Right wingers are a nasty lot

by Pete Talbot

It came back to me in a torrent of emotions: why I seldom visit the right-wing blogs.

It was the comments over at Missoulapolis this time, on this post, about resurrecting the Hiawatha train route — a pretty innocuous subject.

It wasn’t “Max Bucks” calling our site “4 & 20 Black Girls.” I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he really isn’t a racist. He’s just making a feeble attempt at humor by melding blackbirds with jhwygirl — this site’s longtime contributor. I hope that’s all it is.

Nor was it Mr. Bucks calling European rail passengers “stinking euro-socialists.”

No, it was the entire tone of the comments. From the reasons as to why this guy won’t take the train:

“I can drive 156 miles in Montana in two hours for about $75.00. I can ride in extreme comfort and privacy, leave when I like, stop when I like, and return when I like. There will be no government record of my travel.”

I mean, where do you start with a comment like that: the selfishness, wastefulness and extreme paranoia of it all.

There are the ever popular government is bad/free market is good metaphors.

There’s a swipe at Ward 2 Councilwoman Pam Walzer’s unfortunate DUI, for who knows what reason.

Then it devolved into a rage against food stamp users:

“Ever wonder how many folks that are on welfare, then either purchase their intoxicant “de jour” (sic) with cash from food stamps or cash from a welfare check?”

Now I’m not saying the left-wing blogosphere is made up of saints. I do believe, though, at least at this site, we try to moderate the really malicious comments — no matter what the political persuasion. I, for one, take offense at the misuse of the word Nazi when applied to conservatives, and will call out the commenter.

I just don’t see this happening at the right-wing sites, and the nasty rhetoric makes me sad. It gives me less-and-less faith in humanity, and our ability to solve the myriad problems facing our nation and world.

If you’ve the stomach, take a quick look at the site. Read it and weep.

  1. Take heart, Pete. These people are in the vast minority; they just don’t know it. They hate the rest of us, because we don’t conform to their mythology of the world. They are dinosaurs, and they will die out. It always helps social evolution when persons such as yourself stand strong against the foolish. Keep up the fight, my man. I know I will.

  2. Freeranger

    Pete, I gave up on that site long when it became obvious Carol was not going to monitor comments. That and when she posted what was, to me, a racist take on the tragedy at a Wal-Mart.

  3. Pronghorn

    Anti-intellectualism is alive and well and using a megaphone.
    BTW, at $2.65/gallon, I can make the same trip for under ten bucks.

  4. klemz

    It costs me $79 to take the train from Portland to San Luis Obispo. That’s 900 miles and I can drink in the lounge car and read.

    • trainsonthecoast

      The coastal routes are a natural for trains, and investment in high speed trains at that, klemz.

  5. problembear

    i don’t know what i would do for amusement if it weren’t for the right wingers.

    their time is almost up. like wulfgar said, the millenials are all over the map politically except for the right wing lunatic camp. virtually no new blood is coming along to replace them.

    i see comments and posts like missolopolis as the dying lonely scream of the last of the giant three toed sloths, or beavers as big as houses. there just is no use for them anymore.

  6. Glad to light up your dreary days, problembore.

  7. Lizard

    i agree with the sentiment that the loudest, dumbest, meanest segment of the right is generally aged, caucasian, and bigoted, and that that aspect of america’s political right may dwindle to impotence in the next ten years.

    unfortunately the loud and dumb get amplified by a totally corrupt corporate media who propels and goads them forward.

    but remember (something americans have trouble with) i warned last april that making fun of the tea party “movement” was a mistake because it distracted from focusing on the other face of the corporate plutocracy: democrats.

    so, with all due respect pete, i think this post is a waste of time. don’t go to sites where that vile shit is tolerated. instead, take some time and read up on the betrayals by team blue.

    for example, did you know obama extended key provisions of the patriot act? have you heard that chris dodd is basically scrapping the consumer financial protection agency?

    if democrats don’t want a failed, pandering, one-term corporate presidency, then they better decided if it’s possible to apply national pressure, or whether it’s time to jump ship.

    chris hedges has faced up to the disappointment of the past year. it’s time others follow suit.

    • petetalbot

      I appreciate your comment, lizard, and try to keep informed on the Democratic Party sellouts. I also hammer on the bad Dems often at this site.

      I still think it’s important to visit the conservative sights from time-to-time. It gives one insights into certain mindsets. Some sites are better than others. I’ve even stumbled across some thoughtful discussions, occasionally.

      I’ve met Carol, Ms. Missoulapolis, and found her pleasant. She also writes some interesting posts on Missoula real estate issues and other non-political subjects.

      Her comment section, however, can be painful, but it helps galvanize my activism.

  8. Big Swede

    Let me see, in one posting here I was called an idiot, stupid, disgusting, shut up, clueless and lacking credibility.

    You’re right Pete, the saints surely don’t reside here.

  9. carfreestupidity

    From one of the “right-wing” commentators over there… Mike LaRouche in a post says… “Great news today via Robert Stacy McCain: infamous America-hating Marxist historian Howard Zinn has kicked the bucket. Stacy writes: “At age 87, Zinn has become the only kind of good Commie.”

  10. gag me

    I think the people on this blog are the kindest and most caring and compassionate I have come to know, poster children of the progressive movement if you will.

  11. Pete – you are so wrong here I can hardly contain myself. So what if MaxBucks/Jerry/JerryChung said some offensive things? He’s not representative of them and they only tolerate him because they mostly don’t censor their comments. And manners are overrated – who was it said that it is OK to be stupid, so long as you are polite.

    What I find more offensive is this:

    It came back to me in a torrent of emotions: why I seldom visit the right-wing blogs.

    I don’t care what you do and offer no advice, but I am not impressed by people who surround themselves with like-minded people, like Natelson, for instance, who never ventures beyond his hovel to deal with the unwashed.

    It does not matter! We do not matter!

    I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. (Kurt Vonnegut)

    • petetalbot

      You find it “more offensive” that I get emotional over racist, sexist and small-minded remarks than you do over the actual remarks? You can “hardly contain” yourself?

      Time to work on your priorities, Mark.

      But then again, someone whose philosophy is, “It does not matter! We do not matter!” has a very weird values system.

    • Pete, if you think that blogs have any impact on public opinion, then it is not about value systems, bur rather about simple self-awareness.

      • petetalbot

        What!?! The vested interests don’t hang on my every word? Craft policy according to my posts? Say it ain’t so.

      • JC

        Mark, most blogs may not have a direct impact on public opinion, but I daresay they can have an impact on individual people’s opinions. And some blogs do have a direct impact on public opinion–through their fundraising for candidates–right and left, which is used to buy media. Which has been shown to shift public opinion. Not that that is necessarily a good thing. But blogs aren’t useless exercises in self-gratuity.

        I don’t know about you, but I spend time in blogs to find out what people think, research issues, and try to communicate ideas effectively. Blogging is part of being an informed citizen, and to the degree we can think and articulate issues clearly, we can affect the people around us, and in many cases do better in our day jobs.

        If I simply wanted to be self-aware, I’d go sit in the middle of the forest and gaze at my navel.

      • Do with the blogs what you will. I enjoy them thoroughly. I like writing, I like arguing and matching wits with witty people. But check in with David Crisp now and then – he has repeatedly polled his journalism students to see if any of them are aware of the blogs, and virtually one are.

        True, they are journalism students and so aren’t terribly well-informed, but I think that says something.

    • Err You Dishin

      Mark T, thanks for the Vonnegut. Those who write upon the blogs, should mold their shit into little logs.

  12. Jose Soplar

    Rightwingers, sad folks. “Their” America has left…..ON A TRAIN bound for nowhere. They are unable to conform to a new, improved America, and hence, like all things in nature unable to adapt, they will go extinct. And that’s what’s currently happening. Like a virus, their brand of extremism has run its course. Too many antibodies have developed, even their own kids! It is rather enjoyable to watch folks like Swede gasping their last extremist breaths. Heck, he probably has a daughter that goes out with minorities! Modern society just drives these pathetic creatures nuts. They have evolved into the party of Flushbo Blimpo. In other words, that’s it! They’re done with their evolution, and it’s NOT a pretty sight.

  13. problembear

    blogs are dying out in popularity especially with millenials and younger, in favor of shorter venues like twitter where content is easier to digest in bite size bits. most blogs are difficult to navigate for uninitiated and even if you can get them to learn the process, most of the content bores the hell out of them.

    the future lies in easier and easier and shorter and shorter. turns out nobody really wants to read people arguing with each other- they would rather watch a video of us blowing each other to smithereens with rocket launchers.

    twitter or text messages with quick video or music bytes rules the day.

    we are all a bunch of dinosaurs out here in the blogosphere. with the exception of a few rare bloggers like j-girl who actually report on local issues, it is virtually useless.

    but i guess it beats having people actually blow each other up with rocket launchers so perhaps there is some mental health benefit providing of course one does not obsess and become addicted. now i have actually bored myself to sleep…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Man – you sound like the bottom part of the staircase I’ve been going down. I come from a time when people complained that TV had taken the place of books. Our attention spans get shorter and shorter ..

      I still read books. That’s where it’s at.

      • problembear

        i mainly read and write real stuff but my curiosity got the better of me a few years ago during the obama campaign.

        for some reason i still am drawn to it like a big dumb animal who rolls the same log over day after day for a few minutes to see if anything tasty can be found there….

      • Very interesting. It was an ad campaign, he’s a brand. If you don’t believe me, Google who won the best ad campaign of the year award in 2008.

  14. Max Bucks hails from 3 Rivers Telephone SOUTHERN-TELEPHONE – is that similar?

  15. petetalbot

    No 3 Rivers Telephone service around these (Missoula) parts, Mark.

  16. sopko


    Didn’t you have a post last year titled “The Pope is a Jerk”? How does that bit of name-calling differ from the mindless crap you’re describing?

  17. petetalbot

    The Pope had just finished saying that Africans shouldn’t use condoms — forget AIDS, STDs, unwanted pregnancies — it’s a sin; it’s better to die. That, on top of pedophile priest acquiescence, ignorance of gay and women’s issues, and denial of over-population … well, jerk is being kind.

    Lord knows, I’ve heard our President called way worse. That’s the nature of the beast. Popes, Presidents, Prime Ministers — these larger than life figures are more accountable.

    It’s the personal attacks — something you know well — that hurts discourse on a local level. Throw in racism, misogyny and a total lack of civility toward others in our community; that’s what I’m talking about.

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