Clearly He’s Not “Holier Than Thou”

by jhwygirl

The Missoula Independent rarely fails to disappoint. This week my favorite supermissoulareporter Jesse Froehling relegated himself to cameo status for the Indy since he’s seeking what will, I’m sure, be a successful quest for a juris doctorate. I wish him the best of luck – but jeez! Now I have to find myself another favorite reporter…

In the running for my next favorite Indy reporter is Matthew Frank. Frank’s been with The Indy for a while – and before that I remember his great natural resource stuff at NewWest. I have been a fan….I’m sure he’ll pass the muster, but for now I must mourn the loss of Froehling.

The Indy’s Matthew Frank catches a good one today…former South Hills Evangelical Center (SHEC) pastor John Erbele was busted in a prostitution ring bust in St. Paul Minnesota on Tuesday evening, after having solicited and paid for services.


Google for it, and boy – you realize that Erbele’s “Ouch!” is one big “Oww-wee!!”

Honestly? This false morality that we see repeated over and over should be getting old, but hypocrisy abounds. This guy, who served as senior pastor for eight years, headed up an organization that started its ministry catering to skateboarders and basketball players – i.e., kids. SHEC is a ministry that caters to families, and often holds concerts and gatherings and all kinds of parties geared towards children. They’ve held a summer camp for kids for the last few years.

Then there’s the apologists – those that attempt to rectify the church’s (any church’s) position and the acts of a person who’ve they’ve propped up or held in esteem. Check the comments over there at Frank’s Indy post – one blames it on the liberal media for exposing a sinner.

We’re all sinners, you know – only when the liberal media exposes you, the real evil is the liberal media.


  1. goof houlihan

    Johnny Cash has already written his defense:

    “I met her, accidently, in St Paul, Minnesota”

  2. What in the hell fun would it be to sin if we had to keep it secret? TG for the liberal media!

  3. goof houlihan

    Born guilty and guilty all your life. Original sin, whether it’s being born a consuming white american or a descendant of Eve with a big bite of the apple of self awareness, condemns me. That’s the message.

    Well I’m not gonna take it. Never did and never will.

  4. eng202d4

    I’m all for pointing out hypocrisy, but to be fair to Erbele, neither he or SHEC were your garden-variety “family values” conservative church that campaigned for “traditional marriage” and all that. And, to be frank, I can’t be too shocked about this kind of victimless crime. It’s not like he abused his authority at the church to bang teen church members.

    I’d be curious to hear what Dan Savage had to say about this…

  5. Jim Lang

    I don’t think prostitution is immoral and I don’t think it should be illegal.

  6. former shecie

    John Erbele was my pastor for a year and a half before he moved to mn., i really started to believe his words and looked at him as a role model. now im angry and dont know what i can and can not believe. this WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!!!!!! he is a hyprocrate and i dont know if ill ever be able to go back even though he is not our pastor anymore. who knows if their not all in this together and its all just a scam to get our money so they can buy themselves nice houses and hookers. no thanks im done!

    • Sigh

      Hey Former Shecie, I feel sorry for you… I really do! You’re a fragile little person. You might as well crawl under a rock and hide from the world. You’re the classic case of displaced anger. Sorry to disappoint you F.S., but we live in an imperfect and broken world. There is no excuse for the pastor, but I guess the lesson here is not to put ALL your hopes in a human being… and don’t blame EVERYBODY because of one mans mistake.

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