Ward 5 Candidate Mike O’Herron Scores Major Endorsement

by jhwygirl

Ward 5 candidate Mike O’Herron scored a major endorsement with former Republican county commissioner Barbara Evans and community activist and past president of the Upper Linda Vista Homeowners Association Charlie Brown telling voters to vote O’Herron:

As Miller Creek residents, we need a representative from Ward 5 who has common sense, works with others in a collaborative manner, calmly listens to our concerns, and who can provide a realistic perspective to our problems and our future. For that reason, we ask for your support for Mike O’Herron for City Council, Ward 5.

Oh no they didn’t!

Did Queen Missoula Republican just say that Dick Haines was obstructive and unrealistic? The duly-signed letter details a short history of “the bridge” that Dick Haines has dithered about for nearly 5 years now, and the support it now has (or doesn’t) despite the rhetoric being put out by Dick Haines as of late.

In other words – misrepresenting an issue and the support it has isn’t really a nice thing to do.

Haines’ pet project has been that bridge. He ran on the issue back in 2005. He claims to be a fiscally responsible guy yet he continues to advocate for a bridge that would cost upward of $30 million dollars. The double-talk is worthy to point out.

What Evans and Brown were really saying – or asking – was this: Do you want solutions, or do you want someone who is going to continue to make unrealistic promises?

Here’s a link to Mike O’Herron for Ward 5 website. The main thing I see in O’Herron is that he shows a strong desire to move forward – to find solutions. Inaction does not appear to be an option for him. That is a good thing.

Voters in Ward 5 should take note of that endorsement. Barbara has been long active in local Republican politics, and Charlie has a long history of supporting Democratic party causes, while working bipartisan-style on many issues with Barbara Evans….endorsing O’Herron should give even the most diehard Republicans good reason to cast that vote for Mike O’Herron.

Charlie Brown is Mike O’Herron’s treasurer.

  1. klemz

    I didn’t realize this non-incorporated political identity operated a a monarchy. Or is this like a Mean Girls thing?

    • Jim Lang

      ^ huh? In your attempt to be clever you appear to have left coherence behind.

      • klemz

        I think you can infer that I meant to type “as a monarchy.” The Mean Girls reference may not translate between generations.

        • Jim Lang

          I wasn’t talking about the typo nor am I ignorant of the movie “Mean Girls”…

          You seem to be quite proud of what you perceive as your own wit, but did your comment have any meaning? Is it in some way related to this post?

          Perhaps you could explain so someone as slow and unhip as myself can understand it.

  2. problembear

    i actually enjoy klemz’s little asides. kind of like having our own in-house riddler….or a snarky journalistic version of unrhyming prose a’la ee cummings.

    i don’t always understand him, but sometimes i want to be entertained rather than clarified. he always makes me look at something in a new way. i like that.

  3. elkamino

    i like our snarky ‘lil klemzy, too.

  4. goof houlihan

    Did ya listen to and support Barbara when she wasn’t endorsing candidates you approved of?

    If we ever found a moderate democrat who was dedicated to bi partisanship, we could go buy a lottery ticket with some confidence.

    Two years ago, D’s lined up behind the craziest candidate imaginable. Now the same signs are in the same yards for a new group.

    I like the non partisan election because it brings out just how unwilling the democrats are to accept the voters’ demand for non partisanship.

    I’ve got Dick Haines card lying around here, somewhere. I’d better send him some money. Otherwise, you’ll just use the moderate Republican du jour to pick us off one by one while voting the party ticket in the non partisan election.

    • goof, say it ain’t so … in these non-partisan elections, you’re not following the anti-D’s ticket are you? Does that mean you wouldn’t vote for self-proclaimed Democrats like Jon Wilkins, Ryan Morton, or Lee Clemensen?

      • goof houlihan

        Why no, binky. I’m just commenting. I must’ve missed the “anti d” party though. did they endorse candidates in the non partisan election, like the democrats did?

        • Or maybe the $800 from the local GOP for one of the candidates, who then ran radios advertisements that appear deceptive? Nope, not partisan, at all. Why do we pretend?

    • You could get his address off of website which lacks the appropriate disclaimer.

      Me? I just shot O’Herron another few bills – Haines sent out his negative mailer already (maybe I should post that?) and he’s also got an email making the rounds, saying that O’Herron wants to close the Sr. Center downtown and sell it. Complete lie. O’Herron wants to get a senior center somewhere in the South Hills, so they don’t have to travel so much. Nothing about shutting down the one downtown at all.

      Haines is a piece of work. I’da thought that he wouldn’t resort to that kind of crap politics, but apparently I was wrong.

  5. Charlie B.

    How are you peter?

  6. problembear

    don’t trust my judgement…trust charlie brown and bob roberts..

    mike o’herron would make a fine city councilman who can get past the small stuff and make smart decisions for missoula.

  7. Charlie B.


    Are you that naive? Barbara Evans has ALWAYS won 60% of the vote and in several elections closer to 70%. Why?
    Because she was a great representative of ALL her constituents, regardless of party.

    Think of who worked successfully on issues facing the people of our community…she is in no small part responsible for the removal of the Milltown Dam, the receipt of Federal monies to defer sewer costs to people in affected areas of Missoula, not to mention the purchase of several pieces of prime open space land, the airport off-ramp, and a myriad of other projects that benefited Missoulians.

    So Mr. Guiless Sophomoric watch what an endorsement from Barbara Evans means next week.

    • I didn’t like her. Goof is probably remembering my lack of lament in her retirement.

      That being said, I’m clearly in the minority, as you point out. I’ve never heard any elected official utter publicly or privately a negative word about the woman.

      • klemz

        Since Jim isn’t into the Barbara Evans as Regina George visual, I’ll be serious. In my very limited exposure I thought she was a very nice woman. That being said, it’s no wonder why progressives didn’t like her. She was unbeatable.

        …and then handed her seat to Anderson.

        • Who lost. To my pick, Michele Landquist.

          I guess I shouldn’t be so sore.

          • klemz

            Right, but it makes you wonder if Evans decides just not run for that fragment term, then maybe someone like Michele would have beaten Anderson from the start. Though, it also might have been the Pattee Market guy who lost to Jean Curtiss the previous year. What was his name? Edwards? That would suck.

      • goof houlihan

        Yep, jh, hence my question about why listen to her now?

        Wasn’t she the county commissioner who voted to appoint her own replacement? If not, I apologize for bringing that up. But I believe I objected to that move, whoever did it, along with jh.

        I don’t mind being without guile. Thanks.

      • goof houlihan

        Also, I tend to mix my cities along with my metaphors. I didn’t hear anything about crazy candidates last time in Missoula. I should have prefaced that part of the comment to be about life in my area.

        But I’m glad to hear Ms Evans, a republican, was such a great representative. I hope you listen to her choices for other elected offices equally avidly, there, Chuck.

        • You might like O’Herron, goof. Bozeman has some solid Independents, don’t they?

          O’Herron has reiterated over and over that he is an independent. He went to both the Dems and the Repubs for endorsements. He’s gotten one of your favorites – the Missoula Organization of Realtors.

          O’Herron is no liberal progressive like me, that’s for sure.

      • Every time you wait to drive through the Reserve St. / Mullan Rd. intersection, think of Barbara Evans – it was she who said they knew they were not building a safe & sufficient intersection, but that they had to build something. So, they did.

        • JC

          Yep, and how many bicyclists have been killed at that intersection and at the intersection with Broadway? Old hwy 93?

          Too many. Reserve Street is a death trap for bicyclists.

          • klemz

            Most experienced cyclists go around it. That just leaves those most ill-equipped to handle such a situation to handle it.

            Ahhh… America.

          • JC

            Well, some are ill equipped. But many who bicycle through Reserve are coming from Missoula Pre-Release (by the Jail) headed for jobs, and they have no say about their routes or modes of travel, and limited time to get from A to B.

            I believe the one gentleman who got squarshed by a truck at Mullan and Reserve was a pre-releaser.

            If the state is going to require its wards to travel through that corridor on bike at all hours, and all weather, and on a timeline, then they should at least devote some effort to bike safety issues.

  8. Charlie B.

    I will goofie as long as the stupid, uninformed,trenchant and politically obtuse statments from Guiless Sophomoric idiots that have NO understanding of working in politics through all people for the good of our community,state,and nation. If Barbara had taked your position posturing none of what she accomplished would have happened. You sound just like all those republicans who have President Obama because he brings all relevant people to the table. Are you a closet Cheneyite?

  9. Charlie B.

    Sorry folks I hit the wrong thing and sent it before proofing.
    Here it is corrected version:

    I will goofie as long as the stupid, uninformed,trenchant and politically obtuse statments from Guiless Sophomoric idiots that have NO understanding of working in politics through all people for the good of our community,state,and nation cease. If Barbara had taken your position… none of what she accomplished would have happened. You sound just like all those republicans who hate President Obama because he brings all relevant people to the table for solutions. Are you a closet Cheneyite?
    Dick Haines definitely would agree with your philosphy of being derisive,devisive and committed to not negotiating.

  10. Charlie B.

    Dear Binky,

    My Goodness, don’t any of you check what you are saying?
    Barbara and I DID say the intersection should be bigger..however, the feds had already decided it was big enough.They were wrong and we were right!

    However, you would still be on conventional “two-lane” on Reserve if it weren’t for Barb Evans.

    • klemz

      Sounds amazing. It might actually be bikable then.

    • JC

      It was fine until Walmart, Target, Costco, Lowes, Home Depot… etc., etc. showed up.

      Meaning if you are going to create an intensive shopping district, plan for 20 years down the road. Didn’t happen.

      Go take a look at 10th Avenue in GF. 6 lanes. And it was started over 50 years ago. Where’s the ability to grow Reserve? How about a bypass? No, the goal is just to funnel as much traffic down the corridor as possible.

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