been blogging from for the past two years?

          Just need to clarify. Some of us get hung up on this “Local” thing.

          • Jim Lang

            I’m pretty sure he’s talking about America.

            Do you have some problem with Pennsylvania, or something? Or is this just deliberately petty off-topic trolling?

          • Jim Jones

            No Lang, just east coasters trying to weigh-in as locals on Montana politics. IE “Leftinthewest” is not the same as “Leftinthewestanduppereastcoast”… If you are from Montana you might have an inkling of what I’m getting at Mr. Lang.

          • Jim Lang

            This isn’t about local Montana politics it’s about health care reform at the Federal level.

            Apparently you have nothing to add to the conversation but off-topic, childish schoolyard taunts.

          • Jim Lang

            And specifically his post was about the possibility of a viable national third party emerging. So what was the relevance of your immature whining about Pennsylvania?

          • Jim Jones

            Lang, criticism and trolling aren’t always the same thing. I’m criticising someone’s credibility. I know it’s easier to bully someone by calling them a troll than actually meeting their argument toe to toe. You still haven’t addressed whether you’re from Montana or not, so perhaps you might not even understand.

          • Jim Lang

            When someone is full of bullshit, I say so.

            I don’t pretend that they have ‘an argument’ that needs countering.

            I understand your frustration with my responses.

  7. problembear

    Will have to check my bookie for odds on that. Will need your age to handicap that though…

    About the time china quits buying our debt bonds would be my guess as to approximate ground zero thogh….

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