Ellie Hill for HD 94 Website Up and Running

by jhwygirl

Looks like HD94 candidate goddess Ellie Hill has her campaign website up and running, and it sure looks nice.

She must know a fabulous photographer. The photographs are beautiful (as was her Christmas card photo).

Go check it out. While you’re there, drop her a Jackson….because you know Ellie Hill is a good investment.

She has an expansive working knowledge of veterans issues. So much so, that her work with the Pov was not only discussed in committee by Sen. Jon Tester (who was testifying in a Senate committee on proposed legislation), but members of that committee asked plenty of questions about how an org like the Pov functions. When a respected Senator like Jon Tester testifies on veterans issues and mentions the Missoula Poverello Center as a shining example of an underfunded and overcapacity service provider for veterans, other senators listen.

Montana has more veterans per capita than any other state. Her knowledge in that regards would substantially benefit veterans in terms of addressing legislation.

She also has quite an amount of expertise on social service issues. This is in direct relation to her understanding of veterans issues. She knows what works and what doesnt. What wastes money, and what is effective. With the limited funds available in those regards, it’s important that taxpayers get value for whatever they spend there. Again – Ellie Hill is an asset.

I don’t know all Ellie’s issues – I don’t need to.

What I do know is that veteran’s issues are important to me and they’re important to Montana. Homelessness goes hand in hand there with veteran’s issues, since statistics show nearly 30% can be veterans. Food, shelter, mental and physical health care is all important stuff in those regards. When the legislature is addressing these issues, I know that Ellie Hill is able to address those issues like the professional she is.

  1. The Apple Cart

    I like Ellie. From what I’ve seen in the papers it seems like she is a nice gal and a hard worker. Not bad qualities for a legislator.

  2. What does Apple Cart mean?

    Ellie is an extremely hard worker, intelligent, and committed to public service.

  3. Anon

    What do you know about her opponent?

    • mick

      Ellie’s interests are clearly the “public”. THINK-Mother Teresa. We should be so lucky,she is the finest!

    • problembear

      re: ellie’s opponent- i would put it this way. when you haven’t anything good to say about someone…say nothing at all. ” .”

      • Anon

        pb – I was asking a serious question. Some of us think knowledge/information is a good thing.

        I see Sam at least put forth some useful (to me) information. Thanks, Sam

        Sorry to wake you up.

        • problembear

          anon- i was merely expressing an opinion. i obviously had no idea my mission in life was to “inform” you.

          missed that memo. sorry to have wasted your time.

          might i suggest “google”

          i don’t do command performances nor do i ride tiny tricycles with flower pot hats either – just so you won’t be disappointed in the future.

    • OK…had to go look. Since this is a primary and she now (filed just on Feb. 2nd) has a primary opponent. It is Lou Ann Crowley.

      I was a fan of Lou Ann when she was on council, mainly due to her support for sustainable practices and good transportation projects. She also ran for Mayor (against Engen..you know the results there). After that she went on to direct MUD (Missoula Urban Demonstration project, a organization dedicated to sustainable living practices). I wrote about MUD once, mentioning Lou Ann’s name, and was informed that she was no longer the director because of some financial rearranging the org had to make.

      I won’t diss on Lou Ann. I don’t think she’s bad people. As I said – I liked her on council. I don’t know her personally, and I can’t write much more about her other than what I wrote above.

      One Republican has filed – Jay Sanford, who, it appears, owns Sanford Police Supply over there on Brooks. I know nothing about him.

  4. Sam

    This is my district. I had only ever seen Ellie speak at a United Way event a few years ago and I was very moved by her and then she knocked on my door last week! She is smart and I liked her sense of humor. She’s got my vote.
    Her opponents are a tea bagger Republican and Lou Ann Crowley, who Mayor Engen beat in his first election. I know Crowley served on the city council a few years back, and judging by the number of current and former city council members who have already endorsed Ellie… well.

  5. jhwygirl and b’birders,

    Damn. Y’all know I am a daily reader and sometimes contributor to the blog, but I don’t know what to say. Thank you.

    The one and only Cathrine Walters took the photos. She’s a photographer for the Missoula Independent and a friend. Check her out: http://cathrinewaltersphotography.blogspot.com/

    Only 10% of women have ever thought about running for office, compared with 20% of men. When women do run, they win at the same rate as men. I am scared but I am ready.

    Missoula deserves legislators who will unwaveringly support PROGRESSIVE VALUES like an economy that works for workers, education that enriches children’s lives and equips them for the future, stewardship of Montana’s constitutional guarantee of a clean and healthful environment, and EQUALITY FOR ALL.

    People yearn for political leaders who are real, who are willing to speak their mind, and who will have conviction to do what they think is right.

    Please check back as they will finish my website early next week. Also, please contact me about anything. Deciding to run for office is a little like jumping off a cliff, and I really could use the words of support.

    Again, thanks.

    Ellie Hill
    Democrat HD94

    P.S. Sam, yes, I remember you. Your comments are cool. Thanks. And, Mick, I went to twelve years of Catholic school and saw the Grateful Dead in Eugene in 1994, which I believe officially makes me qualified to assure you that I ain’t no Mother Teresa. My parents are in town and they literally laughed out loud when they read that one. Heh!

  6. Karlsefni

    I am all for more Dead Heads in Helena.
    Right on, man!

    The Eugene run of 94 was one of the last full flavor Dead runs of the later years. Eugene was especially fun and freaky due to the Northern cal/Eugene crowd. This was one of the last runs to allow camping in the stadium lot. Kesey and the Pranksters were in attendance with the refurbished “Further” bus. I even saw Bear in the crowd.


    • The 1990 shows were killer. Kesey brought the bus out – it was not refurbished at the time. Camping was FANTASTIC and Little Feat opened all three nights. I was freakin’ exhausted after that run.

      I’ll stop. If I continue any more, I’ll go on for days.

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