What’s Up With the Evil Conservative Media Takeover?

by jhwygirl

Sometimes I think I don’t pimp this blog often enough. This will be a bit of a rant.

Sad to see Missoula’s progressive talk radio AM930 go. So suddenly – and I’ve missed anything if it’s been mentioned elsewhere.

Now – I don’t know when it happened, but Tuesday I settled in the wheels for an early long drive east and couldn’t figure out if someone had messed with the settings on my radio or if whoever it was on the airwaves was some guest host…but clearly, it wasn’t progressive. Sure enough, later that day I got an email.

So now there are 3 conservative stations on the dial here (at 3)? 930, 1290 and 1340? Or something like that?

Now, I imagine Gap West (who owns all three of those stations and a near handful of others around town) is probably claiming that he’s not able to generate any ad revenue on that station. Would seem hard to believe, given he owns the other two regressive stations and Missoula is a progressive town, university and all.

Glad I have satellite radio because I’d rather listen to talk or news at times, and I sure don’t want to listen to that stuff. I’ll turn Gap West Missoula radio back on when they put progressive talk back on air.

  1. Commercial radio needs to make money to stay on the air. Progressive radio doesn’t make money.

    To quote Cartman from ‘Die Hippie Die’: “HIPPIES DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!”

    Private sector experience is something the majority on the Left seem to lack.

    • JC

      Three strikes. You’re out.

      1) Air America Radio makes plenty money. Enough to employ the likes of Rachel Maddow, Ron Reagan, and Alan Colmes, among others. It may not employ the same pyramid scheme that allows the likes of Rush to rake in $400m/year. Then again, right wing dominance in the AM sector has only served functionally to replace republican leaders with comedians and entertainers.

      2) You obviously haven’t seen the contingent of trustafarian hippies that have taken root in Missoula. Plenty of money.

      3) More likely the right doesn’t appreciate the private sector experience the left has as it doesn’t lead to the same forms of corporatism that the right has become famous for. Or it ignores the private sector experience of the left on general principles, believing that only republicans and conservatives know anything about business. Entrepreneurship is not the sole provence of the right.

      • Big Swede

        1. Rush’s salary is based on ratings. AM gave us Al Frankin?

        2. Money they want to keep.

        3. Successful entrepreneurship give the majority of the people with disposable income what they want.

        • easy

          AM gave us Al Frankin [sic].
          Al Franken gave us “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.”
          Minnesota gave us Senator Al Franken.
          It just keeps getting better.

  2. goof houlihan

    Has nothing to do with ideology. Gap West’s top down management is just gonna come up with formulas. For local talk radio to work, you need that one or two individuals who can really inspire an audience and get a following.

  3. easy

    Finally somebody takes note of the demise of KMPT, Missoula’s Progressive Talk.
    It was Election day. I turned on the radio to listen to Stephanie Miller, the best news show on radio, facts and fact-checking delivered in a way that keeps your attention.
    And I’m listening to some goon and his goonies rehash the Pelosi Needs An Airborne Palace b.s. that was put to rest over a year ago. Yay, another anti-government crazies station. Yay.
    I could go with satellite radio, but I like the idea of local programming, local ideas (I didn’t say loco), supporting local businesses. I hadn’t gone to the Double Front for years, heard their ads on KMPT, and went there several times since. Great chicken. Hot.
    So. Nothing in the Missoulian, nothing yet in the Indy, nothing on TV. Maybe there’s a big discussion on AM930, but why would I listen to the same old rehash of lies?
    I guess it was fun while it lasted.

    • easy

      Just an update;
      Double Front is still advertising on KMPT, along with University Motors and ABC Rental and of course many more local businesses.
      I wonder how the listener count compares to the former aging hippie/trustafarian count.
      How would one know?

  4. ladybug


    “Democracy’s Edge,” a non-right-wing, well informed, local talk show on Bozeman’s KMMS got the boot this weekend. Couldn’t handle the truth, not even once a week. I think Di and Dave’s recent live interview with investigative reporter Matt Taibbi may have broken the camel’s back.

  5. Pogo Possum

    In case anyone missed Alex Sakariassen’s article in the recent Missoula Independent discussing why GapWest cancelled the progressive radio program in Missoula, read this:


    Here it is in a nutshell”

    “. . . . “We have two conservative talk stations,” Lindahl says. “One of them, KGVO 1290, is the second highest billing station in our cluster. The other one is in Hamilton and it bills $16,000 a month. KMPT was billing $3,000, and that doesn’t even pay our power bill.”

    . . . . Comparatively, progressive radio is a tough market to break into for commercial stations, given the overwhelming popularity of Montana Public Radio on KUFM.

    “The majority of progressive talk listeners listen to KUFM and it’s very difficult to get that audience to listen to a commercial progressive talk station,” Lindahl says. “No ratings, no revenue. And if you don’t have advertising revenue you can’t function.”

    So in the end, it wasn’t conspiracies or conservative manipulation but just plain old economics, competition from another liberal leaning media source and market demographics that doomed progressive radio in Missoula.

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