Coach Bobby Hauck Continues His Asshole Behavior

by jhwygirl

With seemingly little backlash from the tailgating Griz fans. Lauded at homecoming..and still packing them in.

Hauck doesn’t have to care. Clearly, Hauck can do whatever he wants, with little backlash from the University administration, from the fans, or from the Board of Regents.

At least some responsible journalists are stepping up to the plate. Indy editor and primary blog poster Skylar Browning hit Hauck on the eve of homecoming, reporting that the Kaimin had notified its readers that it no longer could effectively provide sports coverage for the Griz football team.

So 3 weeks after the Kaimin does some unflattering – but factually accurate – reporting on Hauck’s handling of an umpteenth violent criminal act involving the Griz team, Coach Hauck is still taking out hissy-fits on the University reporters who cover the team?

As Browing gets at the highlight of inadequacies surrounding Hauck:

Hauck’s killing himself here. Assuming he still aspires to coach at a FBS school, what’s a potential employer going to think of a coach who gets rattled by student reporters in Missoula? That’s not to mention his shady three-year-running record of having players caught in high-profile assault charges. If Hauck quit holding a grudge, held his players more accountable and faced the issue head-on, he could actually focus on what he sometimes appears to enjoy: coaching football.

Where’s the Missoulian? A full week after the Kaimin reporting that it could no longer effectively cover the Griz – after having its sports writer witness Hauck’s asshole-ish behavior (having repeated the question to Hauck that Hauck berated the Kaimin reporter for) – the Missoulian finally brings the story to the notice of Missoulian readers everywhere.

Other than that, the only noise emanating from the Missoulian concerning Hauck’s irresponsible and border-line criminal behavior has been a lone LTE, by Missoulian Donna Hall.

But check the comments on the Missoulian’s late-is-better-than-never article. Seems the public isn’t all slap-happy let’s-win-at-any-cost Hauck-is-a-Superstar happy with the the handling of the Griz football program issues.

Maybe they realize now how absolutely accurate Browing is? That if Hauck’s gonna get rattled by some student reporters (and that statement should not serve to reflect on the skills of the Kaimin’s reporters), how is he going to hit big time?

Yesterday, sports blog Deadspin got at the Hauck story, and it seems they’re looking at it the same way: If Hauck can’t handle the heat of a university paper, he might want to rethink his game plan. (That, too, came to 4&20 via the Indy’s blog.)

And now, college sports writer for the New York Times, Pete Thamel is taking notice of Hauck’s childish irresponsible behavior.

All of this, for me, comes down to what it is UM symbolizes, and what makes UM valuable. Is it the Griz? Or is it education and ethics and social responsibility?

Hauck is stomping on the latter – he may be the coach of the Griz, but he is also a leader both at UM, in Missoula, in Montana – and yep, to Griz fans all over. When he recruites poorly and then covers up the crimes of his proteges, he’s facilitating their behavior.

problembear is wondering the same.

I’ve asked, and I don’t remember if it was on these pages our in conversation, but what is it that Missoulians and the University and the Board of Regent’s needs? A shoot-out on the streets? Will it mean more or less if its downtown as opposed to the University District? Or maybe if it happens in the Rattlesnake it really isn’t OK?

I mean – the charges that came out 2 years ago were kidnapping, assault and weapons charges. That’s a home invasion, folks. Missoula Montana?! Then there was a murder arrest wrapped up there somewhere – but it was Hauck’s protege’s buddy up visiting from southern California, and he was extradited, so I guess that makes it OK?

Or maybe it’s the boys-will-be-boys mentality? Kind of a more sanguine version of the everybody-drinks-and-drives-here-in-Montana defense thrown up by Sen. Greg Barkus and Rep. Denny Rehberg fans?

Whatever it is, it needs to stop. The fans, the university administration and the Board of Regents need to take a hardline with Hauck – assist him in recruiting, because obviously he’s learned few lessons in those regards – and set some standards for grades and academic achievement and responsibility. Perhaps the team should be required to be involved in extra-curricular activities that are community-based?

Failure to expect better will continue to result in more of the same.

Other than that, I’m thinking some anger-management classes are in order for Senator Hauck, himself.

  1. wil_m

    The day the Missoulian does some in-depth reporting on anything other than panhandling, I’ll eat my hat.

  2. tim

    Has anyone thought of organizing some sort of protest or boycott? I know you’re fighting hordes of Griz zombies on this one, but maybe even repost the contact info for Hauck and Dennison.

    They are counting on this going away over time, which is exactly what SHOULD NOT happen in this case.

  3. Tim, it’s pretty clear by now that this isn’t going away. They know it. UM is a very media savvy university that is always watching its image.

    I think between Deadspin, the Missoulian, a NYTimes writer, media columnist Jim Romenesko, the Kaimin, and other news outlets, soon enough you’ll see Hauck’s tune change.

  4. problembear

    just following up on a rumor i heard about some interest in this from the big boys……wonder how tim will react to a reporter’s questions from S/I? if he responds to them like he did the kaimin, those guys would stick a toothpick in him and down him like an appetizer.

    • The first strike against the students was bad enough (using the F-work and manhandling a reporters equipment), but Executive Vice-President Foley let it go. The second strike was pretty bad, too (mocking student reporters for asking questions about the rotating quarterbacks). Foley let that one go, too. Now, the third strike comes from the East Coast. Somehow I doubt Foley will continue to let it go. But, it should have stopped at one.

  5. Chuck

    I appreciate your spunk but respectfully hope your not crossing the line of the liable laws. Many of these claims are in fact old news and the facts, the whole stories are readily available.
    To try to link Hauck with a murder without telling your readers that an all white jury voted 11-1 to acquitt Jimmy Wilson is either an intentional act to deceive or you were unaware of the facts. Jimmy Wilson shot a drug addicted thug that had beaten his aunt senseless and pissed on her while she lay on the ground.
    You can argue that Hauck is an ass but please research the facts so you aren’t defaming the guy.
    I’d also suggest you look at how much community service the athletic teams do and don’t seek public attention for. You might be pleasantly surprised at the level of involvement of all student athletes. You might also research the sports teams grade point averages and their graduation rate. I suspect that both are higher than the general student population.

    • 1.) I said that the murder arrest was associated with a friend of one of Hauck’s recruits. A Griz player. That was well reported.

      2.) Some of those players obviously need to be kept busier.

      Surely you aren’t suggesting that because they’re getting good grades – your conjecture, not mine – that all’s well?

    • klemz

      3. One is potentially liable for libel

      4. “I suspect that both are higher than the general student population.”

      At UM, that’s not really saying much, but you would actually be wrong. Check the NCAA reports.

  6. Dan

    Chuck is right and jhwygirl you are wrong. You cant spin your way out of that mistake. Jimmy Wilson was acquitted. Leave him out of this.

  7. Pogo Possum

    Looks like Hauck is taking his game plan from the Obama administration – demonizing the news source (Kaimin / FOX) when they don’t like the story. Its bad behavior from both, makes both look small and petty and is a loosing tactic.

  8. problembear

    the kaimin is a small college newspaper trying to get at the truth. fox is a conservative slanted organization hell-bent on giving all news organizations a bad name in this country.

    equating the two is an insult to the kaimin.

  9. problembear

    more proud UM griz gridiron moments in the era of bobby hauck:

  10. Pogo Possum

    “. . . fox is a conservative slanted organization hell-bent on giving all news organizations a bad name in this country.”

    I imagine Hauck is using a similar excuse for dissing the Kaimin, PBear. As in:

    “. . . the Kaimin is a liberal slanted organization hell-bent on giving all news organizations a bad name in Montana.”

    These are just excuses.

    My point is that attacking specific news agencies is a losing strategy for both Hauck and the Obama administration. I won’t go so far as to call either of them “assholes” like jhwyGirl, but both need to reassess their public relations strategies.

    • JC

      How do you know the Obama administration’s strategy for attacking Fox? Or what do you think their strategy is?

      My thought is that they have a good strategy for doing so, it just isn’t apparent to most of us.

      And somehow, I think that Obama’s PR strategy isn’t going to respond to rightwing talking points (not accusing you here) about how they are attacking Fox.

      This isn’t just a bunch of hens cackling about the fox den. More like coyotes calling the fox out to make a meal out of him.

  11. tHumble

    People act like this is the first time Hauck has been criticized around here(Missoula). I know plenty of people; including some that are very “close” to the University and the football program, that have never cared for Bobby Hauck. It’s no secret around here that he is an arrogant, egotistical man. The fact is, he wins football games and people will tolerate his poor behavior because of that. I don’t like the man either, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

  12. problembear

    bobby hauck looked arrogant tonight in his appeasement press conference. even when he needs to look humble and contrite, he just can’t pull it off. it’s not in him to act humane with anyone. what a hot shot.

    wonder if that performance will call off the bloodhounds from Sports Illustrated and ESPN now?….doubt it. i think they are on a hot trail.

  13. goof houlihan

    Well, I hate to see a much needed and hard working body part so maligned.

    Whatever Bobby’s failings, which could be the result of both nature and nurture, the football furor obscures the mention of UofM in the New York Times…as one of the worst universities in the nation for percentage of freshmen graduating within six years of enrollment…41%. Yeah, less than half…way less than half.

    I like the bobcat/griz rivalry and all it’s petty and tasteless permutations and we can talk scheit anytime. However, this failure of our university system is a bigger problem. It’s owned by both the K-12 and the university system. It’s owned by the legislature and the Governor and the Board of Regents. Dennison gets a big slice of the pie in the face too.

    MSU is at 47%, which, sadly, is middle of the pack. We can’t be grading on the curve anymore with the sad state of our economy and our ability to compete internationally.

  14. problembear

    you’re right goof. my job puts me in close contact with lots of workers over at um. if you hit the side of main hall* with a tree branch, dennison’s empire of overpaid and do-nothing vp’s swarm out of there like ants….while they are laying off everyone over there that actually accomplishes anything that helps students succeed.

    *of course, not on friday. they never work on friday.

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