…Because Coal and Diesel are Oh-So-Clean

by jhwygirl

Eight Democratic Senators can’t come to term with the facts that too much CO2 can kill you. That it’s unhealthy and dirty and increasing levels are killing us.

Montana Senator Max Baucus is on that list.

And yeah, you can darn well bet there’s a bevy of Republicans there too.

Over a year ago, the EPA came down with a ruling that CO2 should not be exempted in Clean Air Act review related to coal-fired plants. Conveniently, it has done so for….ever.

When you think about it, that’s probably why it isn’t clean…there’s been absolutely no incentive to clean the stuff.

I won’t harp any further on coal. It’s even getting old for a tenacious curmudgeon like me, so I’ll give it a rest (wherein I hear a “whew” from way beyond the hills.)

Here’s what those eight U.S. senators are trying to tell the EPA: “Yeah – of course there’s the Clean Air Act…and I know you have to regulate for it. It’s just that to regulate carbon, well, that’s a problem. So we want you to exempt carbon from that regulation.”

Translate: We want you to do what we want you to do. Clean Air Act? What’s that?

When will we have an America like this. Where we have the vision for the unseen? The guts to go for the dream? To be great?


  1. Pilot

    The move by Baucus is discouraging but not surprising. All the Senators involved save for Carl Levin, I think, were from coal-producing states. Alaska’s coal industry is miniscule compared to its oil industry which fuels the state treasury to such an extent that Sarah’s incompetence was less clear. Schweitzer needs to augment the state’s revenues, so he wants to unload coal leases.

    Mark Begich barely took Ted Stevens’ seat after Ted spent 40 years in office and was convicted of seven felony counts weeks before the election. Ironically, Mark was a very “green” mayor.

  2. Turner

    Uh, what do you have against Dennis McDonald?

    • Am I missing something?

    • Because of my other Gernant post?

      It’s not that I dislike McDonald – he really is a nice enough guy. So it is a matter of whom I like more. Gernant has been travelling around the state meeting with anyone and everyone that contacts him. He seems to be very intelligent – and I’m impressed by how he articulates himself (that coming from some hick like me). He is not what many assume merely because of his youth.

      If there were one difference that I would draw between Gernant and McDonald, it’s that Dennis seems much more a politician than Gernant. Gernant conveys to me a belief that he is doing this to do the right thing with regards to a number of things – like budget and taxes. If you’re reading here lately – I had a post titled “Meh” a while back – I’m kinda on an anti-politician thing. It relates to the people that are currently elected that are really just continually running for re-election – as opposed to the person who gets up there to get something done. Think Grayson versus Boehner…or Carol Williams versus Greg Barkus.

      Now – that may be due to Gernant being somewhat idealistic? Or maybe I want to excuse my impression of his desire to do the right thing to being idealistic?

      Boy – that latter statement really does exhibit the cynicism I have in politics lately.

      What I want is someone that clearly wants change. That talks about what he sees and problems and what he sees as solutions. Gernant is speaking that kind of talk.

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