Do These People Not Resemble Brown Shirts?

by jhwygirl

I had this article cued up to write about and lost it in a computer fart…then a friend sends it to me. “You must read,” she says. Funny how that works.

Consider this the Jerry Seinfeld/Bizarro World version of yesterday’s post.

My favorite part of this one?

Everybody talks about fascism nowadays, not least those on the right who remarkably manage to call Barack Obama a fascist in the same breath as they label him a socialist. The term has been beaten into near meaninglessness from ubiquitousness of application. (Could this be another extremely clever semantics ploy of the right-wing marketing machine, taking the term out of use now that it is legitimately applicable, by over- and ab-using it? Damn, these guys are good.)

I’ll be upset if his hypothesis is correct. I love that word fascist.

“Womanfolk”? Who uses that word? Why Ward 5’s Dick Haines and Ward 2’s John Hendrickson, of course…..

Read it. Share it. Print it out and leave it on the office printer.

  1. Lizard

    our modern day brownshirts are so loud and willingly deluded, they provide a smokescreen for the reality that, based on mussolini’s definition of fascism, which is the merger of corporate interests with the state, we’ve already arrived.

    for wall street, the weapons industry, and other corporate behemoths, it doesn’t matter which party is in power, they still have their privileged access to ensure their interests are considered first and foremost, screw the rest of us.

    what little progressive criticism exists towards obama’s tepid first six months is being drowned out by the crazies, which is what i was afraid of back during the tea-bagging spectacles. what does it take, democrats? you’ve got the filibuster proof majority, the electoral mandate, and eight disastrous years of failed republican rule to point to when the ignorant republican hypocrites get too loud?

    if obama can’t control his party and get health care reform done in a meaningful way, what are the next three years going to look like? those of us who voted for obama didn’t vote for a clinton third term, nor did we intend to put another corporate, warmongering cheerleader for american empire in the white house, but the way it looks right now, that’s what we got.

  2. Anon

    The majority wanted “change”. Looks like they will get it. Whether it be the change they wanted is another matter.

    Heck, *I* wanted change – Bush was a terrible Republican president and spend like a drunken democrat sailor on shore leave in Paris while trying to police the whole damn world. And the best the R’s could come up with as candidates was the old white guy and caribou barbie?? Puullleeze! The R’s need to realize that there is more to the party than just the religious right. The D’s need to realize that Socialism is not the American way.

    Give me a decent choice to vote for next time, rather than someone to just vote against.

    • I won’t argue with you about the Quitinator, but what, specifically didn’t you like about the old white guy? Was it because he was old? White? If you’re going to come to a progressive website and demand that *we* give you a better choice of Republicans, you might want to rethink your strategy.

      And, since you clearly don’t understand what socialism is, kindly consider that the fault in your ability to vote lies with the chooser, not the choice.

      • Anon

        I “demand” nothing from you or this site. *You* are not capable of giving *me* anything including choices of who I can vote for.

        As to what *I* specifically didn’t like about “the old white guy”, he was not electable. His neo-con policies were just more of the same to a country tired of “more of the same”. We requested change and we go it! His choice of “caribou barbie” or the “quitinator” as you say was, IMO, asinine. I guess we both like to use childish terms for things we don’t like.

        The choices for *me* in the last several elections have been severely lacking. How DARE you presume otherwise without knowing anything about me. It is YOU sir, that are jumping to indefensible conclusions!

        And what kind of crap is this ” fault in your ability to vote”? Where in the HELL do you get that? I have voted every election for many years, but I doubt I voted for the same person you voted for. I vote for the person I want to win, irregardless of the chances of winning. You have likely picked a few “winners” where I have picked none. Congratulations!

        • goof houlihan

          Trial by Wulfgar!

          While I’ve enjoyed your contributions here, Anon. I liked the old white guy and really wish he’d been the nominee in 2000. Could’ve been a nice choice between Bill Bradley and John McCain, but the primary system gave us the two silver spoon daddies’ boys who really are the bottom of the barrel.

          And I’m all for the American way, still.

          • Lizard

            if we can’t be honest about our colonial past, we will continue to allow this country’s imperial projection to jeopardize our future.

  3. Lizard

    you are right Anon, socialism is not the american way; theft and exploitation of people and resources is the american way.

  4. Imagine if a busload of blacks was sent in to disrupt a Republican Caucus – imagine! Imagine if Acorn pulled one of these stunts.

    It’s very much like the special treatment Sarah Palin got during the campaign – imagine that Obama had a daughter who was a high school dropout and knocked up. Imagine that he would not be president.

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