Public Option Numbers Rising – CNN Poll Says 61% Favor Public Option

by jhwygirl

Following up on Monday’s news that ABC/Time polling showed 57% support a public option in health insurance reform changes being hammered out in congress, today brings us news that affirms that trend.

CNN polling tells us 61% favor a public option for inclusion in any health insurance reform bill. That number is up 5% since late August.

A few short weeks ago – just before the Senate Finance Committee’s bill was freed – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ordered a CBO markup of the cost of including a public option. She wanted an analysis of 3 different versions. Guess what? The CBO found that including a Medicare-for-all option, along with a 5% increase in doctor payments, would actually lower the deficit. The cost? $871 billion over 10 years – and it would insure everyone.

The Senate Finance Committee’s bill leaves 25,000,000 American uninsured.

House Democratic leaders wisely quick to jump on this – and even Harry up there in the Senate is is hinting that he’s got the 60 votes necessary to pass a bill that includes a public option.

Keep the calls and email folks. I’m told I put up Tester’s fax number for the Missoula office last time – and Pete was kind enough to fix it…this time, I’m a cuttin’ and pastin’ out of that post, that way I know the numbers are correct. With apologies to all….

Keep calling. Keep emailing.

Sen. Max Baucus – 329-3123 in Missoula – others here
Sen. Jon Tester – 728-3003 here in Missoula – 1-866-554-4403 statewide.

Don’t forget Denny:
Rep. Denny Rehberg – 543-0663 here in Missoula, or 1-888-232-2626 statewide.

  1. Big Swede

    73 beats 61, wouldn’t ya think?

    Any chance of a legislative solution there?

    >>WASHINGTON (CNN) – A new national poll indicates that nearly three-quarters of all Americans would like to see a decrease in the number of illegal immigrants in the country.

    Seventy-three percent of those questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Thursday morning called for a drop in the number of illegal immigrants, with 22 percent saying the number should remain the same and just 3 percent stating that there should be an increase in the number of illegal immigrants. That 73 percent figure is the highest number since CNN started asking this question four years ago.<<

    • Jim Lang

      Also, over 99% of respondents would oppose a preemptive nuclear strike against Botswana.

      What that has to do with health care reform is left as an exercise for the reader.

  2. problembear

    you better check your powder there BS. i think it’s getting a tad moist. click……fizzle……click….click…click.

  3. Once again, you fail to define “public option”, which died months ago. Democrats have been jumping on board now that it has been gutted, insurance companies are feigning resistance. You’re being gamed, once again.

    As I understand it, it will not go into affect until 2013 – Republicans figure by that time they’ll be in charge again, and they are not intimidated by the need to be bipartisan. Even with that, the option is not available to small businesses with more than ten employees. And, to those millions of Wal-Mart workers with their shitty coverage … guess what. You’re stuck with that coverage.

    In essence, the PO is available to private sector rejects – MCHA writ large. It’s crap.

    Unless you define your terms, you’re arguing nonsense. What exactly, jhwygirl, do you mean by public option? No dodging, no nasty rejoinders about negativity. Democrats have been the problem from the beginning. What do you mean by public option, and who in DC agrees with your vision? Precision please.

    • The CBO scoring referred to is a Medicare-for-all option that includes an increase of 5% for doctor payments.

      I believe it is a 50-employee cut-off.

      Reform is including a standard, so “shitty coverage,” I assume, won’t be any s, I assume, than Medicare – and from what I recall from the House committee mark-up, there was plenty added to that pubic option by Repubicans wanting to preserve all kinds of perks. That House version could have came it much lower without those add-ons.

      I don’t know who in DC agrees with my vision – but what are you doing? are you calling? Or emailing, at least? Because sitting back and doing nothing really isn’t an option for me.

      • As I read it, Nancy Pelosi has thrown in the towel on what you describe, which is the “robust” public option. She’s not much of a fighter. So the 5% and the fifty employees things is by the books. Check out section 202 of 3200, I beleive is the bill that will carry.

        What am I doing? I’m fighting for no change, no passage of any bill until we can replace the Democrats who screwed us on this one with new Democrats … oh, wait. That’s kind of circular, isn’t it.

        I fight for single payer. It’s the only answer. Any kind of jerry-rigging of the for-profit health care system is doomed to fail. I seek a state option to have their own single payer systems as an option.

        yeah – I’ve written to Baucus and Tester. Got no answer from the former, and crap from the latter. I don’t much believe in the letter-writing thing anyway. As I’ve said a thousand times if once, you can only bend politicians to your will in direct proportion to your ability to hurt them. Liberals and progressives playing nicey with them, refuse to vote against them or support third parties or Republican opponents – they know this about you. They’ll never give you shit.

        • problembear

          with lots of pressure on dc by americans breathing new life into public option, mark, they just might have to…….

          america’s majority needs to keep up the pressure to get something worthwhile out of health-care reform. it is way too early to quit on this. now is the critical time to communicate with the white house. they need to be shown how much support is out here for universal public option.

          • I did not see much in that WP article to encourage me … I loved this line:

            Few experts see it that way, and there are no doubt far more important provisions that would have a more direct effect on coverage, on how individuals are treated by their insurance companies and in controlling costs (still the weakest element of bills under consideration). But the grass-roots support had an effect.

            In other words, the public option is just a “sliver” of a larger package, as Obama said. And not how we all have our own insurance companies? None of us seems to have any leeway to leave them behind us.

            I do read into that piece that there is public support for a “public option”, which must mean to most that they would have an option to go somewhere else than a private insurance company for health insurance.

            Politicians have grabbed that concept – a public option – and stripped it of content and repackaged it. The best I see coming out of the Senate is Olympia Snowe’s trigger. That’s a cruel joke.

            So I’m not terribly optimistic at this time.

  4. If it isn’t available to everyone, it isn’t a public option. That is my bottom line.

    Anything less is unacceptable.

    Things are a little muddy right now in dc. we’ll see better what is happening next week, but there is no doubt the majority is starting to finally be heard back there. We need to keep up the pressure.

    • It may be 100+ yards and there may be 10 players coming at you, but head-down and keep heading to the goal line.

      • Steve W

        I am fighting. All the way for single payer. Fighting for 3rd best is for chumps.

        I want the best for my family, state and country. which is why i refuse to fight for the public option.

        You won’t find me fighting for the crappy “market based” diversions.

        why fight for that? We already have a bunch of crappy criminal private insurance companies. Why would i now want to subsidize them? That’s crazy.

  5. problembear

    that’s nice steve but the game is between the goalposts and since baucus and the insurance weasels already moved us out into the parking lot, i thought i would at least suit up and join in for actual universal public option. at least that has a chance of putting them out of business eventually.

    can’t score many points in the parking lot….

    • Steve W

      Last February, Baucus said that the public option was a bargaining chip.

      That didn’t seem to sink in for a whole lot of the market based solutions professional left, who pretended that Baucus was pretending.

      You can Kabuki dance with the best of them, I’m sure, but I’m tired of the BS, not least of which emanates from groups like HCAN and there coalition members.

      Baucus actually met with nationally recognized single payer advocates, something Obama hasn’t yet seen fit to do. Baucus had to, since a majority of montanans support a single payer system and said so in no uncertain terms. We kicked his ass, without SEIU, HCAN, Families USA, DFA, Forward Montana, or Organizing for America lifting a finger to help. They weren’t there, they were AWOl, and in many cases they were actively making apologies for Baucus.

      At this point there is still an amendment alive in the house bill HR3200 that would allow states to set up their own single payer systems and use federal dollars to do so. That’s what I’m fighting for, because I find that to be a worthwhile outcome.

      You go fight to get 10 million Americans in a public option pool by 2019 if that’s what you see as a worthy outcome. I just don’t see it as worth fighting for. I don’t support Romney care. If I did, i would have voted for Romney instead of for Obama.

      • problembear

        definitely there are many of us who share your frustration, steve. but i think once americans get a taste of public option if we can get a strong public option passed that change can come about much quicker than regrouping. if however, a strong public option is not in this bill (includes everyone) i will be openly working against it’s passage.

  6. problembear

    we need to direct our communication to the white house now. that is where real reform vs phony insurance trap is being decided.

  7. problembear

    we need to communicate with the white house on this pronto if we want a public option which includes everyone however…

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