Republicans and 64 Dems Protect Access to Abortion for the Wealthy

by jhwygirl

Whatever happen to the Republican/Lieberman ideal of not wanting government to come between the patient and the doctor?


By now you’ve heard of the passage of the House’s Affordable Health Care for America Act. Before that vote could hit the floor, conservative Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak put forth an amendment pro-choice people are accurately calling The Stupak Coathanger Amendment. It prohibits the health insurance plans in any government health insurance exchange from covering abortions.

64 Democrats and all but one Republican (Shadegg, of Arizona, who won’t vote for any reform) voted for the bill, and there you have it – the end result being that those most in need of health care – those that have the least – will be left to fend for themselves as those with private coverage move to the front of the line.

For abortions.

Don’t kid yourself, either, into thinking it was anything less.

That amendment didn’t need to occur. Reform was going to pass, and Stupak was bluffing, and many were calling Dems on that bluff up to the vote.

Women’s rights are that expendable for that many? For what? For a show?

Shakesville’s quixote summarizes it well:

But women are just, as always, the expendable canaries in the coal mine. Their rights are toast, which means so are everyone else’s.


Rights are for all. When only some people have them, they’re just privileges. And privileges can be taken away.

When only some people have them, they’re just privileges. And privileges can be taken away. Think about that.

The most superior Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (of Florida) is over this bill already, saying it will be stripped in conference, after which there is no chance to offer amendments – it becomes an up-or-down vote only.

I trust in Wasserman-Schultz. She’s the type of person you don’t want to get in front of – she’ll run ya’ down if you aren’t going top speed.

40 lawmakers have signed on to a letter saying that they will not support reform if Stupak’s amendment remains.

There are some things you don’t budge on. Pro-choice and preservation of that choice are building block components of the Democratic Party platform. There is no wiggle there.

No wiggle there with my vote either, btw.

Not one vote Not one dime Not one moment of time. Period.


  1. Good for you j-girl nicely put.

  2. goof houlihan

    But, you see, I don’t want bureaucrats to make the same kind of decisions for men, either. Of course women’s health care was going to get politicized. So was men’s health care. So will it be written, and so will it be done…to everyone if you turn it over to the political process.

    BTW, this was Nancy Pelosi’s “victory”. Read that on the front page of the paper.

  3. goof houlihan

    “A triumphant Speaker Nancy Pelosi compared the legislation to the passage of Social Security in 1935 and Medicare 30 years later.”

    I don’t think Nancy Pelosi agrees with you, jh.

    • At the heart of the issue, goof, at the heart of the issue. As I wrote this, I got the email from the nationals patting themselves on the back for a job well done or something like that.

      There’s times and places of everything, and my rights and this nation’s sister’s and mother’s and daughter’s rights are not up for bargaining. I expect it from a certain group of people, but I also expect a certain larger group of people to hold their troops.

      I am deeply disappointed, too, at the roar wimper from the media.

  4. Stacy Rye

    Good job, jhwygirl. It’s reprehensible that in the goal to bring more health care to people we have to take it away from others. Specifically, desperate pregnant women. The dems who are forced birthers need to get out now.

  5. Big Swede

    Don’t fret. Stupak was just a ploy to get Blue Dogs to sign on.

    It’ll soon be sucked out.

    • My rights – apparently privilege now – are game for ya’all?

      I try to imagine how FLOTUS is taking this, and I can’t imagine it’s any less direct than my hero Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

      Or both Maine Senators Snowe and Collins, for that matter.

  6. For every Coathanger Amendment, someone else needs to attach a No Dick Pills Amendment.

  7. klemz

    But the Bible says the poor can increase their wealth through fruitfully multiplying.

  8. I would hope that the anger over the abortion issue (which I share) doesn’t distract from the fact that this bill is a giant, flaming turd. Mandates and a weak (virtually non-existent) public option. In other words, let’s take our crappy, for-profit system and then force people to buy into it. Only my Democratic Party could screw up this royally. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Steve W

      Yes, the so called “reform” bill is a short term money bomb that provides no cost containment and as such will mean that sometime down the road people will see their benefits cut.

      It will enshrine in federal law the insurance industry as the arbiters of our health care. It puts the criminals in the driver’s seat folks, while ensuring the flow of health care industrial complex dollars into the coffers of the most powerful Democrats.

      This is Romney Care. It’s a Republican idea. It’s failing in MA because it doesn’t contain costs, so people are seeing their benefits cut.

      The Democrats Are Now Republicans, and The Republicans Are Now LUNATICS

      • Lizard

        The Democrats Are Now Republicans, and The Republicans Are Now LUNATICS

        i agree. maybe libertarians and progressives can find some weird overlap in their seemingly disparate ideologies to mount an effective appeal for a third party alternative.

        our political process is totally corrupt. i think most everyone can agree on that.

  9. Who is Dick Pills? A representative from Texas perhaps? No doubt related to Richard Cranium.

  10. Nice blogpost, amazing looking blog, added it to my favs!

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