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by JC

Well, now we know what the republicans really think about health care and the plight of the poor. Senator Lamar Alexander basically acknowledged the third world status of the less fortunate Americans among us.

The plan, said the Senator from Tennessee, is “arrogant in its dumping of 15 million low-income Americans into a medical ghetto called Medicaid that none of us or any of our families would ever want to be a part of for our health care.”

“Medical ghetto” indeed. Better a medical ghetto than sitting on the street outside a community health care clinic that has little or no services available to you.

These guys really do live in an alternate universe. One where poor blacks get free health care via Medicaid, and gosh, what a travesty that we’ll lump in another 15 million Americans… AMERICANS… with them.

Heaven forbid that a white senator from Tennessee would have to tell his low income and white constituents that they’re going to have to share Medicaid with the rest of them ghetto dwellers.

I guess we can say at this point: “and now you know the rest of the story.” Arrogant, indeed.

by Pete Talbot

That’s my advice to the fiancee of Jordon Bryant Iddings, the alleged jerk in Thursday night’s downtown rampage.

Actually, it started at Hooters, that classy joint out on Reserve St. Then proceeded downtown to the Bodega and Reds. Iddings’ abhorrent behavior, and that of his five buddies, was blamed on a bachelor party — Iddings being the groom-to-be.

Here’s the Missoulian story. Read the comments, too, they’re as fascinating as the story itself. Apparently, Iddings had a Facebook MySpace page where he professed his love for his fiancee (shortly after, as the police report states, he groped a woman and then punched her in the face). And the wedding is still on, according to the comments. There was also a reference to the fiancee being with child. I sure hope that’s wrong.

Anyway, it looks like the MySpace page has been taken down, perhaps on the advice of Iddings’ attorney. The page is still up — thanks Pogo.

All I can say is: may I recommend a vasectomy, Jordy, to go along with that lobotomy?

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