Public Option Would Save $110 Billion

by jhwygirl

Say what?!?

That’s what I thought when I heard Representative Chris Murphy (D-Conn) on some radio talk show this morning say that the public option would save $110 billion. Frankly, I didn’t believe it when I heard it, mostly because I was hearing it the first time.

What did I find? I found where adding a public option would save somewhere in the $100 billion range, give or take, depending on how it was implemented. Earlier, $150 billion figure was also being used. The National Journal even has the story.

Jiminy gosh darn dang…why haven’t we heard of that? Seriously.

I seriously think I’m saying seriously too much.

It’s all about money, isn’t it? And yet even that statement isn’t clear enough. It’s all about the money of corporations, isn’t it? Because if it were simply about money, the U.S. would cut $100 billion from the proposed bill and call it good. And it’s certainly not about “government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” either, since if it were, government would say that cutting $100 billion from the budget and providing every single American with an affordable health care option while still preserving your right to purchase on the market was a good thing to do.

Nope, it’s about preserving the money of corporate interests, isn’t it? It’s unbelievably frustrating to see elected officials ignore the facts that are in front of them in favor of preserving what they thing will be their next re-election.

Will I knock doors and dial phones and donate money (what little cash I am able to spare these days) for an incumbent that doesn’t support what is one of the basic tenants of the Democratic party? Don’t bet on it. I can be quitr forgiving – I don’t think I can expect my elected official to agree with me 100% of the time – but there are some things that make a big impact on how I would consider support for any candidate any further. And health insurance reform is one of them.

Montanans need health care. The median income in this state is always in the bottom 10, if not 5. Two health care insurers dominate 80% of the state’s market, while 22% of adults in Montana are uninsured.

With Montanans ranking with close to the lowest median wages in the United States, where do you think uninsured – those in the gap – are going to be when they are facing tax penalties for not being able to afford health care on the public option free market? Just what is going to be the per-capita number of people here in Montana that fall into that gap? Or what about the ones that get tax forgiveness, but are still left without health care? I can only conjecture that given our ranking of median income, that more than the average will fall into that gap.

I look forward to the merging of this bill. Of the debate and amendments. Looks like those days are becoming nearer – the Senate Finance Committee is set vote on its bill this coming Monday.

Senator Tester? The time is coming when you are going to have to let us all know where it is you stand.

In the meantime, people – do not assume. Contact Sen. Tester and tell him to support a single payer public option reform. Tell him that a public option would save $100 billion dollars, which is about $1,100 out of your pocket.

Lest you think that isn’t needed, and if yesterday’s post wasn’t enough to piss you off, consider that all the teabaggers are also, too, calling Tester telling him to vote no to any reform.

(866) 554-4403

Then again – there’s always email.

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