Hauck STILL Stonewalls Kaimin Reporters; Dennison’s Excuse? 2-Week Trip to Europe

by jhwygirl

The Missoulian continues its coverage of Griz Coach Bobby Hauck’s asshole-ish behavior, with a report on UM’s crisis management of the situation, along with a synopsis of the nationwide attention being thrust upon the Griz football program – virtually all of it critical.

Hauck continues berating Kaimin reporters?! You have got to be kidding me?

Chelsi Moy’s story had some interesting WTH? tidbits, I thought – one of them being the reason offered up for UM President (King) George Dennison along with Vice-President Jim Foley’s excuse for being “unable to weigh in,” on the matter:

UM President George Dennison has been in Europe for the past two weeks working to expand student exchange programs in Italy and Ireland, and is attending the International Student Exchange Program’s annual convention in France, and therefore has been unable to weigh in on the issue.

Executive Vice President Jim Foley was traveling this week, attending a Big Sky Conference meeting in Salt Lake City and a meeting with the Collegiate Licensing Company in Atlanta. On Friday, he was in Sacramento, Calif., with the Grizzly football team.

Really? A two-week trip touring Italy, Ireland and France? How much is that costing? While UM has a $3.6 million budget shortfall?

Beyond that – the Hauck “situation” began publicly back on September 18th, when the Kaimin reported it. Now, of course it may be possible that Dennison and Foley were in South America or Australia or something. But at that point, King George and VP Jim Foley knew (at least) that Hauck was shutting out Kaimin reporters. They had an obligation then to step in. Hauck should be a role model, as should UM and any and all of its programs – and allowing that behavior to occur, yet alone to continue is disgraceful.

Sport’s Illustrated columnist Jeff Pearlman sums it up well:

Generally speaking, pinning behavioral stupidity on your players is an even worse move than, say, locking out the student newspaper in a town where – on a good day – you’re covered by three media outposts. And even if your athletes did decide to protest, it’s your job – as a presumed educator – to do the opposite; to pull the student writers aside, explain your gripe and try to work it out in a mature manner.

We also know now that the administration was complicit in silencing the Griz players physical attack on a UM student, as VP Jim Foley acknowledged to the Kaimin last month.

Honestly folks – It’s appalling that this criminal behavior is condoned at the highest levels of administration in the University.

Another thing that struck me was this statement, from UM athletic director Jim O’Day:

“I would prefer (Hauck) did talk, but I respect the decisions he’s made…..I’m against forcing someone to do something against their wishes and would prefer an amicable solution.”

Hauck’s behavior has brought unwelcome attention on the entire university. As an administrator, balancing an employee’s right not to talk to the media with protecting the university’s image is a tricky situation, O’Day admits(my emphasis added).

O’Day would prefer that he talks? “I’m against forcing someone to do something against their wishes?” – but then going on referring to “balancing the employee’s right not to talk to the media?

You have got to be kidding me, right?

Because UM tells all its other employees- and reminds them regularly – that they are to avoid talking to the press and they should refer all questions to the administration, blah, blah, blah…..so talking about an “employee’s right not to talk to the media” and “forcing someone to do something against their wishes,” are not really making sense when you put it in the context of their very own public information policy for employees.

That is, unless UM has changed its policy? Because it’s sounding like they prefer that their employee’s speak to the press when asked. I mean, I bet a whole lot of University employees might have a whole lot to say about the Griz football Bobby Hauck situation – and perhaps event the administration’s complicity in facilitating the behavior.

That 2-week trip to France and Italy and Ireland, too, I’m sure doesn’t pull a lot of sympathy either.

Lastly, Coach Hauck puts out a damned lame excuse (and I’m sure he thought he was oh-so-smart when he said it) for why he couldn’t answer questions from UM Kaimin reporters:

“My players have asked me not to participate in this. I had two seniors in my office this morning, and I apologize, but I’m not going to participate.”

So it’s the seniors on the Griz team are calling the shots? It’s not Hauck – it’s not King George Dennison, and it’s not VP Jim Foley – it’s the seniors on the Griz football team.


  1. Well, if we can’t get an answer from George, or from Executive Vice President Foley, or from Jim O’day, or from Little Bobby, then I guess that only leaves the students.

    Like that’ll work well … everytime someone in the community sees a footballer, they can ask them what the coach is doing; everytime a professor has a footballer in class, they can ask.

    Heck, we could even publish a list of footballers’ phone numbers and we call and ask them why nobody is taking responsibility for the University’s football team. Sure, they have the right not to answer our questions, but equally we all have the right to want to ask.

    • Pogo Possum

      What happened to you in college to make you so mean spirited Binky? Did you lose your girfriend to the Griz quarterback?

      No one should be organizing an harrassment campaign against any student. Grow up !

  2. your mom

    When you run a “failure factory” I guess you have to go international to keep recruiting the future failures…

    • Pogo Possum

      “When you run a “failure factory” I guess you have to go international to keep recruiting the future failures…” your mom

      While there are issues and a few specific individuals I can criticize about the UM athletic program, I believe it is completly unfair to the University, the athletic deparment staff, and especially the multitude of excellent UM student athlets in many sports to carelessly throw out the bogus comment of it being a “failure factory.”

      Further more, your remark is either disingenuous or demonstrates little or no knowledge of the facts surrounding the UM athletic program. I suggest you do a little more research before you label an entire group of innocent students with such a horrible label.

  3. problembear

    student/athletes are not the main fault here. yes, some players acted like idiots while drinking and lucked out on evading a criminal assault charge, but the worse thing to me is the example their supposedly mature adult football coach is teaching them in regards to how to act.

    instead of making them stand up and be accountable for their stupidity, hauck provided them safe refuge and in the process they did not learn anything about how to “man up” and face the music in life.

    i feel sorry for the student/athletes involved, because they are being led astray into a world with no boundaries which might well lead them into much deeper trouble. not that coach “step on their face to reach his own goal-line” hauck will care when they are washed up and in jail in five years wondering why being an arrogant jerk didn’t work out too swell.

    all the players are victims when they are led by a jerk.

    • Don’t agree. By the time these men reach college, they should already have ‘man-ed up’. They are fully culpable for whatever poor choices they make, or should be. That doesn’t excuse Hauck, by any stretch, but painting them as “victims”, manipulated cogs in the football machine, is the same excuse of behavior that others are being accused of.

      • problembear

        fair enough.

        but it is hard to disagree that hauck’s behavior lessons won’t make things worse down the road for these guys when their skills are no longer useful.

        i guess my point would be that if you recruit “problem” players with speed and other skills that the big schools won’t touch for academic or behavioral reasons, there should be some attempt to avoid making them worse by teaching them that society will always reward arrogant and bully behavior.

        somehow i don’t think trumaine johnson and the other two players will be very successful in life if they continue to act that way when their talents are no longer useful.

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