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by jhwygirl

Ok – I’ve probably heard it a half dozen times the last couple days lately, and the last time I just turned my head and walked away. “Oh, of course it’s the union’s fault. You know it,” as if I did. I left, but wanted to walk back and say “So the 47 million they paid in bonuses to top executives just before starting this whole eventual shut down was OK?” or “Why isn’t it dumb management fault?” or “They were a cardboard box place and the economy sucks,” but I didn’t. And I’m ashamed I didn’t.

Maybe tomorrow I print this out and leave it on the copier, because, boy – when you talk about poor business choices, sure sounds like Smurfit is an education in what not to do.

The whole union-bashing thing is crap. It’s a bunch of bunk to think that any entity is going to enter into a labor contract and not make money. Those things are done eyes-wide-open on both sides…meaning union negotiators are looking at books and businesses are opening books trying to justify not giving up one more penny. The process might seem offensive to some, but it’s a give-and-take relationship in industry and union jobs especially – business needs labor, labor needs business. Why should only one side be expected to trust the other blindly? When both rely on each other for survival?

And if Smurfit was really in the business of staying in business, they’da gone to the union and the union – also in the business of staying in business – would of made concessions, regardless of whether the contract was up or not. Because that is how it works if both sides are working together for the mutual interest of each other.

That is how it would work if Smurfit was really intent on keeping that plant open. That is how it would work if they were committed, in part, to the people they employed. But alas, Smurfit has other gods to answer to, and they have no interest in anything but their pocketbook.

Which is why – always – the employed should consider themselves first, just as the employer does.

Anyways – the Bunkster has a great piece over there…don’t miss it.

by jhwygirl

Montanan’s got a give-me in the bill, just like Nebraska. Read it at hummingbirdminds.

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