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by jhwygirl

Keila Szpaller’s Missoula Red Tape has the story and the link to the SEC filing.

The quick and dirty: $2.8 million in bonuses to 5 executives, including one Missoula local. The total in 2009? $8.1 million in executive bonuses.

Maybe this is a question for the finance-reform knowledgeable: How does a business hand out $8.1 million in executive bonuses while it is under federal protection, via bankruptcy courts, from complete loss of its assets?

How is that even fair to the creditors?

What ever happened to a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people?

How can a corporation hand out those kind of bonuses, while sending at least two communities and states – Missoula, Montana and Ontonagon, Michigan – into a tailspin?

Smurfit owes Missoula County backtaxes, for crying out loud and they’re paying out fat bonuses? I wonder if they owe state taxes?

There’s something wrong with laws (not the courts) that allow that. Courts enforce the laws. This kind of shit shouldn’t be OK.

by jhwygirl

I’ve tweeted it enough…I have to just blog it.

For someone (me) who uses the state website plenty to gain info – the DEQ website, the legislative website (which is by far, the best), DNRC’s website – hell, the Governor’s page – you’d think I’d not have much trouble navigating the Secretary of State’s website. Wrong. It’s comparable to trudging in quick sand.

How many times have I been there to check the candidate filing? Yet I still have to poke and prod to find what I’m looking for. It is NOT intuitive or easy at all.

Brad Johnson had a far better website. Sorry if anyone gets offended by that.

On that note – the SOS website changed, it seemed, almost immediately after the election. Days. Is that how quickly someone is able to redesign an entire executive branch website? That, to me, is an indicator of why the place is a mess.

If anyone up there reads this and is inclined to maybe improve the site, I’d suggest they have their IT web person head on over to the legislative service’s IT web person, and talk to them and take some notes.

There’s such a thing as ADA compliance for websites….I’m pretty sure that the SOS’s website doesn’t quite cut it.

by jhwygirl

Looks like HD94 candidate goddess Ellie Hill has her campaign website up and running, and it sure looks nice.

She must know a fabulous photographer. The photographs are beautiful (as was her Christmas card photo).

Go check it out. While you’re there, drop her a Jackson….because you know Ellie Hill is a good investment.

She has an expansive working knowledge of veterans issues. So much so, that her work with the Pov was not only discussed in committee by Sen. Jon Tester (who was testifying in a Senate committee on proposed legislation), but members of that committee asked plenty of questions about how an org like the Pov functions. When a respected Senator like Jon Tester testifies on veterans issues and mentions the Missoula Poverello Center as a shining example of an underfunded and overcapacity service provider for veterans, other senators listen.

Montana has more veterans per capita than any other state. Her knowledge in that regards would substantially benefit veterans in terms of addressing legislation.

She also has quite an amount of expertise on social service issues. This is in direct relation to her understanding of veterans issues. She knows what works and what doesnt. What wastes money, and what is effective. With the limited funds available in those regards, it’s important that taxpayers get value for whatever they spend there. Again – Ellie Hill is an asset.

I don’t know all Ellie’s issues – I don’t need to.

What I do know is that veteran’s issues are important to me and they’re important to Montana. Homelessness goes hand in hand there with veteran’s issues, since statistics show nearly 30% can be veterans. Food, shelter, mental and physical health care is all important stuff in those regards. When the legislature is addressing these issues, I know that Ellie Hill is able to address those issues like the professional she is.

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