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by jhwygirl

The growing need for food assistance is busting the seams of the Missoula Food Bank over there on 3rd Street, near Bernie’s Bakery, and they are looking for some warehouse space. Inexpensive or no cost/donation. Perhaps an arrangement where the rental cost below market is a combination rent + donation?

The Missoula Food Bank serves the Missoula, Lolo and Potomac areas. It has gone from serving an average of 50 households per day to more than twice that amount. That number is going to grow. Make no mistake that Missoula’s economy is worsening folks – when Walmart is laying off 46 workers where they usually lay off less than 10 after the holidays, things aren’t getting better any time soon.

How badly do they need warehouse space? A few years ago, a reporter was standing in the warehouse when he asked a volunteer “Where is the warehouse?”

A decent size warehouse can help cut down on the number of deliveries, and save where some of the biggest cost suck comes in – fuel and transportation.

Maybe you know someone? Or you are that person? If so, give the Missoula Food Bank a call. That link provides their phone number.

by jhwygirl

I got an email today, titled as above. Won’t go into the details. What I will suggest is what came to mind as soon as I saw the subject on the email, and here it is:


Please consider this an open thread.

by Pete Talbot

Montana’s Sen. Max Baucus isn’t all bad. He’s pro-choice, advanced good legislation on the Rocky Mountain Front and secured funding for the housing, education and medical needs of Montanans. He’s also been instrumental in helping many good Democrats get elected to office in our state.

So it is with some trepidation that I’ll be attending the Ax Max Campaign being presented in Missoula by Progressive Democrats of America. After all, “Ax Max” was the rallying cry of conservatives trying to unseat Max in his numerous, successful bids for the U.S. Senate. And compared to our Congressman Denny Rehberg, Max is a hardcore left-winger (but that isn’t setting the bar very high).

Now I’ve been a very vocal critic of our senior Senator. IMHO, he botched health care reform. He voted for W.’s tax cuts and an abysmal bankruptcy bill. He’s one of the top recipients of insurance, pharmaceutical and finance industry dollars. He … well, most of you readers know the list so I won’t repeat it here.

If he runs again in 2014, I’d love to see a strong primary opponent.

My friends on the left are going to say I’m being namby-pamby for failing to aggressively pursue the Ax Max Campaign. (I haven’t made up my mind, yet.)

My more centrist friends are going to accuse me of colluding with Republicans by giving them ammunition to attack the Senator.  After all, they’ll say, we could do worse than Max.

Be that as it may, here’s the info:

5-8 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 28, Missoula City-County Library, 301 E. Main St.

by Pete Talbot

Since the Heritage Foundation isn’t conservative enough, Libertarians have established dozens of their own “think tanks.”

I discovered this after Googling the Independence Institute, Rob Natelson’s new home. The UM professor is leaving the law school, where he taught constitutional law, for this Libertarian think tank in Colorado.

Natelson ran for Montana Governor as a Republican twice. Although he had decent showings, he never made it past the primary. He’s also a contributor to the conservative blog, Electric City Weblog.

I met Natelson once when I crashed some Republican affair here in Missoula. He was a congenial fellow and we had a brief, non-political conversation. He obviously had no idea who I was.

His politics are very conservative although I didn’t think they were of the Ron Paul variety. I’ve never taken his law class (guess I’d have to pass the LSAT first) but from his writing I’ve gleaned that he leans more toward the Scalia/Alito/Roberts/Thomas philosophy than that of Stevens/Ginsberg/Beyer/Sotomayor.

But back to the Libertarian think tanks. There are at least two in Montana that I know of, both located in Bozeman. There’s PERC, “an environmental think tank seeking free market solutions to environmental problems” and the Montana Policy Institute. They’re joined at the hip and, along with the Independence Institute, Cato Institute and a bunch of other regional think tanks, they’re: anti-government, anti-health care reform, pro-deregulation, global warming skeptics and rabid about property rights.

It’s difficult to find out where the funding comes from for the Montana and other regional think tanks. I’ve tried. The Cato Institute in Washington, DC lists the Coors, Koch and Olin family foundations among its donors. To say that these foundations are conservative free-marketeers would be an understatement. Corporate donors include WalMart, R.J. Reynolds and the American Petroleum Institute. You can imagine the kind of policy that the funders of these organizations would like to see.

So good luck, Rob, in your new job of interpreting the U.S Constitution to meet the needs of the Libertarian think tanks.

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