Bryce Bennett to Announce Run for House District 92

by jhwygirl

Bryce Bennett hasn’t officially announced his run for Montana House District 92 yet – that comes at 5:30 p.m. this Tuesday at the Worden House at 328 East Pine – yet he’s already received the endorsement of state Superintendent of Public Instruction (and currently 4&20 b’bird ranked #1 Democrat in the state) Denise Juneau:

“Bryce Bennett has dedicated his career to making Montana a better place for everyone. A more convincing demonstration of leadership would be hard to find, and it’s a type of leadership badly needed in the Montana legislature.”

I like Bryce for a number of reasons, and one of ’em is that he has experience working in Helena, already. Bryce saw the nuts-and-bolts of the place while working in the 2009 legislative session for the Fish, Wildlife, and Parks and Federal Relations, Energy and Telecommunications Committees. That’s pretty big for me – and it’s a great way to hit the ground running…..especially when you consider that many head to Helena having not even attending a legislative hearing, yet alone read a piece of legislation. With that alone, Bryce is ahead of the curve.

Bryce enters the race to pick up Robin Hamilton’s seat, who has announced he won’t be running.

I do like Bennett’s comments on Juneau’s endorsement. They sum up some of the reasons why he is running…why he is worthy of your vote and why Denise is awesome:

Denise is someone I admired during her campaign and even more since she took office last year. She and I both care deeply for our education system and know that we can invest in no greater resource than the future of Montana students. We also share a passion for protecting the environment for future generations and I applaud her recent vote against allowing new coal mining in our state at Otter Creek.

For more information on Bryce Bennett’s campaign, check out his website.

  1. Big Swede

    It looks like he “clear cut” the forest to get his name on the bumper sticker.

  2. sopko

    Another left wing extremist with no experience other than Forward Montana. Wonder who the teabaggers will run? Moderates sure are an endangered bunch, at least in Missoula.!

    • That’s a lie, sopko, plain and simple.

      There is nothing in his background to suggest what you’ve said. He supports higher education; he worked to stop cyanide leach mining. Bad things in your book?

      Elected to the student senate at UM…and president of the Montana College Democrats? All that experience and you point to Forward Montana?

      Extremist? What the hell is it with you and Forward Montana?

    • Binky

      When was the last time you supported a moderate, sopko? As long as folks are partisan flaks, staking out hyper-critical stances, then you can’t blame the moderates for not running. Take some responsibility for how you play the game.

  3. gag me

    Any guy who right upfront says he has spent his whole life being a “community organizer” sounds like a guy whom would be a perfect representative for montana. How old is this guy even? Get a job, get some experience doing something with substance then run. By the way, who doesn’t support higher education, that is kind of like saying I support breathing or eating.

    • This guy – Bryce Bennett – has more experience in the political arena that most people twice his age.

      Most people twice his age likely couldn’t name both MT Senators and our drunken sailor congressman Denny Rehberg, yet alone tell you the process for having a bill move through the Montana legislature.

      And I’m betting you can’t either, given that you can’t read.

      Bennett supports higher education. Where are you even getting that? Seriously?

    • I read that too fast.

      Who doesn’t support higher education? People like Rehberg, who’s voted against funding….and plenty on the GOP side who think that the state really doesnt’ have the obligation to provide for minimal things like up to date school books or funding that results in reasonably priced college tuition.

  4. gag me

    You insult me by saying I can’t read then immediately have to correct your original post. . . . priceless.

    I do not think being able to name your senator’s and congressmen automatically qualifies you for an elected office. For the record Mr. Rehberg was not driving and it is not illegal to drink and ride, even for congressmen. I will take that statement as affirmation that Mr. Bennett has never been drunk and if he has been drunk then he had never been a passenger in a vehicle. Furthermore, Mr. Rehberg was not drunk as indicated by his bac test.

    My last point is simple, since when does being a community organizer mean anything. We do not need anymore “professional” politicians. We need people that have experienced what it means to run a business, make a payroll and that have a true sense of what is means to accomplish something on your own.

    So just because this 20 something year old kid has worked around the health care issue he is automatically qualified to represent me on this issue, hell no! How in the world is this guy qualified to speak about it? I am hoping I just don’t know enough, maybe he attended med school while being a community organizer or maybe he spent some time in the insurance industry but if all he has done in his life is being a community organizer then he is barely qualified to fill my gas tank ( By the way, I own 2 gas guzzling SUV’s and a big pickup, so it would be a lot of work)

    • problembear

      two gas guzzling suv’s and a big pickup- and you think that filling a gas tank is a lot of work???

      just want you to know that you are entitled to your opinion gag and thanks for illuminating through nonsequitors just how much we should value it….

      also, i support your right to voice it with such gusto. have to go now. all this writing has just plumb tuckered me out…

      • gag me

        No, for the average guy filling up cars would not be a lot of work, for a community organizer it might. Also, you use really big words.

    • JC

      So, while Rehberg may or may not have been legally drunk during his evening of the boat crash, that does not negate his civil liability through negligence, particularly when that negligence involves making his staff get in the boat piloted by a man who was legally drunk, and who then crashed the boat and caused severe and permanent injuries to the Rep’s chief of staff.

      Of course, sometimes loyalty outweighs desire to see accountability when your boss is a U.S. Representative, so I doubt that Rehberg will face a suit. But his employees have three years to file against him, if they so want to. Until that time passes, we can only speculate to the degree that Rehberg would be held liable for his negligence in a civil court. And I know what my opinion of that is: he is 100% liable for the damages to his staff due to his inability to see the harms way he was putting them in by drinking and then making them get in a boat with a convicted drunk, who had been heavily drinking that day.

      • gag me

        spoken like a true liberal lawyer. Never any personable responsibility, we must resort to being able to sue someone for something, everyone is a victim. By your logic, civil liability extends for an unspecified degree. So if it was Bud Light they were drinking, Inbev/Busch could be seen as negligent due to the fact their beer was being consumed and ultimately led to a boat crash, actually it might be the boat manufacturers fault for not installing safeguards to protect their boats from crashing into shorelines, or should be the various agencies that control the depth of Flathead Lake for keeping the lake too low.

        The actions by Greg Barkus were wrong and there should be justice but to blame Rehberg is simply illogical.

        You might be one of the least intelligent people I have come across . . . were you by chance also a community organizer?

      • JC

        If you ever had a kid critically injured in an accident at someone else’s hand, you’d think differently.

        It’s easy to to throw out non sequiters about drinking and personal responsibility, but where was Rehberg’s personal responsibility in all of this?

        Or does personal responsibility always rest with the victim in your world? And never with politicians who have the power to command them to follow into harm’s way?

        • gag me

          where was his personal responsibility, HE DID NOT HAVE ANY YOU ASS! By the way, don’t for a second make any assumptions about me or my life.

          And yes, personal responsibility always rest with the victim. Each of those people made a decision that night, all are smart educated people. Greg Barkus was the responsible party, that is not even debatable but to claim Rehberg is at fault is beyond belief.

          Your thinking is where the core of where liberal logic ends.

          And what is it with you and your new favorite word “nonsequitors” – was that on the maddow show tonight?

  5. Ryan Morton

    I know Bryce and have full confidence in his decision making abilities for public policy. Without people with his knowledge, bureaucrats (like me) end up being the most influential players on the hill (term-limits also limited institutional knowledge for legislators on the hill). Being an organizer has helped him understand the needs and challenges of average people – a quality I value in legislators.

    Also, calling him a kid is really unnecessary. If you dislike that the under 30 crowd desire political office, I think you’re up for a rude awakening to the younger, savvy political crowd ready to take the reins of public policy. But then again, I’m 31 and was called an “uber-boy” in the last election cycle. LOL!

  6. gag me

    stop the press, RYAN MORTON has full confidence. I feel better already. I have no problem with the under 30 crowd (I’m part of it) – sorry my problem is with Bryce and the simple fact he thinks being a community organzier means something, I am sorry but I do not buy into that. Even you have more experience then him.

    At the end of the day he has not done anything with his life outside of politics and that is just plain bad. I read his resume on his website, this is what he has done. I simply believe that at this point in his life he simply does not have the required experience to dictact the direction of our state. Maybe in a few more years but not now.

  7. hmmm….my comment regarding teabaggers was removed…interesting….

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