57% Support Public Option; 51% Even Without GOP Support

by jhwygirl

An ABC News-Washington Post poll released today shows that 57% of Americans support a public option.

Limit it to only those that can’t afford market insurance? Support soars to 76%.

And what if the GOP refuses to participate? Still a majority of Americans want reform.

What should those concerned about electing and re-electing either Democrats or Republicans think of those numbers? Well, howz about these numbers for those watching the election factor of health insurance reform.

Keep on keeping on, people

Sen. Max Baucus – 329-3123 in Missoula – others here
Sen. Jon Tester – 728-3003 here in Missoula – 1-866-554-4403 statewide.

Don’t forget Denny:
Rep. Denny Rehberg – 543-0663 here in Missoula, or 1-888-232-2626 statewide.

  1. Jim Lang

    I can’t call Max Baucus to ask him to do the right thing because my end of the conversation would be a lie – I never would vote for Max Baucus under any circumstances and whatever false promises or phony expressions of empathy may emerge from his mouth, we all know that he is an evil, despicable human being who doesn’t even slightly care whether the least among his constituents live or die for lack of health care. His actions as a US Senator have spoken far more loudly than any lies he might utter.

  2. JC

    Must be time for tea baggers to jump in and start clamoring for another round of town halls.

  3. Steve W

    Now if a majority of the public could just define what a “public option” actually means in terms of access and operation, we’d be getting somewhere.

    Baucus says his co-opts are “A public option.”

    Is that what the public is in favor of?

    Who would know?

  4. Big Swede

    Dueling polls?

    >>Just 42 percent of voters support Democrats’ health care reform plans even though a majority wants Congress to pass some version of reform, according to a new poll released Monday.<<


    Whitehouse controlling the message, again?

    • elkamino

      Thanks for the Fox version, B.S.. If their slanted polls are showing 42% support for a dem version, reasoning people realize that likely equates to a majority of support- whether its warranted or not.

      • problembear

        have a little pity, elkamino. all the teabaggers have left of their tattered little brigade are the scraps of misinformation fed to them by fox and whoever will listen to polls paid for by the health insurers lobby groups.

        i am starting to feel sorry for them.

        now that the NFL has completely humiliated their no 1 celebrity noise machine, and latest polls show only 22% of americans (and sinking) now label themselves as republicans, i think the wing-nuts are now eligible for minority status.

        after all their talk of hoping for america to fail under obama i guess the only thing really failing in america today is the fading ranks of the far right.

        • petetalbot

          And, elkamino, don’t forget the $1.5 million the health care industry is spending daily to influence the American public. Just think what those polls would look like without all that propaganda in the media!

      • Duncan Idaho

        It’s actually better and worse for the right-wingers than that. Within this one ABC/WaPo poll,

        Overall, 45 percent support the proposed health care changes being developed by Obama and Congress, while 48 percent are opposed.

        but the same respondents provide strong majority support for a loosely-defined public option. That’s similar to other polling results and it clearly demonstrates that a significant share of the polled opposition to Congress’ current HCR is because the proposed reforms aren’t progressive enough! Those folks may be dissatisfied with what Obama and Congress are doing, but they’re going to be even more pissed off if all that comes out is a weak bill and a massive handout to the insurance industry.

        Even Blue Dog Congresscritters are smart enough to read those kind of poll numbers and realize that they can’t use public opinion as an excuse for opposing reform.

  5. Big Swede

    Hey guys, scroll down to who exactly they’re polling.

    20% Reps.


    • Duncan Idaho

      I’m not sure why you’re posting that stat, but don’t worry, Swede, I’m pretty sure that number is too low. Probably it’s more like 25-30% of Americans who really are Republicans, but some of them are too embarrassed to admit it to the pollster.

  6. problembear


  7. There’s going to be what looks like a blood pressure monitor on hand, but it’s really going to measure brain wave activity.

    You are invited to join us at Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day Tour, a fantastic celebration of freedom, on Sunday, November 1. The events start at 11 am in Helena and 5:30 pm in Bozeman. This tour was featured on Fox News everyday this past summer up until its arrival in Washington, DC, on September 12, for the 9/12 Tea Party.

    Here are the details of the Helena event:

    Who: Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day Tour
    What: An inspiring and entertaining freedom rally
    Where: Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds Exposition Hall
    When: Sunday, November 1, 2009 from 11 am to 1 pm.
    Contact: Roger Nummerdor, nummy@in-tch.com(email), 406.431.8195(cell)

    Here are the details of the Bozeman event:

    Who: Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day Tour
    What: An inspiring and entertaining freedom rally
    Where: Heritage Christian School 4310 Durston Rd, (west of Ferguson)
    When: Sunday, November 1, 2009 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
    Contact: Henry Kriegel

    • petetalbot

      I notice the Bozeman event is at the Heritage Christian School. I’ve got to wonder, who would Jesus drop from his plan for getting sick?

  8. problembear

    looks like jake eaton is gonna earn some more of the health insurer’s bribe money this weekend. the far right will be doing the bidding of the parasites as they try once again to bamboozle more hapless citizens into keeping their profit machine running….

    seen this tired old B movie before. sad and pathetic. nobody is buying the status quo anymore.

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