The Ever-Hypocritical Rep. Denny Rehberg

by jhwygirl

Rehberg’s hypocrisy never ends. We lefties in the blogosphere have been making sure for years that ya’all stay painfully awash in Denny Rehberg’s hypocrisy. Left in the West has pulled out scores of examples over the years. Pogie at Intelligent Discontent, too, has scores of posts on Rehberg, including this one on his drunken sailor spending.

Drunken sailor. LOL. Damned Pogie – you’re good.

And of course, we here at 4&20 love ol’ Denny Rehberg too – most recently pointing out how he loves the free market until he doesn’t love it.

But today? Lord. What a friggin’ hypocrite.

How soon is November 2, 2010?

Just over a year ago, in the beginning of August, Rep. Denny Rehberg headed back to Washington D.C., along with a bunch of fellow Joe Wilsons, demanding that Nancy Pelosis call back congress and allow votes to open the U.S. coastlines to drilling.

Drill baby Drill! Remember that?

Well – Rehberg took the train back to D.C. this time and has apparently decided that in order to get something done about health insurance reform what needs to be done is for congress to go into another 30-day recess.

Yep. In August 2008 it was Drill baby, drill. NOW.

Health Care Now? That can wait until October 2009.

Maybe Rehberg saw the numbers after Obama’s speech last night. In this focus group support for reform jumped by 50%. The number of those that support Obama’s initiative to reform health care? 53% before the speech – 67% after. That’s a 26% increase.

Of those that did NOT support reform before Obama’s “game-changing” speech? That number dropped from 36% before the speech to 29% after the speech. That’s a 20% loss in teabaggers.

Those numbers from the fabulous Keith Olbermann

Amazing what a little truth and sunshine can do in such a short amount of time, isn’t it?

  1. Big Swede

    Wow, sample size is a whopping 50 count.

    Denny has held town meetings, he knows what his constituents want.

    • That was a focus group made up entirely of independents, Big Swede….

      Denny held town meetings, yes he did. And he let the crowd heckle women in wheelchairs holding signs in support of health insurance reform.

      Nice guy. Real gentleman he is.

      • Big Swede

        I’m in a prediction making mood.

        Rass just polled (big sample) health care Tues. and Wed. nights. The results 44 favor 53 oppose. They’re going to poll after the speech and I’m going to say little or no change.

        I also predicting that more people here oppose this. In fact the reason ya don’t hear much MT polling is the fact that Denny and MT voters are in sync on this issue, regardless of the wheelchair contingent.

        My last prediction, these Denny hit pieces are going to backfire. The more you grasp at straws the more desperate you look.

        The economy and this failed adm. will overwhelm boat accidents and perceived rudeness.

        • JC

          Disinformation as usual.

          From Rasmussen:

          “However, the overwhelmingly majority of interviews for the new survey were conducted before the president’s speech to Congress Wednesday night.”

          Nothing new here. Move along…

          • Big Swede

            Prediction confirmed there JC.

            Following President Obama’s speech to Congress last week, support for his health care reform plan increased steadily to a peak of 51% yesterday. However, the bounce appears to be over. The latest daily tracking shows that support has fallen all the way back to pre-speech levels.
            Forty-five percent (45%) of all voters nationwide now favor the plan while 52% are opposed. A week ago, 44% supported the proposal and 53% were opposed. (see day-by-day numbers)

            Now i can move along.

  2. Tim

    Did you actually see the numbers from those polls?

    The poll with 67% percent you quoted was 45% Democrats and 18% Republicans in the sample. Almost triple the number of Dems, so that is very misleading, and not indicative of how people actually feel on the issue.

    So Rehberg is a hypocrite for wanting to convene Congress to deal with $4-5 gas and that 90% of Americans are hit by, but evil for wanting more time for debate before ramming through legislation that 80-90% of people don’t see as a crisis…. I’m not seeing it.

    • If 80-90% don’t see a crisis, what is the problem with a mix that is 45-18? Seems to me you want me to believe that no one wants reform – democrats or republicans – yet you want to dis on the make-up of another poll.

      And yes – Rehberg is a hypocrite to want to stave off reform of an industry that is bankrupting individuals and damaging our manufacturing and industrial base which can’t afford to compete anymore with all other industrialized nations that do have strongly regulated health care – while wanting to make sure everyone has cheap fuel.

      What cost is greater to the individual citizen, Tim? Gas in the car or health care? And yep – I’m thinking of all other fuel stuffs, too – like heating and transportation costs for goods.

    • Lizard

      the spike in the price of crude wasn’t about supply.

      take off the partisan blinders, tim.

      • Tim

        haha, i love your reply is, well even if the polls which i held up as proof of my argument are bogus, well then the polls don’t matter!

        what does it feel like to get demolished in an adult discussion? does it hurt your head or your heart more?

        • Lizard

          i’m not interested in the poll, and make no claim about it’s validity or relevance.

          i am, however, interested in rehberg trying to stall on health care when it’s not going his party’s way, but when a spike in crude prices happened (a spike that wasn’t about supply) his response was to rush in opportunistic extraction.

          and tim, your attempt to belittle my comment to illicit an angry response is pretty pathetic, but considering that’s probably your main motivation for commenting here, i don’t really expect anything else from you, or your ilk.

        • JC

          Adult discussion? What would you know about that?

          • Tim

            Good comeback! I see what you did there! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

            ps. maybe rehberg was just listening to the people who elected him. the people who elected him were screaming about energy prices and apart from paid shills from the Democrat party holding periodic rallies with no more than 20 in attendance, no one in montana is screaming for socialized medicine.

          • nitsrekab

            Thank you Tim. When surrounded by fanatics, true understanding is hard to come by.

          • Lizard

            socialized medicine.

            nothing but predictable buzz words and right-wing talking points.

            it’s boring.

            energy prices are more complicated than this stupid back and forth.

            c’mon tim, there are institutions scamming oil prices just like there are institutions scamming housing and health care prices. some private, some public.

            do you want to be a parrot forever?

          • nitsrekab

            OH, No the Man and his dastardly corporations are going to get us!!! Quick grab the cats the weed and the VW and run for them hills!!

            You guys are hilarious, thanks for everything

          • Lizard

            you’re right nit, dastardly.

            unless they’re making you money.

            goldman sachs, monsanto, carlyle, KBR, Xe…do any of these institutions make this country a better place to live?

            nit, i’m glad you’re amused by corporate corruption.

            luckily your family won’t be subjected to sexual assaults and murder by paid mercenaries paid for by your tax dollars.

          • nitsrekab

            yeah, lucky is right, thank you Goldman Sachs among others, for paying enormous gains taxes and providing for indirectly providing for much of the dole in the U.S.

            Post Script;
            Unfortunately unrest and tyranny, are often the cost of social/economic development in these underdeveloped, under-utilized counties: 1. Malta
            2. Barbados
            3. Hungary
            4. Poland
            5. Chile
            6. Slovakia
            7. Estonia
            8. Czech Republichuania
            9. Latvia
            10. Croatia
            11. Argentina
            12. Uruguay
            13. Cuba
            14. Bahamas
            15. Costa Rica
            16. Mexico
            17. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
            18. Oman
            19. Seychelles
            20. Saudi Arabia
            21. Bulgaria
            22. Trinidad and Tobago
            23. Panama
            24. Antigua and Barbuda
            25. Saint Kitts and Nevis
            26. Venezuela, Rep. Bov.
            27. Romania
            28. Malaysia
            29. Montenegro
            30. Serbia
            31. Saint Lucia
            32. Belarus
            33. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
            34. Albania
            35. Brazil
            36. Kazakhstan
            37. Ecuador
            38. Russian Federation
            39. Mauritius
            40. Bosnia and Herzegovina

            76. Turkey
            77. Dominica
            78. Lebanon
            79. Peru
            80. Colombia
            81. Thailand
            82. Ukraine
            83. Armenia
            84. Iran, Islamic Rep. of
            85. Tonga
            86. Grenada
            87. Jamaica
            88. Belize
            89. Suriname
            90. Jordan
            91. Dominican Republic
            92. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
            93. Georgia
            94. China
            95. Tunisia
            96. Samoa
            97. Azerbaijan
            98. Paraguay
            99. Maldives
            100. Algeria
            101. El Salvador
            102. Philippines
            103. Fiji
            104. Sri Lanka
            105. Syrian Arab Republic
            106. Occupied Palestinian Territories
            107. Gabon
            108. Turkmenistan
            109. Indonesia
            110. Guyana
            111. Bolivia
            112. Mongolia
            113. Moldova
            114. Viet Nam
            115. Equatorial Guinea
            116. Egypt
            117. Honduras
            118. Cape Verde
            119. Uzbekistan
            120. Nicaragua
            121. Guatemala
            122. Kyrgyzstan
            123. Vanuatu
            124. Tajikistan
            125. South Africa
            126. Botswana
            127. Morocco
            128. São Tomé and Principe
            129. Namibia
            130. Congo
            131. Bhutan
            132. India
            133. Lao, People’s Dem. Rep.
            134. Solomon Islands
            135. Myanmar
            136. Cambodia
            137. Comoros
            138. Yemen
            139. Pakistan
            140. Mauritania
            141. Swaziland
            142. Ghana
            143. Madagascar
            144. Kenya
            145. Nepal
            146. Sudan
            147. Bangladesh
            148. Haiti
            149. Papua New Guinea
            150. Cameroon
            151. Djibouti
            152. Tanzania, U. Rep. of
            153. Senegal


            154. Nigeria
            155. Lesotho
            156. Uganda
            157. Angola
            158. Timor-Leste
            159. Togo
            160. Gambia
            161. Benin
            162. Malawi
            163. Zambia
            164. Eritrea
            165. Rwanda
            166. Côte d’Ivoire
            167. Guinea
            168. Mali
            169. Ethiopia
            170. Chad
            171. Guinea-Bissau
            172. Burundi
            173. Burkina Faso
            174. Niger
            175. Mozambique
            176. Liberia
            177. Congo, Dem. Rep.
            178. Central African Republic

  3. ladybug

    Baucus and Rehberg are on the same page. Delay, and kill, meaningful health care reform. Different styles, same objective.

  4. Join me in the republican primary in 2010. Its an open election on June 8th. I’m just getting started, please visit my website.

  5. problembear

    i made the journey over to your website Ms otjen……

    the last sentence reads…..

    “I have been a Republican ever since my dad
    told me to be one when I was a teenager.”

    seriously? are you joking? you want anyone to take someone seriously who would actually write this about themself?

    good god!

    but good luck. we look forward to fielding your worthy opponent next fall.

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