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Inquiring minds want to know…

by JC

Update: The Button Valley Bugle beat me to ‘tubes on this theme, with a post from friday

From Venom is not a strategy:

“Republicans celebrate every time America fails and cheer and applaud for more failures in the future. Republicans have moved well beyond political opposition into a state of actual abhorrence for our country. I can only imagine the abject joy that will be felt and demonstrated by Republicans should another real tragedy strike America. They not only agree with the Taliban, they have become the Taliban.”

Update, 10-13-09: 289-34. That’s how many thousands of hits asking the question “Why do Republicans Hate America” vs. “Why do Democrats Hate America” gets at Google today. Not exactly scientific, but a telling number, nonetheless. And a lot of fodder for thought.

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread

7 Montana businesses were amongst 140 that went to Washington to lobby Senators Baucus and Tester to pass “strong” climate and energy policies that would cut carbon pollution and create over 1.7 million jobs.

The two mentioned in that link from Bozeman.

Our Sen. Jon Tester is filing an amicus brief, along with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rep. Mark Souder, to the U.S. Supreme Court which sides with the National Rifle Association in challenging Chicago’s handgun registration laws. Great Falls Tribune has a local perspective, as does KFFB in Great Falls.

Ellie Hill, Director of Missoula’s Poverello complex of facilities is celebrating her 4th year anniversary at the job. She’s still a lawyer, she says, and says the Pov’s biggest perk for her is being a celebrity in dark alleys. Ms. Hill contributes immensely to Missoula, so next time you see her on the street (or in an alley), say “Thank You, Ellie Hill,” because without her a whole hell of a lot would not be happening.

This past Thursday, Rehberg voted in support of a bill that included the expansion of the definition of hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

The newest self-promoting, fund-us-with-a-new-tax boondoggle pitching to Missoula is the Tourism Business Improvement District . Bunk in the West has the story.

The Button Valley Bugle always has something interesting to say. Daily must read. One of the latest best is this one which thanks tourism for pumping $168,000,000 into Montana’s economy. That generated 45,000 jobs. People who stayed the longest? People who were here to fish. Here to use our waterbodies; Our streams and lakes and rivers. Beautiful in its simplicity, isn’t it?

Goes to show, you don’t always know that good old clean streams is all it takes to get people out here to spend some cash. TBID’s? Fuggedaboutit!

Montana should sit back and take a serious look at that: Montana’s open space and mountains and streams and rivers are what people come here to see. Taking care of ensuring that there’s water – clean water at that – in our streams and rivers, and taking steps to maintain our agrarian roots will help keep people wanting to come here and spend their cash for far longer than some new tourism bureau designed to merely add to tourism magazines and play 2nd fiddle the local chamber of commerce.

OK. That was a bit preachy for a Saturday. My apologies.

Wanna smile? Check out this post from Chris LaTray, who is naked-in-your-face open about his love for the rock band KISS.

Some newer blogs? Montana Wildlife Gardner, Duganz, A Heretic’s Life, and A Drunk Goes Jogging, the latter being painful at times…but you can’t help but root for him.

Got any other blogs you wanna share?

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