Teabaggers and Democrats, Take Note: Wyoming Supports Health Care Reform

by jhwygirl

This comes to us via Michael Shay at hummingbirdminds.

Wyoming’s legislature just started its 20-day legislative session, and one of the first tasks at hand was to “send a message to Washington” that health care reform was not welcome. Titled the Health Freedom of Choice resolution, the senate proposal was intended to tell the federal government that “the federal government shall not interfere with an individual’s health care decisions.”

The resolution failed on its first reading.

The make-up of the Wyoming senate? 30 members, 23 of ’em Republicans, 7 Democrats.

Quite the message. Let’s see if Washington, Republicans, Blue Dogs, the media and the rest of America takes note.

Wherein Big Swede’s head begins to spin….

Update: The Wyoming senate actually killed two anti-health reform bills. The other was a bill that would have required the AG to investigate the constitutionality of any health reform bill passed in congress.

  1. Big Swede

    Damn, and I was going to move there to avoid taxes when I sell the ranch.

    • Yeah…I kinda like how they tax the hell out of coal gas and oil and skip the income tax for its citizens. Pretty cool.

      Score another one for something you and I agree on, Big Swede!

  2. klemz

    Isn’t the majority of every state in the union?

  3. Pogo Possum

    Nice spin jhwyGirl but I wouldn’t start doing a happy dance just yet.

    This vote is hardly a rebuke of Tea Party members or the national GOP by Wyoming Republicans. Nor is it an endorsement of the current Democratic sponsored Congressional health care bills.

    Wyoming legislators on both sides of the isle had numerous technical concerns on the proposed state constitutional amendment (both the 2009 and the 2010 version) including worries it might interfere with existing medical insurance coverage, its impact on workers compensation laws, constitutional issues and worries it might interfere with Wyoming’s ability to regulate insurance providers.

  4. I would explain it by noting that there are plenty of conservatives who want health care reform – just not on the terms that the Dem congress has concocted.

  5. The actual bill text would be handy.

  6. it shall be the duty of the
    legislature to protect and promote these vital interests by
    such measures for the encouragement of temperance and
    virtue, and such restrictions upon vice and immorality of
    every sort, as are deemed necessary to the public welfare.

    Click to access SJ0003.pdf

    Intrusive much?

    Ya gotta love it when everyone’s looking out for the “best interests” of everyone else…sometimes those on the Right desire to be as controlling as those on the Left.

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