Anti-reformers: Shameless and Disgusting

by jhwygirl

I should just start calling them fascists – after all, they’re advocating that U.S. government prop up and protect the health insurance industry at the expense of the citizens of the United States…but I digress.

First up, we have a wheelchair bound woman in Red Bank, New Jersey trying – vallantly, I might add – to speak in support of health reform at a public meeting held by New Jersey Representative Frank Pallone. She explains that she has been diagnosed with two auto-immune deficiency diseases..that she’s worked hard all her life..and that she is afraid that she won’t be able to pay her property taxes and will lose her home. She sits in the wheelchair, attempting to speak over the jeers of the crowd, holding the hand of a male friend. has the video.

Remember – a similar incident occurred here in Hamilton Montana recently, when Rep. Denny Rehberg allowed the crowd of tea-baggers heckle a wheelchair-bound woman who was merely holding a sign in support of reform.

Second up we have Kansas Representative Lynn Jenkins, who – at her town hall meeting just the other day – laughed off a 27 year-old waitress who, standing just feet from her, spoke of not being able to afford a doctor for her 2 1/2 year-old son.

Afterward, Smith said her son hasn’t been to a doctor in 21 months, except for emergency room visits for ear infections, because she can’t afford either insurance or a doctor’s visit.

“I am frustrated,” she said. “In a functioning, civil society, people take care of each other.”

Heres the thing, Sen. Jon Tester and Sen. Max Baucus – you don’t negotiate with people like this. Whether they dress in suits, like Sen. Chuck Grassley and say things like “The Obama Plan has death panels” or whether they hold signs at public meetings calling pro-reformers communists. As Congressman Barney Frank said: You might as well be talking to table.

Someone needs to sit these people down and tell them that if they can’t be nice and quit telling lies, they won’t be part of the conversation.

Kindergarten teachers do it everyday. Maybe we need to send a few out to Washington D.C. to teach them how it’s done.


  1. problembear

    As long as this country’s leaders continue to reward bad behavior…..

    We can only expect more of it.

    • And that’s what we’ll get — more of it.

      How can Republican Senators and Congressional Reps tolerate some of the remarks shouted by these town hall wackos? Simple — they must agree with them.

  2. Tim

    Oh I see you left out the video of the teamsters roughing up the protestors or the one throwing the black guy on the ground. Oh, the one where ObamaCare supporter bites off the finger of the protestor is missing too. How about the one of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee talking on her cell phone while a woman calmly reads her objections…

    Geez…. how one sided…

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