Vote. And a Vote for Bob Jaffe Video

by jhwygirl

First the Ward 3’s Vote for Bob Jaffe video, which comes to 4&20, not by Bob Jaffee, but via Skylar Browning’s Indy Blog post:

Browning’s brief remarks are funny, and I agree. I also think that Badenoch was funny, saying “I think Bob Jaffe represents a lot of things I support. He’s progressive…but at the same time (my emphasis), he’s reasonable. I can tell that thinks about issues very seriously. He’s not a knee-jerk kind of guy. He’s thoughtful and I appreciate that.”

Council goddess Rye is hilarious, and so is Bob Clark, Missoula citizen.

Oh – and credit definitely has to go to “Bob Jaffe fan” Paul Wheaton – at minimum, he has a future in campaign election videos, for sure.

On the other topic…

Some HOW TO VOTE information…

Deadline is past for voter’s (pre)registration. If you want to vote now and haven’t registered, you have to head down to the fairgrounds, where the County Election’s Office has set up (due to high turnout in previous elections, and limited facilities/crowded halls).

This move has few, happy (maybe the county elections staff). Even Missoulian reporter Keila Szpaller lamented the move in a tweet.

Even the results. {sigh}

Can we maintain no tradition?

City elections are mail-in only. No polling stations will be open.

Mail-in ballots are coming out in a few days. There’s Mayor (unchallenged), the Municipal Judge (unchallenged), then your councilperson vote (of which Ward 4 is unchallenged too). It looks like if you live in Seeley Lake, there’s an election there, and another in the Evaro/Finley/O’Keefe area to form a community council – at least what I can see of the sample ballot.

So when you get that ballot, fill it in ENGEN LOUDEN and, depending on which ward, STROHMAEIR or HOUSEMAN or JAFFE or WILKINS or O’HERRON or MARLER and get it back in the mail.

Voting early helps all the candidates, no matter who they are. Their effort will be to get you to vote – if you get it done early, you allow your candidate the potential to round themselves up even more votes.

  1. Jim Lang

    “I think that might be a bad idea”


  2. “He has social skills now!”

    That seriously needs to be on a campaign flyer.

  3. goof houlihan

    At the risk of being called bad tempered and grumpy, I’m gonna suggest a good extra sharp cheddar to go with Keila’s whine. What I write below, though, has nothing to do with her. She’ll be wherever the vote count’s going on, laptop out and ready to send a fine story on the election results off to the paper.

    There’s no need to go to the courthouse anytime to vote. Vote by mail. Or if it’s not a mail election, keep your registration current and vote at your proper precinct. Show a little respect for the people who volunteer to be election judges, the process of elections in general, and do it right instead of not giving a shit and then showing up at the last minute of election day and registering and voting at midnight. That way, you’ll actually be a responsible citizen who has had a prior, independent thought. Otherwise, people will think you’re in it for extra credit on your university political science class, or maybe for a free beer and sandwich, or you’re going on to the next county and doing it again.

  4. goof houlihan

    Oh, and are there men who shave in Missoula? For that matter, are there women who shave in Missoula?

    Just a couple of questions from a Bobcat perspective.

    • JC

      Still got all them dime-store cowboys over there goof, with their brushed suede boots and pony tails? Sometimes can’t tell the dudes from the dudettes?

      Here kitty, kitty.

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