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by problembear

looks like the baucus 6 clown-car is about to get rear-ended by the presidential limo…..

unlike baucus, the president has not quite given up on a strong public option yet.

by jhwygirl

Missoulian Michael Punke was nominated by the Obama administration for U.S. ambassador to the World Trade Organization.

Punke has worked on trade issues for Senator Max Baucus and has held previous trade positions under the Clinton administration.

Sen. Tester lauded the appointment of Punke, saying “I’m proud of this nomination because Michael is one of us. He’s a hard-working Montanan who understands the needs of working folks, small businesses and family farms and ranches. Michael’s expertise will do a lot of good for our country and for the future of trade.”

Punke’s an an accomplish novelist too, having written two non-fiction novels Fire and Brimstone: The North Butte Mining Disaster of 1917 and Last Stand: George Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West, which was just released in paperback on September 1st.

He’s also the author of The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge, which is based on actual historical events.


by problembear

one thing that makes me angry is the realization that bushites and mccainistas are still promoting most of the same stupid selfish and backward agendas and arguments that put this country in the ditch last year. and what really angers me is that our idiot main stream media is listening to them. well some intelligent websites are not listening to the health-haters. here, read this comment from david and tell me this isn’t true;

excerpted from

  • If you think that the *current* situation withe medical costs isn’t causing a great deal of strain on our economic system, you aren’t paying attention. Look at how much of our GDP we spend on Health Care. 17%. Look at what the rest of the world spends. between 1.5% and 6%. We simply cannot be competitive when we are wasting 11% of our GDP on health care to no purpose, can we?

    President Obama doesn’t really have the luxury of doing one thing at a time, considering the complete train wreck that the last Administration left behind. He can’t really say “Let’s leave the economy in shambles while I deal with these two ridiculous wars.” Or “You boys hold covering fire over there while I deal with this cratered economy. Be with you as soon as I can.” You see, this dry-drunk fratboy drove the country into a ditch and then walked away, so now that we’re back to having an actual adult in charge, we kinda have to sweep up the carnage as best we can and try to get things put back together.

    But back to Healthcare: the costs, at this point, is simply smothering our economy. With premiums for businesses going up sometimes as much as 100% per year, and medical bankruptcies accounting for over 50% of all bankruptcies, these costs are destroying our competitiveness. They are destroying American business, and costing jobs.

    Think how many MORE jobs would be available if employers didn’t have stifling healthcare premiums? Think how much more money consumers would have if they weren’t crushed under the weight of a $6,000 MRI scan for a headache?

isn’t it about time that real people with real jobs and real bills to pay ripped the mics out of the hands of these morons and demand to be heard by our leaders in this country?

we want real health care reform with a public option to keep the insurance weasels honest and we want it yesterday.

i refuse to even listen to the health-haters anymore. they are a bunch of idiots who are being used by GOP operatives to ensure that obama fails so that they can bring bushism back into power. meanwhile, it is just fine with them if nobody gets decent health care in this country as long as their political goals are met.

enough already. we the real people with real jobs and real bills in this country demand some common sense over all the lies and politically motivated rhetoric being generated by the health-haters.

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread

James Conner of the Flathead Memo writes of a loophole in the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act of 2009. It’s an interesting read, in case any of you missed it.

Imagine No Cars, a Missoula blog, recently celebrated its 100th post.

Billings Blog and The Button Valley Bugle have been kicking blog butt on healthcare: here, here, here, and here.

Frankly – there is so much good stuff over at both of those places, I get lost on the intertubes for hours when I start over there.

I’m rarely shocked – but a study which shows that 90% of all U.S. currency is tainted with cocaine sticks out for the high numbers. What city is higher? A few are right up there at 100%, but Washington D.C.? 95%.

These numbers might be a surprise too: Montana numbers on health care reform, Baucus, and his re-election potential.

Feral Cat brings us the news that Mad As Hell Doctors will be coming through both Missoula and Helena this upcoming week….on Thursday, September 10th. Be sure to follow these single-payer doctors from Portland on twitter.

OK, howz about some authoritative outrage over something else that deserves the wrath….

Robert Reich rants on how banking and investment oversight and reform is being proactively ignored by the Treasury department.

Amen, brother.

On that note, The Center for Public Integrity has released its investigative study into the subprime mess. 25 main lenders, who are collectively responsible for nearly a trillion in subprime lending from 2005 – 2007, are now being stabilized by Wall Street banks that are receiving bailout funds.

The super-rich are becoming poorer for the first time in decades.

Doug sums it up well over at The Montana Misanthrope: FWP took a huge crap on Montanans with its handling of a poaching investigation. I have to admit, I didn’t understand the why so many were so upset, afterall, undercover agents sometimes have to commit some crimes to catch the criminals – but when I read author Allen M. Jones’ take on the killing over at NewWest, I found myself disgusted.

The Beaverhead County Democratic Party has been updating its website, and its looking great. They’ve added a page for our infamous congressional Representative Denny Rehberg.

Finally? You really must read this: Recession Resistant Jobs, from the Missoula Independent. HI-larious. Just what are recession resistant jobs? Nurses (check – everyone’s still gonna get sick)….pot dealers (check – people are gonna want their pot, just like their gonna want their beer)…and morticians (yep – the recession isn’t going to stave on dyin’, that’s for sure). There’s more….don’t miss it.

Just one local observation: I was heading out to I-90 the other day, taking the evil Reserve Street exit. Noticed that there is a new (?) Sean Kelly’s Pub up there. Looks like a significant remodel, in the least. How long’s that been open? I don’t remember even hearing about it and I’m sure it didn’t sprout up over night.

Happy Labor Day weekend, everyone. Enjoy, be safe…be kind. Peace.

by JC

For your weekend viewing pleasure, we bring you another oddity from the archives. Because life is too short…

Remember: Hope Springs Eternal!

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