Rehberg State Director Charged with Big Game Violations; Placed on Unpaid Leave

by jhwygirl

Supermontanareporter John S. Adams is reporting that Rep. Denny Rehberg’s state director Randy Vogel has been cited for alleged numerous big game violations and obstructing a peace officer.

If convicted, Vogel could also face up to six months in jail and loss of hunting privileges for 24 months for the three hunting violations.

Obstructing a peace officer? Was he drunk, or dumb? Or both?

That’s a complete lack of respect. Bad, bad, bad.

Who’s hiring these people? Didn’t one of his staffers start a fight down here in a bar in Missoula?

Who’s hiring the person that’s hiring these people?

Yikes. Bad judgment all the way around.

  1. Jose Soplar

    Um, who HASN’T been cited by fish and game at least once?! I personally had a very nasty run in with these bozos one time, and I had done NOTHING wrong! I ended up being cited for an offense which I had NOT committed! When I went before the judge and explained the situation, he just shook his head and cited me anyway, suggesting that I write a letter to the AG explaining what happened. The judge said that he was forced to make me pay the minimum fine. I’m not going to assign blame until all the facts come out in this case.

    • Um, who HASN’T been cited by fish and game at least once?!

      Uhh, Me? Hey, you asked …

    • Whatever. You’re just as foolish as this bunch Rehberg seems to hang around. Barkus can’t plead drunk…no..he’s gotta stretch it out, costing the state and continuing the publicity around the whole sordid drunken sailing adventures of Rehberg and his staff.

      Now we got Vogel, a 50something bully-wanna-be, charged with violating Montana’s big game laws and harassing a peace officer.

      And yeah – I’m familiar with FWP enforcement officers, and I have a hell of a lot of respect for them. Any guy out there doing that kind of work is risking their life each and every day, whether it’s for a traffic ticket or a poacher – and very few are going to add a charge of harassing a peace officer when they have a list of other things that warrant citation unless they were really pushed.

      You might not assign blame, but I won’t discount the validity of a peace officer’s lawfully submitted charges.

  2. ButteAmerica

    Just another Republican slob hunter who thinks Fish and Game laws don’t apply to him.

  3. Spike Elk Jones

    DUIs and dead elk. Doesn’t anyone try and toe the line anymore?

  4. Big Swede

    To bad Denny wasn’t a passenger in his truck.

  5. JC

    “Didn’t one of his staffers start a fight down here in a bar in Missoula?”

    Same guy.

  6. Ryan Morton

    at least no one got shot in the face… except maybe the big game animal.

  7. problembear

    i have never been cited but i do remember fish and wildlife officers appearing out of nowhere, then i fell asleep and woke up groggily 50 miles away…..

    those guys are good.

  8. capitalist

    I was just curious, was this alleged crime worse than Pam Walzer’s DUI? The tone was a little more cynical than the Pam postings. Where are all the kind words hoping that this makes him a better person in the long haul?

    • JC

      Let’s just see what Vogel does. Will he cop to his crime and plead guilty? Or will he draw it out until it gets buried by the press? Pam Walzer at least put the issue to rest quickly with a guilty plea. Vogel just took a leave of absence in the hopes to not further embarrass his boss or impede his reelection chances.

      Of course, who says a lefty blog has to take a fair tone depending on the party of the offender? Sure don’t see that over at the righty blogs.

      And Vogel’s alleged crime happened months ago. Which he would have been well aware of, and he took the job anyway, knowing he may or may not get cited… maybe hoping that his position would carry some weight and it would get swept under the rug. Precarious position to put your boss in, knowingly–stupidly. Even if your boss was Rep. Pam Walzer

    • You won’t find me condoning Walzer’s DUI – and I’ve alluded to my thoughts on the issue (as if my opinion matters – and I’m pretty darn sure she’s being far tougher on herself) here.

      Walzer cooperated with police. She submitted to field tests, and breathalyzer and a blood test. She made a public apology.

      Just curious, capitalist, but how many people have you known to get hit with a DUI in your lifetime?

      Vogel here is an ex-cop. He’s started bar fights – and yet Rehberg went on to make him state director. He (an ex-cop) obstructed a lawful investigation. He’s not admitting any guilt….though has accepted a leave of absence (or requested it).

      At best, he’s disrespectful of law officers and a bully who can’t control his alcohol when in public places.

      Barkus has had multiple DUI’s. The stories on those are well-known (attempt to intimidate or influence police officers). He hasn’t admitted his guilt and has, in fact, dragged this thing out.

      The cops had to get a warrant for Barkus’ BAC….

      Rehberg is another one – famously drunk. Drunk on horses while on congressional junkets (how’s that for a fiscal conservative?), drunk falling asleep on couches in seedy bars in downtown Washington D.C., while charging the bill to the U.S. taxpayers as a hotel charge (what year was that?). Rehberg was drunk when he got on the boat with a drunk Barkus (who, with that BAC had to be visibly drunk) to operate a motor vehicle. Rehberg has yet to even admit bad judgment on that one – he has in fact defended himself in the situation as “not being the driver”.

      Talk about condoning drinking and operating a motor vehicle.

      Re-read those last two paragraphs – because that’s what the rest of America sees when it sees our congressional representative.

      Nice to see Montana with that kind of reputation. Drunken lawbreaking cowboy. Lovely.

  9. problembear

    seriously, unless your family is starving and the only option is game to feed them, there is no excuse for anyone poaching game animals period. it is considered a very great privelege to enjoy fair hunting by sportspeople worthy of the name.

    it has been my experience that those who break game laws will break virtually any laws if given the chance. we should not even consider giving a poacher any responsible position in government, much less a position that places him/her between the people and their representative.

  10. JeremiahJohnson

    Now Vogel is claiming he sold the rifle to an “anonymous buyer” at a gun show in Billings right after the incident.
    Gee, I wonder if he sold it to a felon?
    He apparently doesn’t know who he sold it to.

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