State Laying Off 4 Economic Advisors

by jhwygirl

A fifth vacant rural development officer position in the state’s Department of Commerce is already vacant and won’t be filled.

Ravalli Republic’s John Cramer has the story.

Cutting 5 jobs geared towards economic development that hold statewide importance to communities all over the state…5 jobs that have created or saved over 3,800 jobs – and not having an answer to them about what you are going to do to “reorganize” isn’t exactly serving the citizens of Montana.

Maybe it would of been nice to have answers in place for the County Commissioners and the Dick Kings of the state before making that kind of cut.

  1. Chuck

    I smell a scandal coming. How did these businesses and entities actually spend the funds? Who gave Neville 1 million bucks after the same crowd just bailed out on their debt in British Columbia?

  2. Chuck

    I’m not sure that the Schweitzer Administration is doing that great a job with our money if this one company is an example. I should have provided a link for any forensic accountants out there:

    Click to access nevileewoodnoi.pdf

    Notice the $300,000 bucks Neville of Canada claimed they “owed” to themselves, Neville Log Homes in the Bitteroot.
    Did they use the recently received 1 million bucks of taxpayer money to bail themselves out even after they declared backruptcy in Canada? Did the Department of Commerce even google these guys before fronting them 1 million bucks?

  3. Montana Cowgirl

    Schweitzer puts his money where his mouth is. If he asks other government agencies to save money, he makes sure he is the first one to take action himself.

    • He is indeed fiscally conservative – although I’m sure there are plenty that’ll dispute that – but the point was that doing it so quickly, without talking to the communities (i.e., at least a heads-up of necessity to the counties) left people feeling blindsided. I guess that is why he was explainin’ things today.

      Matt Gouras, though, paints a pretty bleak picture.

      And if the ‘message’ is via wiping out a statewide local community development program…well, the message is indeed one of pretty frugal restraint.

      • klemz

        So wait, let me get this straight — the block grants and low-interest loans are still there (probably not to the same extent, but that’s not the Gov’s fault), all MT is losing is the local bureaucrats that help normal people understand the procedural technicalities of the federal and national-nonprofit bureaucrats? There’s a real obvious answer to this problem, I dun reckon.

  4. ladybug

    Puleez! This isn’t a cut, it’s a scratch, maybe less.

  5. goof houlihan

    Governor won’t have the authority to cut the local government payments or state equalization, so most cuts he can make will look small.

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