The Tomfoolery, Shenanigans of Councilpersons John Hendrickson, Renee Mitchell, Lyn Hellegaard and Ward 3 Candidate John Quandt

by jhwygirl

Boy…where to go with this story, from Missoulian reporter Keila Szpaller.

Ward 2 incumbent and candidate John Hendrickson apparently couldn’t make it to the city council meeting Monday night, but in his absence, he sent a letter, read by Lyn Hellegaard (who has a hard time attending committee meetings).

Quite a complimentary pair, those two.

Councilman John Hendrickson apparently has a problem with the 1st amendment. Free speech and all that. So much so that he had Lyn Hellegaard read a letter from him, to council, berating Ward 3 councilman (and candidate) Bob Jaffe for his lisserv MissoulaGov.

Was it really that important, John, that you had to send a letter? Your issue couldn’t wait until next week? Or next committee meeting? Really – if that’s your sense of urgency, get a blog and I’ll plug each and every post you do. Promise.

Wish you thought that way about affordable housing. Or mental health care. Or homelessness. Or potholes.

Jaffe’s liserve is open to everyone. Anyone can read it, and if you register, you can get the updates mailed directly to you, and you are also able to comment. No secrets.

It’s also done on Jaffe’s own server – or server space he’s paying for. Meaning – not city space/time/money.

Prior to that, the goings-on of committee meetings – most of which are held during the day – were unfamiliar to most, unless you have cable and the time to watch them rebroadcast on MCAT. Way back in my beginning posting days here at 4&20, I’m pretty sure I ranted about how difficult it was for the general public to find out what happened at committee meetings because the minutes didn’t accurately reflect what actually happened.

If you don’t like what Jaffe’s writing? Guess what? DON’T READ IT!

If you don’t like what Jaffe’s writing? Guess what? POST A COMMENT AND LET HIM KNOW!

Paul Sopko, former Planning Board member, does it all the time.

What Hendrickson and Hellegaard don’t like about Jaffe’s blog is that their whole world of uncivilized ill-informed behavior at committee meetings (well, maybe not Hellegaard, since she rarely attends) is exposed for everyone to see.

In Jaffe’s liserv, a reader can begin to understand that inaction is apparently an option with Hendrickson and Hellegaard and Mitchell.

With Jaffe’s liserv, a reader can realize how many gosh-darn times that Hendrickson brings up the Broadway Diet (something he campaigned on 4 years ago, in case anyone is looking to determine how effective he’s been on his own pet issues over these past 4 years).

with Jafee’s liserve, a reader can understand how many times, over and over, Ward 5’s Renee Mitchell will repeat the same questions over and over and over again.

Frankly, it becomes comical due to the sheer magnitude of personal agendas and uninformed repetition of (there’s no other way to say it, folks) lies regarding the zoning rewrite.

John Quandt, candidate for Ward 3, and Bob Jaffe’s opponent, got into the fray by demanding an apology of Jaffe for having made reference on his liserve to Quandt characterizing city employee’s as lazy. Quandt, at the recent Pachyderm candidates forum, made reference to what he termed as ‘city workers leaning on shovels,’ as he made his case for privatization of some city services

Jaffe, for his part, declined to apologize and instead publicly lamented that he wished that the forum had been recorded.

Quandt made his demand for an apology during Monday night’s council meeting. During the meeting. He demanded an apology for something wrote on a liserv operated by Councilperson Bob Jaffe on his own private time.

I mean – if Quandt or Hendrickson or Hellegaard or anyone ANYONE has problem with what is being said on that liserv, either make a comment or create your own liserv or blog and say what it is you need to say. Demand your apologies, call him a liar – whatever.

Blogs, for the most part, are free. WordPress offers them…and so does Blogspot.

In fact, I dare say ’cause I kinda know these things: Any jackass can get one, with minimal effort.

But for Quandt to insert his campaign onto the floor of city council…well, one can imagine what we’ll get if the guy were to get elected.

In other news, in other city council chambers, the City of Bozeman approved urban chickens, with nary an opposing public comment.

  1. Matthew Koehler

    Snip: “In other news, in other city council chambers, the City of Bozeman approved urban chickens, with nary an opposing public comment.”

    And, in other news, in other city council chambers, the City of Helena “commissioners voted unanimously to accept the Global Climate Change Task Force’s report, which includes 38 recommendations to reduce the city government’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while conserving water and protecting its watersheds. Echoing a comment made by the group’s chair, Mayor Jim Smith said the report “represents the beginning, not the end, of this process.” The entire report will be available online at the city’s Web site,, in the coming days.”

  2. Tim

    I think tomfoolery is a noun, not an adjective…

    • problembear

      I think someone likes to derail discussion and troll…..

      Someone with way too much time on his hands.

      That’s what this bear thinks.

  3. Tim

    Sorry maybe I should take your lead and blog about such interesting and timely topics like your knee medication.

    • Lizard

      a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or disciplinary response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

  4. sopko

    Criticizing and calling elected officials liar’s is indeed your right consonant-babe….. but come on now, If these people wanted to respond to you, they’ll be responding to an anonymous poster..a shadow in the next room. It would be like conversing with “Thing”, that hand that came out of the box in the Addams Family sit-com from the 60’s. I do it because I’m somewhat nuts as my wife reminds me periodically. Most elected officials have some minimum standards to uphold and I’d venture that responding to an anonymous blogger wouldn’t cut it.

    Maybe Hendrickson and the other evil-doers don’t respond to Bob’s list serv because they’d get the same pile-on treatment I get whenever I disagree with him. Why not wait till Monday night so all will hear?

    And to keep beating the same dead horse, why don’t you and your fellow ravens come out of your mothers basement and identify yourselves? You’d get a whole lot more respect….at least from this corner. And please don’t repeat the reference to the framers of the Constitution. That was lame.

    • Paul – for clarification – and I had to re-read the post – I’m not expecting any politician to respond to me…I was calling on Hendrickson to get his own blog and post his own posts….not comment here.

      They don’t like anonymous comments – which is why I’ve been asked not to comment on Jaffe’s liserv. It’s his site, he’s well within his rights..I respect that. Therefore I don’t comment.

      That request was made, frankly, when I made my one and only comment in response to you.

      I’m missing my reference to the framers of the Constitution. Whatever. And that being said, I can’t understand why anyone gives a crap about who I am. How it makes a difference is beyond me, because, as I said, any jackass can have a blog.

      Caring about who I am seems to imply there is an importance to it. That is lost on me. Honestly.

      And FOR THE RECORD…there were times, way back when, that I agreed with your positions when you were on the pb.

      As if you give a damn.

    • petetalbot

      Hey Sopko, it’s me, Pete Talbot. How’s that for identifying myself?

  5. Marie

    I agree with sopko!

    I am totally over how this site belittles anyone who dares to disagree with one of the main authors, name calling them or worse…removing their comments all together. (This happens to me on a regular basis…as I am sure this post will also disappear soon). At the same time though the site lavishes praise on itself for being a community welcome to all opinions and everyone should appreciate it.


    • Hey, this post is still up. How’s that conspiracy theory working out for you, Marie?

    • Jim Lang

      Personally, I don’t come to this site to read ‘all opinions’. (Everyone’s got one.) Especially those quote-unquote opinions that are not on-topic but just blatant trolling. I’m not interested in wasting my time reading the comments of those who are just hear to snipe and derail the discussion and I wish the site owners would be more, rather than less aggressive when it comes to dealing with them.

  6. Lizard

    jeez, everybody’s a critic.

    maybe if we were all friends on facebook we could get to know each other better.

  7. voise of reason

    Any tax paying citizen has the right to approach a public official on the floor about something that was said in public. I can only imagine that since Jaffe’s listserv disclaimer says comments may be submitted as public comment from the listserv that Quandt felt the comments were public. One should be less worried about Quandt trying to keep the race honest and more worried about Jaffe twisting comments to suit his needs. After all, Jaffe admitted on public record he didn’t have proof Quandt said any of it. A public official that is that arrogant and bold should be alarming no matter what side of the isle you sit.

    • petetalbot

      Voise (sic) of reason,

      Jaffe is providing a free public service and very occasionally interjects an observation or opinion. Most find his committee meeting reports enlightening and his asides to be revealing. Quandt should start his own listserv, if he doesn’t like Jaffe’s. The conservatives on council are always grousing about the listserve but being technological Neanderthals, can’t do anything about it.

  8. voise of reason

    Free yes. The key word is PUBLIC. Earlier it was stated it was a private email. Which is it. I think we all agree his efforts are great in what he is doing. I believe Quandt was arguing that he made a false statement in public about something Quandt apparently never said. Although the observation of the conservatives is true, you can’t really blame them for not wanting to start yet another forum for people to make absurd comments and name calling. Many of us come here for good intentions yet the small minority make it inevitably not worth many peoples time.

    • Cathie

      How sad for you, ‘voise of reason’ that after a not-so-subtle hint from Pete, you still misspelled the word ‘voice’.

      Good thing you’re not running for council or anything like that, otherwise, I might have to wonder about your ability to read and comprehend reports and regulations and budgets.

      Maybe I shouldn’t assume – ARE you running for council?

    • Quandt, in the assumed comfort and safety of the Pachyderm candidates forum, pushed for privatization of city services such as year-in-year-out road repair and construct and based that on having seen ‘city employees leaning on shovels.’

      Now, any reasonably cognitive person would be led to conclude that what John Quandt, candidate for Ward 3, was alluding to was that city employees were lazy.

      Jaffe didn’t make a false statement, nor was it arrogant of him to say that he wasn’t going to apologize. Even using the word “forthcoming” wasn’t arrogant. If anything, Jaffe took a whole bunch of words from Quandt and culled it down to a few to succinctly say what Quandt was actually attempting to paint a picture of …but Jaffe wasn’t wrong and he wasn’t arrogant.

  9. Thomas Paine

    Inaction isn’t an option with the Council Regressives, it’s a state of being.

    And the push to privatize city services, especially by Hendrickson, is nothing more than an attempt to funnel government monies into the pockets of a few well-connected business owners who will pay their employees noticeably less than what city workers make and who won’t provide benefits like health care.

    Hendrickson would like nothing more than to turn Missoula into some banana republic with himself and his rich business buddies ensconced up in Grant Creek and the rest of Missoula working for them for slave wages.

    Like how the past generation of Republican control has essentially wiped out the American middle class? Want to see more of that in Missoula? Re-elect John Hendrickson, so he’ll be in position to run for Engen’s job when he moves on. After all, Missoula needs more burrito rollers and people holding down three jobs just to pay the landlords’ rents, and Regressives like Hendrickson and Hellegaard (who skips out on her local government job on Wednesday more often than not so she can collect her paycheck from her other state-government-funded job) are just the people to keep Missoula mired in a Pottersville economy.

  10. voice of reason

    @Cathie- I wish I were running. Thankfully I live were I am accepted and don’t feel the need. I am an issue voter, not a party voter. Maybe some here should look into such an idea. If both sides of the isle did that we may actually get somewhere.
    (notice the grammar correction. Thanks teacher. Have an apple.)

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