The idiocy II

by Pete Talbot

Well, she’s at it again — my lamebrain (distant) relative who sends obnoxious, right-wing emails to my poor wife. This was last week’s. Here’s today’s (I apologize for some of the small fonts. This email arrived in a strange format — at least one that I wasn’t able to manipulate. The line above the stamp reads, USPS New 42-Stamp!!! Celebrates Muslim holiday.):



The final line in the email says, They (MUSLIMS) don’t even believe in Christ, & they’re getting their own Christmas stamp! BUT, don’t dare to dream of posting the ten commandments on federal property! This is truly UNBELIEVABLE !!!

Unbelievable is an understatement. This email comes from a self-proclaimed Christian, too. Guess she missed those teachings of Jesus’ — you know: tolerance, understanding, loving one’s fellow man.

Of course the greatest travesty here is lumping all Muslims into radical extremists and terrorists. This comes from small minds. I was fortunate, back in my film making days, to have traveled to many different countries — some of them Muslim. I met many exceptional people in these Muslim nations who treated me as if I were family (and were way more tolerant than this so-called Christian relative).

The Christian religion doesn’t exactly have an unblemished record. Think the Inquisition, the Crusades, burning “witches” at the stake, and the slaughter of so many “heathens” throughout history.

I’m also pretty sure that President Obama hasn’t “directed the United States Post Office to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new commemorative 42-cent First Class Holiday Postage Stamp …” although it wouldn’t be that big a deal if he had. I believe he has a few more pressing things on his plate.

I like to think this stuff comes from the lunatic fringe but it’s still scary. I’ll keep posting these emails to offer some insight into the mind of a paranoid, right-wingnut.

Perhaps someday this relative will find a link to these posts of mine and she’ll disown me. I can live with that.

[UPDATE: Here is some background information on the stamp from an older press release from the USPS.  According to the release the stamp in question would be in, at least, its third re-issue (the first being on Sept. 1, 2001, during the George W. Bush administration).  Hat tip to Craig Moore.]

  1. I’ve seen this forward also. I’m surprised there wasn’t a line stating: “Remember the election of the first non-native born muslim president.”

    I like the caps also, because as everyone knows, the louder you speak (or write) the more knowledgeable you are.

  2. I got this same email, along with many others, from some of my wingnut relatives. The viral email culture is an interesting phenomenon. You’re right about the large fonts (and usually in alternating colors too). They are written on a sixth grade level, and are based on fear, which engenders hatred, which leads to popular support for military aggression among the stupid.

    I have (stupidly) responded to this particular email by reminding those who forwarded it to me that the U.S. has killed far, far more Muslims than they have us, and that our killing has tended to be equally cruel and indiscriminate, that the only real difference between a suicide bomber and an F16 pilot is the higher probability of the latter returning home alive.

    But these are paranoid fantasies, and people thrive on them. We live in a fear culture. Best thing to do is “delete”, but damned if I can make myself do that.

  3. Tim

    Have you considered just asking her not to send them, instead of ranting about it here?

    • petetalbot

      I’ve thought about it, Tim, but I find it interesting to see what sort of weirdness incites the wingnuts.

      Also, as I explained in the post, the emails come to my wife, not me. So it’s her decision to make.

      Finally, I’ll show you a rant sometime. I’ve done a few. This isn’t one of them.

    • eng202d4

      I think it’s great. Lets us know what craziness is coming down the pike, and arms us with facts against it, in case your brother-in-law tries to b.s. you at Thanksgiving.

      I wish Pete did this more often! It’s a great public service!

  4. Has your wife ever been tempted to hit “Reply All” and respond with a counter argument, Pete? I did that once, and my wingnut relative hasn’t spoken to me since.

    • The other tactic is to post all their email address on the web. That would be very tit=for=tat (hardly Xian, but still), as they’ve invaded your privacy with trash and, I dare say, theirs’ will soon likewise be.

  5. Big Swede

    Pete, don’t screw it up.

    O wants us wingnuts in a tizzy over some stupid stamp.

    Keeps our minds off the disappearing missile shield in Europe.

    • Big Swede

      What does Rush say?

      From the groveyard of forgotten favorites.

      • Duncan Idaho

        Dude, I love that video, and the German version is so nice! (Have to follow the link to watch it at YouTube since it’s not embeddable).

        But if I may borrow another line from popular culture, with respect to the discredited neocon ideology that led to Bush’s missile defense against Russia,

        I do not think that song means what you think it means.

  6. Lizard

    the provocative NATO expansion beyond it’s originally defined geographical limits is continuing as part of the general continuity of obama’s foreign policy with bush’s.

    • Big Swede

      I’d like to get some of your e-mails, Liz.

      • Lizard

        you implied the missile shield is disappearing, swede. any sources you care to provide to back up that assertion?

        • Big Swede

          WASHINGTON (CNN) — The Obama administration will scrap the controversial missile defense shield program in Eastern Europe, a senior administration official confirmed to CNN Thursday.

          The comment followed similar statements from officials in Poland and the Czech Republic — where key elements of the system were to be located — but was the first confirmation from an American official.

  7. klemz

    Maybe if they make the value of the stamp one cent less than the required postage a lot of letterbombs won’t get through.

    I kieed. I kieed.

  8. Tim

    Have you reported her to yet?

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