Pass the Bill

by jhwygirl

Apparently, spines are evolving out there amongst the Washington creatures we call Democrats.

Today I hear that Sen. Harry Reid announced his intent to pass health reform via reconciliation….Durbin is saying that a public option – if it is to occur – is up to the House….and Dodd is saying that he will move a finance reform bill forward regardless of whether Republicans choose to support it or not.

Either that or someone slipped me a mickey or a benny or whatever the kids are calling those things these days and I’m imagining things….

We are entering a full year and a half where, seemingly, nothing Obama has campaigned on has gotten accomplished. Republicans will be campaigning on exactly that that – and in pretty short order, really.

I mean – we got tax cuts, but most people don’t realize that…and you’d never hear a Republican mention it, either.

Pass the bills. Move them forward. If Republicans stop them, then it will be them that stops it – and it will only ensure an even stronger Democratic base.

If Republicans stop health insurance reform, we’ll start ticking off the lives lost every single day because of lack of health care….the bankruptcies filed because of health care bills…the jobs lost overseas to foreign corporations more competitive than America’s because their industrialized nation has national health care. Reality isn’t going to go away.

If Republicans – the so-called fiscal conservatives – don’t want to participate in meaningful finance reform they’ll look like fools. Corporate lap-dog fools. We know finance reform means no more bailouts – we know finance reform means better bank regulations that prevent irresponsible costs being passed on to consumers. Again – reality isn’t going away.

If any elected out there thinks that we can stop reform and then get away with it, they’d be nuts. And that goes for both sides.

  1. I am going down my checklist here, this one called “Why Triangulation Works”, and Item Number Two is “Mindless Catchphrases”. In this case, it is calling the stinkpile they call the Health Care Bill “Reform.” You bought in. Goddammed if this shit doesn’t work on you guys! You’re like kids – throw a nice phrase your way, and if you see it’s from a Democrat, gadammed if you don’t buy in!

    One last time: No Public Option, No Cost Controls, Private Mandate. Your Democrats are selling you to the insurance companies. And you’re liking it!

    Think I’m gonna puke here. Clear the stage.

    • You missed Grayson’s bill he introduced Tuesday? That’s actually afloat?

      And Tester joining the whip count?

      Giving up never got anyone anywhere…you stay right where you are, yelling like some maniacal OC, but I’m going to at least try and get myself out of the hole.

      • problembear

        now you know better than to get your hopes up as long as mark can still get internet service in colorado to quash it j-girl.

        you are irrepressible, i salute your spirit…

        i gave up on the swamp awhile ago, but i am intwigued (excuse the Madeline Hahn reference) by brian schweitzer opening the door to canadian pharmaceuticals ….shrewd move save the state 16 mm – could this be the trial balloon to proposing Montana Public Option???

        think of the political waves which could emanate from our fair state … not to mention the interest that affordable health care would draw with potential companies moving here to take advantage of it and all the jobs it will create. that is what interests this bear. i think brian is up to something.

        of course if those maniacs in washington do pass a public option i will be glad to celebrate with you. good luck and i do mean it…

        but if not…there is always montana and a governor with high hopes and maybe a few good ideas he cannot reveal just yet.

    • So supporting a bad bill is somehow, in your world, what … fighting the good fight? Either a bad bill or no bill, and you somehow came around to “bad bill better than no bill’?

      One last time: No Public Option, No Cost Controls, Private Mandate. Your Democrats are selling you to the insurance companies. And you’re liking it!

      I so have a bridge I want to sell you. I want to take you on a date and not even buy you dinner! You’re easy!

      • problembear

        mark needs his meds again….

        • I hate it when he’s like this.

        • I have taken college courses where nothing gets done, and others where the professors really make you get down to business, to think about things. Thinking is hard. You are presented with options, and the options are made easy for you, and you naturally go down the path that is laid out for you. You are encouraged not to think.

          You are not thinking. You are just reacting to the gentle prod … move this way, don’t fuss, we mean well … they say … trust us. It’s a complicated game, and you cannot play it lightly. You have to work the angles. And you haven’t. So please, back off, STFU, go knit or something. This is not useful.

          You need to man up. Look at the bill. The bill. Forget about who is carrying it. Does the bill stand on its own? Does the good outweight the bad? Don’t TELL me you’ve done this, as I know you haven’t.

          Now grow up, do your homework, report back, or shut up. And no more posts such as this, as you are being Democrat and not thinking.

      • This is angst, PB – utter angst. You’re being corralled – Republicans never could have pulled this off! I know you’re just making a snide comment because you don’t really understand what is going down here, like the author of this post, but trust me, those of us who pay actual attention and do our diligence, we’re trying to warn you that there is some bad shit coming down.

        If you don’t pay close attention to politics, politicians will do you. You’re being done, son.

        • Sell your crazy somewhere else mark.

          I get mine wholesale with more variety.

          Yours is getting monotonous.

        • You get really pissed at me and demand that I do not make comments to you. There’s a reason – you’re a lightweight. You write nice fluffy-sounding stuff, and try to give the impression that you have some depth to you, but you don’t, and I know this about you. You’re totally mist, no substance.

          So back off Jack, or I will once again tear you a new one, as if you do not already have ugly scars.

          • problembear

            there you go making demands and ranting like a lunatic again mark. you sound a bit shrill and breathless….

            is there anything we can get you to ease the pain of those demons eating away at you…..

            i am pretty sure we can get you a prescription from canada… or maybe some medicinal marijouana?

          • I take it that’s all you got. Good. You’re spend. Now, go knit something, girlyman.

          • problembear

            more threats from gnats, yawn ….

        • Lizard

          your attack mode won’t budge anyone’s mindset, mark. you gotta find a few glimmers. my wife tonight said that maybe one bright spot of this train-wrecked process is folks may pay closer attention to the fine print of their policies, now that this year-plus fiasco has put so much focus on what callous capitalist fucks our private sector health insurers are.

          but i agree that without real cost controls what may pass is more than a joke, it’s dangerous. mandated insurance under penalty of fines is crazy.

          one must concede there are well intentioned peeps trying their damnedest to inch along the corrupt inertia of dc.

        • Yeah I know, but it’s frustrating, as it is Democrats who are doing this to us. They are the ones who need to stopped in their tracks, voted out of office, as they are weak and stupid. But they will tell us next November, after this year-long display of weakness and stupidity, that if we don’t elect them, we get Republicans, who are stupid but not weak.

          Don’t you love the choice?

  2. carfreestupidity

    …Like tits on a bull.

  3. Lizard

    i will say one thing, markos sure acted like a good lapdog last night, heaping the responsibility of tens of thousands of dying uninsured on one of the few democrats who are actually capable of standing by their principles, good ‘ol dk.

  4. Big Swede

    Couldn’t resist.

    Gotta stock up on some more popcorn.

  1. 1 Not One Republican Can Support Finance Reform? Really? « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] about 10 days ago, as a whole bunch of us were getting sick and tired of inaction, Dodd set the stage to move reform forward with or without Republican […]

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