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by problembear

it is time for max baucus to pass the ball to the president with a public option. it is time to put up or shut up max. pass the damn ball and let’s see who has the guts to vote a strong health reform bill down. i guarantee you that whoever votes against it will not have a job come the next election cycle. i believe the blue dog democrats who are balking now will not have the guts to vote against the majority of americans. we want affordable public option health insurance now and nothing else will do……can you hear the great silent middle class out here. we are working hard to make a future for our families and for america.  do the right thing. if you do not, we will remember this in the next election.

you don’t work for these guys max……

Max Baucu contributions_fb39dyou work for us. and we can fire you. the middle class montanans who once trusted you are counting on your pass. it is time to throw it past grassley’s outstretched arms and put it in our president’s hands so he can take it to the hole.

Max's check

by Pete Talbot

A man is shown legally carrying a rifle at a protest against President Obama on Monday in Phoenix, Arizona.

A man is shown legally carrying a rifle at a protest
against President Obama on Monday in Phoenix, Arizona.
(Courtesy CNN)

I don’t care if this guy is pro-health care reform, anti-health care reform, a socialist, an anarchist or a tea-bagger. Carrying weapons at a political rally close to where the President is speaking — or any political rally, really — is just wrong.

This photo screams pending disaster. Sort of like firing up a cigarette while you’re filling your gas tank.

Writing about Second Amendment rights on a Montana blog is guaranteed to provoke controversy and I’ve tried to stay away from the gun control debate, having been reamed a number of times (by both a few progressives and many right-wingers) when I suggest that not everyone should be armed all the time, everywhere, with the latest in firepower technology.

This photo, however, indicates to me that we’ve lost our senses in any reasonable discussion on the Second Amendment.

by jhwygirl

This comes from supply-sider economist Bruce Bartlett. In the 1970’s, Bartlett drafted the Kemp-Roth tax bill, and through the 80’s and 90’s he was considered a chief Republican economist. Bartlett served as President Ronald Reagan’s domestic policy adviser and he served as a Treasury official under President H. W. Bush (Bush I). He’s also worked for the Cato Institute.

From his piece, titled The GOP’s Misplaced Rage:

In my opinion, conservative activists, who seem to believe that the louder they shout the more correct their beliefs must be, are less angry about Obama’s policies than they are about having lost the White House in 2008. They are primarily Republican Party hacks trying to overturn the election results, not representatives of a true grassroots revolt against liberal policies. If that were the case they would have been out demonstrating against the Medicare drug benefit, the Sarbanes-Oxley bill, and all the pork-barrel spending that Bush refused to veto.

Until conservatives once again hold Republicans to the same standard they hold Democrats, they will have no credibility and deserve no respect. They can start building some by admitting to themselves that Bush caused many of the problems they are protesting.

Read it. Print it out….leave it on the copier. Send it out, far and wide.

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