Griz Coach Bobby Hauck Continues Recruiting and Facilitating Gangsters for Griz Team

by jhwygirl

Montana Kaimin goes big on exposing the sheer disregard Griz coach Bobby Hauck has for the reputation of the University of Montana and the safety of the residents of Missoula, exposing more violence, internal investigations and more of Hauck’s “no comment” policy. This includes covering up a tape recorder, refusing to answer questions, threatening to boycott the newspaper and bullying reporters out of the room.

This isn’t new, and the Kaimin listed the last two years of known criminal activity by the Griz players.

God knows what we don’t hear about or what else Coach Hauck (and King George Dennison) is shoving under the carpet.

Bloods and Crips? WTF?!

And why are these guys still on the team, yet alone still hitting the field?

Shouldn’t expulsion from the team and the university be automatic? Maybe some cooperation and coordination with City of Missoula police?

Seriously? Is this what King George and UM alumni want? Football over academics? Who in the hell is running things over there? What, exactly, are their priorities?

Hauck is a DISGRACE. A DISGRACE. Dennison is just as bad (if not worse) for continuing to allow this to occur.

Winning should not take precedence over the safety of this community and the safety of UM students. Nor should it take precedence over the national image of the University of Montana.

Go Kaimin. Excellent gutsy reporting. Not that I feel safer, but this citizen of Missoula thanks you.

  1. Will Bobby get a slap on the wrist? Because:

    – using the F*#@ word with a reporter,
    – aggressively interfering with their reporting equipment, and
    – threatening to ban the student newspaper from covering Griz football

    are all outrageous behaviors for the highest paid UM employee.

  2. problembear

    Coach don read should be appointed by schweitzer to fire the lot of them and get his son to rebuild this once proud team on a good foundation of athletic excellence and exemplary behavior that won our first championship.

    Dennison and houck and the athletic director need to go.

    Out of patience with this crap.

  3. tired of the griz

    How long will it take the Missoulian to report on this? My guess is sometime on Monday or Tuesday when they have fewer readers. Oh, that’s right. Without the Griz, they basically have no reason to exist as a paper.

    Anyone else notice the story a few weeks back where unidentified former players admitted to systematic team-wide steroid use? That one was swept wayyyy under the rug, too.

    • JC

      A sort of story in the ‘zoolian today

      “They’re friends now, that’s the real irony,” said the victim’s dad.

      Since when did irony become a criminal defense?

    • I didn’t notice the steroid story.

      In defense of the Missoulian, I don’t know that they’ve had a chance to report on this, in depth, yet. Look like the Kaimin broke the story (which was out yesterday).

      There wasn’t any police report. I know the Missoulian checks that stuff because I’ve been in the police station when a reporter has been there to go over the daily report.

      With Hauck not really cooperating in talking to the press and probably doing all he can to keep it from getting out, any reporting that that the Missoulian might do or might be working on is probably like swimming upstream during high water.

  4. Thomas Paine

    Until the day comes that Griz Nation will accept a 5-5 season and no playoff berth in exchange for a team made up of academically qualified students attending UM primarily to get an education who haven’t been taught since the moment they could walk that as athletically gifted persons they answer to no one but Coach, no one should be the least bit surprised that Bobby Hauck and his superiors are providing what their customers demand by bringing in athletes with serious behavior problems that have disqualified them from major college programs.

    Football isn’t a game at UM. It’s a business providing a huge revenue stream, including large alumni donations inspired by how well the team does. If protecting that golden goose to be sure she keeps laying her valuable eggs means bringing gangbangers and angry steroid abusers to Missoula, then that’s what’s going to happen.

    Kudos to the Kamin for taking on the one power center that must be protected at all costs. That’s real journalism, and the Missoulian would be very lucky to hire anyone involved with pushing this issue when they graduate. As it stands right now, the Kamin is a better paper than what the ‘professionals’ are turning out, and it’s simply because the Kamin editorial policy is speaking truth to power rather than sucking up to it.

  5. Keith

    When I was a student at the U of M, back in the late 80’s, I witnessed first-hand Grizzlies stealing, cheating, and raping drunk chicks. But it’s okay because they’re football.
    This country’s priorities are really messed up.

    • You know, I’ve witnessed first hand black people doing bad stuff. This country’s priorities are really messed up. Come to think of it, I’ve witnessed a woman with cancer stealing. This country’s priorities are really messed up. Actually, I’ve witnessed many women outside the home doing really awful stuff. This country’s priorities are really messed up. By God, I’ve experienced politicians whore-mongering, lying, stealing, raping and even allegations of murder! This country’s priorities are really messed up.

      (Look Keith, if you want to argue against the UM football program please do so. But don’t insult our intelligence as you’ve done here.)

  6. Tim

    A)I agree whole heartedly, I wrote them a letter asking why he knew about criminal activity occurring and didn’t report it. Hauck should be investigated, but probably never will since Missoula values football wins above integrity.

    B)In Bozeman this happened and Kramer was fired. Montana taxpayer money as well as student tuition goes to recruiting efforts and scholarships for these guys. When will be hold them accountable.

    C)As for the people against anecdotal evidence, there are studies showing student athletes, while accounting for traditionally a very small percentage of students on college campuses, often account for up to 1/3 of the acquaintance and date rapes on college campuses. A book called “Out of Bounds” is a well researched book detailing why 1/3 to 1/2 of college and professional basketball players have felonies ranging from assault to robbery and domestic violence.

    Once upon a time growing up in Montana the dreams of myself and my schoolmates was to play for the UM Griz. Now Hauck spends half his recruiting time and money in Southern California and keeps managing to pick up felons, thugs, robbers and drunks to play football with our namesake on their backs. As a resident in the university area, I hope when I get my head kicked into a cement curb by a Griz football player, maybe I can get more justice than a courtesy call to keep it on the down low by Hauck.

    • Okay, allow us to remember that even disenfranchised youth from southern California have just as much of a right to play college sports as any other talented youth. Keep in mind that if these kids committed crimes, they’re young and stupid, and when young and stupid mix people see bad results. Moreover, when young, stupid, and minority mix, people are given felonies by a very unjust justice system.

      Now, when you say, “I hope when I get my head kicked into a cement curb by a Griz football player, maybe I can get more justice than a courtesy call to keep it on the down low by Hauck,” I must ask: Did you even read the article? The victim foolishly did not file a police report (misguided sports fan?) and then contacted Hauck to report the players. That’s right. The victim called Hauck. Hauck dealt with it as he saw fit. Was his way wrong? Yes; by God yes. But he didn’t ask for a cover up and you’re wrong to make such an accusation. And your quip about him not calling the police is also misguided. He should have, yes, but the victim did not want that to happen. Hauck was a fool to sate this request, but I’m sure many of us have not called police when we should have.

      And also, our tax dollars are not spent on scholarships. Remember those playoff games? How about the Alumni Association? These people provide scholarships. That’s how University sports work.

      Tim, we agree that Hauck is leading the Grizzly Football program with poor judgment, and misplaced aggression. But your reasoning and logic is way out of line.

      • Tim

        When young, stupid and minority mix? Let us look at the kids who are comitting these crimes? Oddly enough, I’ve only seen one out of all the cases that was from Montana, and that was Mike Chavez, from the rez. And he wasn’t robbing people or beating them up. How many more years are we going to get cases of kids from the same area, of the ethnicity comitting felonies and assaulting other students before we drop the PC bullshit and hold someone accountable. It’s the same PC attitude that is the reason this wasn’t stopped a couple years ago. Griz football isn’t 6/6 on white kids from Havre kicking the shit out of other students. Pull your head out of your PC liberal ass and see reality for what it is.

        The fact that the victim contacted Hauck doesn’t nothing to excuse the situation. If a crime occurs, you have a moral and legal responsibility to report it. The fact that they’re all buddy buddy about it now does nothing to excuse the fact it happened in the first place. If this were a different victim who wasn’t a football fan and wanted his dad to have seaosn tickets, Hauck would be hanging by a noose metaphorically by now. As a public official he has a responsibility to do more than cover this up for the good ol’ boys in silver and maroon. Now that it’s come out he just looks worse than if he took the appropriate channels.

        Go to the funding reports that the NCAA publishes and schools have to report for athletics. It includes student tuition and university support. The alumni association and ticket sales go in part to fund this program and all it’s aspects, but do not cover it fully. This is information anyone can look up easily.

        This is going on the 4th or 5th year now we’ve seen this kind of thuggery across this state in 2 university programs, and despite time after time it involving black youth from southern California, you are still standing up for them. Last time I checked it was the University of Montana. Sue me for still thinking that had something to do with the values and people I grew up with in this state, not just an shallow promise of association with the people who support it in favor of W’s and playoff games.

        • I crossed my fingers and hoped that you were above making this an issue of race. You’re not. You are a racist sir, and you also lack comprehension of double negatives. I have to ask: When you are sitting there wishing for an all white team of Montana boys, does it ever occur to you that they too may have problems? Or “doesn’t nothing” get through to you?

          • Yesterday, I tried to get from Point A to Point B (the Missoula Farmers’ Market to O’Reilly Auto Parts on East Broadway) around noon. All of what, a mile, took me over thirty minutes. Most of that time was spent dodging Griz fans, both pedestrian and car-bound, on their way to Washington Grizzly Stadium. Wulfgar’s got a point: we can’t solely blame Bobby Hauck. He’s responding to market forces. Half those people in the road wouldn’t be there if the Griz weren’t a winning team; vice versa, if the Griz weren’t a winning team, they wouldn’t be (I’ll bet, anyway) a part of Missoula’s economy. This time of year western Montana relies on those people wearing the maroon and grey. It’s a vicious cycle, one that’s powered purely by pigskin.

            However, as many of us know, Tim’s Montana Eden–let’s call it Bedford Falls–does not exist. Sure, the white football players from Havre and other small towns on the Hi-Line and down in Custer Country aren’t beating random strangers and fellow drug users in Missoula (boy, that six-man football was sure a lot of fun, pop!) Nope, before those boys set foot on campus they were busy gang raping girls in our small towns and beating up kids on the nearby Indian reservation.

          • Tim

            Ah, yes, a liberal shouting racist instead of dealing with facts. What a surprise there. Sorry I made a mistake and didn’t proofread my post. Why don’t you deal with some of the actual arguments in the post instead of dismissing it by calling me a racist and dumb. In the real world people expect things like rebuttals to arguments, and reasoned discussion. Apparently your PC lefty attitude excuses you from anything but name calling.

            Rebecca, maybe you can point to actual incidents of them gang raping white girls and beating up Indians. So far the FACTS I’ve presented to both of you seems to have escaped your grasp.

            FACT:The majority of Grizzly football players involved in felony assaults and other incidents were black.

            FACT:Montana’s black population stands at 0.5%

            Maybe you can show me the racism between those 2 facts. Observing facts doesn’t make me a racist. In fact, I’d say your complete denial of reality in favor of satisfying your ego makes you much more of a racist. Ignoring safety concerns of students and local citizens in favor of supporting the team and our of fear of the Gestapo like accusations of racism by the left seems much more ignorant than much I could post here.

  7. FarmerLawyer

    There is no reason we can’t have both a winning football program and an athletics department that is committed to holding it’s participants accountable. To say that we must trade one for the other is simply laziness. Consider the NFL, they take a hard line on violence and breaking the law – yet they have become by far the most watched (no citation, just IMHO) sport.

    Be cynical if you like, but I’m writing a letter, sending an email and I’m going to call. If nothing else, the U should admit their “wall of silence” policy.

    Office Email:
    Office Phone: (406) 243-2969
    Department: Athletics-General
    Title: Coach Head Football/Athl
    Address: UM Intercollegiate Athletics
    HAC 208
    32 Campus Dr MS 8496
    Missoula MT, 59812
    View On map


    Office Email:
    Office Phone: (406) 243-2311
    Department: President’s Office
    Title: Pres Prof/Pres Off
    Address: UM President’s Office
    UH 109
    32 Campus Dr MS 3324
    Missoula MT, 59812
    View On map

  8. I agree: the Kaiman is doing a first-rate job of reporting this scandal. That’s proof that the journalism department is doing something right.

    But local reports should not stop with the football team’s rap sheets. There are bigger questions that beg for answers.

    Why does the University of Montana need a winning football team? Why does the university even need a football team? What positive contribution does the football (or for that matter, any athletic) program make to, say, the study of biology? Who benefits from the athletic program other than local saloons, motels, and beer distributors?

    Meanwhile, what are Bobby Hauck’s young miscreants studying? Criminal justice? And how many will be transferred to the University of Deer Lodge?

    • klemz

      Men’s flagship sports bankroll athletic programs across the board. Title IX.

      • Men’s flagship sports bankrupt athletic programs across the country.

        • klemz

          Oh come now – you know its an unparalleled vehicle for alumni relations and marketing. If you divest that, what’s going to take its place? More importantly, how do you convince the, for example, Idaho taxpayer to keep pumping money into Boise State women’s volleyball (or whatever) without the Title IX catch?

          I know technically the programs lose money, but how many university departments don’t? In the meantime, how many other departments generate the same brand awareness of the institution as a whole? Most major programs would balance out if you ran them strictly on a gate-based business model, and maybe they should. But that’s another matter.

          • petetalbot

            Geez, klemz, how about universities funded adequately by the state instead of relying on winning sports programs for alumni relations and marketing? You know, there are some pretty decent schools out there that don’t have championship teams. (Dare I say schools that are academically superior to my alma mater, UM?)

      • There are other ways to fund other athletic programs, although that observation avoids the fundamental question: why should a university have any intercollegiate athletics program? How does intercollegiate athletic competition advance the academic mission of the university?

        I also fail to see the connection between football and alumni relations and marketing the university. Are donors being asked to fund academics? Or, are they being asked to underwrite athletics?

        In my opinion, even a clean football program, a program in which only law abiding scholar athletes participate, still adds nothing to the university’s academic mission. If people have credible evidence to the contrary, I challenge them to present it.

        • JC

          James, as a dad of a daughter who has competed in intercollegiate college sports (D-III — non scholarshipped programs), I just have to say that while college sports may not advance the academic mission of a university, it can advance the academic and other needs of the individual student. And provide employment.

          I think the question you are posing, James is confusing what a student’s needs are with what the university needs. While a large spectator sport designed to create a brand around which a certain segment of the U and the community can rally isn’t essential to individual students, having intercollegiate competitive programs to offer an outlet to those students who like to compete and balance studies with sports is a good thing.

          And title IX is the law. It has done wonderful things for women and women’s sports. Attacking title IX is tantamount to attacking free speech or gun rights in some quarters.

          I wouldn’t advise using the problems with men’s football or BB to attack the basis for other collegiate sports, particularly women’s sports. Too many people have fought too hard, and for too long, to let a few bad apples in a football program erode the support for women’s and other, less glamorous, sports.

          • Tim

            Ah yes, what a conundrum. Male collegiate athletes, particularly basketball and football players account for 1/3 of the sexual assaults, but subsidize women’s basketball and softball.

          • I’m not attacking Title IX, which deals with equality — and JC knows it. I’m attacking all intercollegiate athletics, intercollegiate athletics for women as well as for men. If all intercollegiate athletics are abolished, equality is maintained. How anyone interpret that position as an argument against Title IX is beyond my ken.

            I recognize that many parents of students, of women as well as of men, believe that organized sporting competition builds character, develops self-confidence, and so forth. I’ve never found any reputable study confirming that belief. It’s more akin to a belief in God: deeply held, beyond proof, and fiercely defended. For these parents, an attack on intercollegiate sports is tantamount to an attack on their sons and daughters.

            If university students want to play competitive sports, let them organize private, off-campus clubs for that purpose. Or join beer league teams.

            If students want to stay fit and healthy, they should walk or run six miles a day. But encouraging fitness in students does not require building multi-million-dollar stadiums and field houses, expensive equipment, coaches who are paid six and seven-figure salaries, and football and basketball programs that are sanctuaries for thugs.

            Finally, does no one think it a bit strange that advocates of women’s sports find no shame in financing those sports with the proceeds from dirty football programs?

          • JC

            First off, James, if you don’t have any athletic programs, you still need Title IX. Equality is not, and will not be guaranteed by the lack of intercollegiate sports (or inter-high school for that matter).

            Title IX is about so much more than just equality in funding. It is about equal opportunity of all kinds.

            Second, I don’t need a study to show that organized “sporting competition builds character, develops self-confidence, and so forth.” I have seen it at work with my own two eyes.

            Thirdly, I already have said that I don’t think that the big dollar programs are necessarily positive forces on campus. And I don’t think that other sports (especially women’s) should have to rely on them in order to subsist.

            And lastly, that is one reason why my daughter chose to go to a private woman’s college. Athletics were not scholarshipped, and each team had to raise its own expenses–which in itself was an education.

            James, I’m one of those parents who feels like all-or-nothing attitudes like yours are an attack on our kids. I’ve had to live and breathe Title IX and Section 504 for the last 6 years, so, yeah, I’m passionate about it.

            I think we can deal intelligently with problems like Hauck and his Griz without having to dismantle the whole intercollegiate system.

            I applaud the Kaiman’s efforts to get to the root of the story, and to call for some accountability.

  9. Tim

    I was reading the Missoulian’s pale attempt to cover the issue and wondering why they had their balls cut off when I scroll to the bottom of the page and see a banner advertisement for “Coach Hauck’s Reading Brigade!” complete with toddlers fumbling with books.

    I suppose as long as everyone from the newspaper to the local businesses continue to make dollars off the mindless zombies who show up in droves with maroon and silver shirts on, no one will give a shit about any sort of morality or ethics involving the indiscretions of Grizzly football players.

  10. “Second, I don’t need a study to show that organized “sporting competition builds character, develops self-confidence, and so forth.” I have seen it at work with my own two eyes.”

    That statement is akin to religious testimony.

    And this, “James, I’m one of those parents who feels like all-or-nothing attitudes like yours are an attack on our kids,” while a genuine expression of one’s emotions, is also a refusal to engage in rational debate.

    I asked for proof that intercollegiate athletics furthers the academic mission of the university. But JC chooses to regard that question as an attack on his, or her, children.

    This kind of reaction, while human, removes an issue from the realm of rational debate. But it does not further understanding of the issue. It amounts to declaring a taboo on asking the question that I asked, and in some ways is not that dissimilar to the shout-downs that disrupted town hall meetings earlier this summer.

    It may be that JC and I agree on other issues. But it’s clear that on this one, not only do we not agree, we cannot, because of JC’s decision to regard my attack on intercollegiate athletics as an attack on JC’s family, even discuss the issue rationally.

    Therefore, I will not post further replies on the subject.

    • JC

      James, I’m choosing not to debate the particulars of my family’s situation, which is why I left it vague. I think that some things deserve some privacy, even while blogging and commenting.

      I just happen to believe that the debate doesn’t revolve around the issue of whether or not “intercollegiate athletics furthers the academic mission of the university.”

      That notion is incredibly vague, as we would have to define an academic mission, in order to debate it. And many different universities have different missions.

      So if you want to debate whether or not a particular university’s mission should include intercollegiate athletics, that’s a fair debate.

      But to assume that intercollegiate athletics doesn’t have a place in any particular student’s life, and/or doesn’t have a positive effect on a student, then I whole-heartedly disagree.

      Far beyond an emotional, or religious testimony, I have seen first hand how athletics have impacted my daughter.

      i’ll leave it at that.

  11. problembear

    seems like this post has veered from the original essence which is that bobby hauck is, has been and will always be an in-your-face cocky arrogant sob. don read was a nice guy and a disciplinarian who commanded respect because of who he was. not who he pretended to be. don was also a great coach who won a championship for the grizzlies by treating his players like he expected to be treated…..with respect for themselves and others.

    bobby hauck has yet to win a national championship. his record on the field is excellent. but the dog always acts like the master. if you want a team full of arrogant, cocky sob’s then bobby is your man. if you want sportsmen who comport themselves with dignity and respect then get another coach like don read.

    the program is only as good as the coach.

  12. goof houlihan

    Hell, I like college football and basketball and I’m not ashamed to say it. Yep, I pay for tickets to games, even been a booster, and occasionally a sweatshirt or hat I wear has a logo of a university sports program.

    Even the freakin Soviet Union or Cuba or Nazi Germany recognized the importance of sports and athletics and sports teams. The winning team isn’t sacrificed to the sun god anymore, and guys don’t compete naked and get a fig leave or a crown of laurel or whatever, but it seems there is a ubiquity about sports, organized competition, that goes beyond the university or even twenty first century american society.

    Even for me, as athletic as the stay puft marshmallow man, and self aware enough to see the ironies, athletics have worth in society. Yes, football. Yes, college football, and high school football, and all the politics of high school girls’ volleyball, or the insanity of kids club sports like wrestling and hockey and all those soccer fields covered with little guys and gals chasing the ball. As for why they’re important at Universities, well, because enough people, with their money and their time and their kids and their efforts, say they are. Yep, football and basketball coaches make more than presidents of colleges and even the united states. And not just because they had a better year!

    After that the opponents simply are boiled down to a rant about how silly we are as a society. Yep. True. Go Cats.

  13. problembear

    Today’s kaiman has an apology from hauck for swearing at the reporter. No apology for covering up the incident however.

    • problembear

      correction. it was in the tuesday kaimin and it was certainly not a real apology. bobby hauck is still stonewalling. um vp foley says the following…..

Foley said he was in a meeting with President George Dennison and Athletic Director Jim O’Day when they read the report of the incidents Friday.

      “We chatted about the statute in terms of what we can share in terms of student conduct and discipline issues,” Foley said, noting that the statute is applicable to all students, not just athletes. “Then he [O’Day] went down and chatted with Coach Hauck.”

      Several conversations have taken place with Bobby Hauck, Foley said, primarily about an explicative Hauck used when the Kaimin asked him to comment about the supposed altercation involving the players.

      “I think we all realize, as public officials, we need to be more respectful and civil in our conversations with the media or, for that matter, anybody else.” Foley said. “I’m pretty confident we’ll all do that.”

  14. BigRedBear

    This whole thing is stupid. Hauck may not be a nice guy and from the few times i have met him he has not seemed very personable but that is not his job, his job is to win (which he does quite well). I know many players that are good kids in the class room and I think people are letting a select few represent the entire program which is a huge mistake! This article is slanted anyway a journalist writing about other disgruntled journalist will never give a good even article. That would be like asking a Griz player is Hauck is right or the paper they are a tight group that will have each others back. Finally the kids who beat the crap out of a kid last year are off the team, The two corner backs who I am going to assume are the ones you are call gangsters had some white fool call them n***ers so that kid was begging for it!

    • I’m not a journalist.

    • Oregon’s Chip kelly knows how to win with class and etics, tiny pink ursine fan.

      Boise states player taunted oregon’s back with same epithet. That kid got suspended for almost entire season.

      MLK knew the way to deal with biggots was nonviolence. Kicking a kid’s head against a curb is not acceptable response.

      It’s called class and integrity and leading by example.
      The griz deserve better.

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