by jhwygirl

Have you filled out your ballot yet? Get ‘er done. Why wait until tomorrow? Or next week.

The Missoula Independent has its endorsements out today – and (as usual) I am in full agreement.

Dave Strohmaier for Ward 1
Roy Houseman for Ward 2
Bob Jaffe for Ward 3
Jon Wilkins for Ward 4
Mike O’Herron for Ward 5
Marilyn Marler for Ward 6
John Engen for Mayor

Both John Engen and Jon Wilkins are unchallenged. Far as I can tell, Wilkins doesn’t have a website.

If you haven’t gotten your ballot yet (this is a mail-in only election), you might want to contact the County Elections Office at 258-4751 to verify your address. If you are at a different address from your registration or if you haven’t registered to vote yet, you’ll have to be heading to the fairgrounds to vote.

That’s why it’s important to vote early and get it done. If you wait until election day and can’t find your ballot or you find out your not registered, you’ll be having to venture down to the fairgrounds.


Anyone not able to get what I’m trying to convey about the voting-at-the-fairgrounds thing?

  1. JC

    What I want to know is if having to put a stamp on a mail-in ballot constitutes a poll tax?

    Why, oh why can’t the city just have prepaid return envelopes?

    Thanks jhwgirl for the ballot reminders!

    • There has been discussion on this when we first did mail-ins.

      I don’t know what the cost would be to put return postage on them…and I seem to think that there’s a county or two that actually does do return postage.

      For Missoula – even if just city elections – it would be pretty significant. I know they saved a nice chunk by not doing a primary (it was optional because at first we did have three candidates for Ward 2), and then by just going mail-in.

      • goof houlihan

        Bozeman ballots are postage prepaid. Even with that, it’s cheaper to run a mail election postage prepaid than a regular polling place election, according to the Gallatin Co Clerk and Recorder.

        JC, driving to the polling place will be more expensive than a stamp. And, of course, all those people driving are releasing carbon. Yep, mail in balloting is carbon friendly. Unless a person has no job, and his/her time is worthless, taking the time to go to the polling place has a cost too.

        • JC

          My polling place is a block away. A nice walk through the fallen leaves. Always some good folks to talk to, some munchies and coffee.

          Elections are nice when your local community can get together and… be community.

          If participatory democracy isn’t deserving of the effort to meet with your fellow citizens, then we may as well all just plug into the giant internet poll machine, type in our secure ID’s and govern by Gallup.

          Sorry if I’m being so 20th century here, but I really find elections held exclusively by mail in ballots to not be a good thing.

  2. Chuck

    Why hasn’t Ryan Morton gotten the Dems support in this town?
    Morton has proposed allowing any Missoula City resident to join in the City health care plan. Morton’s proposal is one straightforward solution to a huge problem and it sounds a hell of a lot better then Max’s ideas.
    If Morton can be that progressive and creative on health care let’s give him a shot at helping solve affordable housing, transportation, and economic development.

  3. Thomas Paine

    The reason Ryan Morton isn’t supported by Democrats is because actions speak louder than words. Between being a shill for the build-build-build industry who’s spent hours before the city council repping its interests and running MBIA member Greathouse’s campaign, people have a pretty good idea of what they’d really be getting.

    If Ryan Morton wants to be taken seriously as a candidate, he needs a full make-over that involves spending his time and energy on behalf of community groups that seek to do something other than pave over the Valley. He should also move out of Ward 1, because both Strohmaier and Wiener are excellent councilmen.

  4. Tobie

    I can’t fathom that a newspaper would make candidate endorsements! Its clearly no longer about news, perhaps it never was. What a joke.

    As for Ryan, he’s got my vote. What has strohmaier done besides talk about railroads? It would be nice to have some solution oriented thinking on council.

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