One reason I’m a Democrat: Denny Rehberg

by Pete Talbot

Many comments on the blogs I read say the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans: health care, war, the environment, the economy — Congress and the President have not done the job and there’s no salvaging the system. Sometimes, it’s hard not to agree.

There needs to be monumental change, the comments say. Maybe a third or fourth party, maybe revolution, maybe anarchy — but I haven’t seen consensus on the best solution or, really, any viable alternative.

One reason I’m still a Democrat is Denny Rehberg. He defines the distinction between the two parties. Any of the three candidates running in the Democratic primary for Montana’s lone U.S. Representative would be so much better. Here are just a few, recent Rehberg antics:

Pogie writes about Rehberg’s earmark grandstanding.

Montana Cowgirl posts on Denny’s posse.

And then I get an email (I’m a subscriber) from Rehberg’s e-newsletter. He’s outraged about the U.S. House vote on the health care bill, and writes:

Tomorrow, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi plans to force a vote on her government-takeover of health care.

Ah, if only it were true. The Republicans should be jumping up-and-down at the lack of a public option, serious regulation and oversight — really, the lack of teeth that this bill has.

And it’s not like the Republicans didn’t employ some of the same voting procedures Pelosi might try when they controlled Congress, but I guess that’s different.

Denny, reading off a teleprompter, even posted a YouTube video that was so riddled with misinformation, and fear and loathing, that it boggles the mind.

So, seeing as there’s no strong third-party candidate in almost every race on almost every ballot, I will remain a Democrat, knowing that doing nothing will continue to get folks like Denny Rehberg elected, and re-elected.

  1. You just painted a target on your back, you ingnert kabuki worshiping Democrat lover, you!

    Yes, there needs to be a monumental change. Not in “party”, but in finance. We need publicly financed elections. Until such point, I’m likely to favor the Democrats as well. But I got 4 names on my list: Rehberg, Marlenee, Baucus and Burns.

    • petetalbot

      I take the comments of Troutsky and Lizard, Mark T. and the others who have given up on the Democratic Party seriously, so I hope it’s just paintballs that they’re firing at my back.

      You’re so right about public financing of elections — something I failed to mention in my post. I also second your gang of four, but throw in Lieberman and Ben Nelson, too.

      • Sadly, as a Montanan, I had and have no control over those two.

      • Lizard

        i appreciate the sentiment, pete, and i’m glad you recognize that i don’t take abandonment lightly. after all, i’m now in the camp that supposedly handed the election to bush in 2000. that’s the charge. anyone crazy enough to stay in the wilderness with a third party alternative is handing elections to increasingly insane republicans, right?

        it’s good to be reminded that there is still a lot of time left for this first term president. regardless of content, passing this bill may keep this country free from regressing into some palinesque fantasy of what america should be, which is a scary place where very ignorant people with no respect for the work of good governance will reign.

        that said, i believe this country is still free enough to find a way to include the growing number of people who are tired of the limited options our political system offers us. i would love to see libertarians fissure the right and progressives fissure the so called left, because then the entire landscape could change, become more dynamic.

        i also agree with wulfgar about campaign finance reform, because when it comes down to corruption, it’s all about money. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that obama’s half a BILLION dollar campaign price tag came with strings.

        so let’s see what democrats do with this “historic” legislative victory. and if premiums don’t come down with the gift of 30 million new government mandated consumers of for profit health insurance, well…

  2. Chuck

    Rehberg is incompetent and just a tool for his contractor, oil company and banker buddies. The Dems need to get their candidates out into the business community, start developing some relationships and steal away some Rehberg supporters. My gut tells me even The Chamber crowd thinks Denny is a jackass and are ready to bail on him.

    • Pogo Possum

      “….My gut tells me even The Chamber crowd thinks Denny is a jackass and are ready to bail on him….´ Chuck

      Your gut doesn’t know much about politics or the Montana Chamber Chuck. I hope you don’t consult it for stock tips, too.

      The National and the Montana State Chamber of Commerce have given Denny high marks and their solid endorsement every year for his support of small business. The Montana Chamber of Commerce just awarded him their “Spirit of Enterprise Award in Billings on February 17th for supporting small businesses. Both the National and Montana state Chamber constantly scores Denny significantly higher than our two sitting Senators.

      Don’t look for any endorsement of McDonald, Gernant or Gopher from the National or the State Chamber in this year’s election. They will not only strongly endorse Denny, they will spread the word that none of this year’s Democratic candidates are friends to Montana’s small businesses

      • I think there are plenty of big chamber-types going the way of hedging their bets – donating to two candidates – in this election round, Pogo.

        Rehberg isn’t the bet many would like to think he is.

        • problembear

          pogo might be right about rehberg and the billings COC but nationally COC is in a state of political decline. too many small businesspeople accross the country no longer participate in it anymore. it caters too much to large business and is increasingly irrelevant to the needs of small businesses.

          i know that locally, here in missoula participation in the chamber is pretty scattered and has been in decline for years. the extreme right wing stands of the COC do not fit well with the younger entrepeneurs anymore.

          i am not even sure if an endorsement by COC is very helpful given their marginalized stances on issues that people care about. it might be a negative.

        • Kevin

          Not true. You guys are high if you think that’s going to happen.

      • Thomas Paine

        The Chamber of Commerce isn’t much of a friend to small businesses either, in spite of what it tries to get people to believe.

  3. Jim

    Rehberg only cares about himself, and how he can get ahead. That’s why we never here what he’s trying to do in Congress. He’s only trying to promote himself.

  4. problembear

    so far, except for the corporate-sponsored, ineffectual and increasingly marginalized tea-bagger movement, no coherent group is channeling the rage that people feel in this country about the lack of real representation in our government.

    everyone is angry but it is diffused and disparate. no-one is happy with the two party system, but no-one offers an alternative. there is a political vacuum in the american psyche right now.

    what or who fills it is still unknown.

    what we do know is that wealthy corporate interests are taking advantage of this vacuum in breathtaking fashion. and as a predator, while i hate their goals, i cannot help myself in admiring their cunning and ability to exploit their environment.

    the one thing that is painfully clear is that time is short. the python is tightening its grip on us and if we do not join together as a people to stop them, they will destroy this government, this country and this planet.

  5. You don’t have to be a Democrat to be against Rehberg, you need only be disgusted by the anti-intellectualism of he and his cohorts. In other words: To be against Rehberg you need half a brain.

    • JC

      You know what the problem with that is?

      I had a friend who had two brothers. Their father used to refer to them as “my two half brain sons. Problem is when you get two half-brains together, they don’t add up to a full brain. They multiply into a quarter brain.”

      Which explains tea bagger mentality, perfectly.

  6. problembear

    the tea party amounts to the little ripples that are created in the upper deck swimming pool of a large ocean liner….

    they lap against the side of the pool while the big boat cruises forward unaffected.

    i think most people are turned off by the party of no and their seeming indifference to what is relevant to the day to day survival of most americans. and the racist and rude behavior of the teabaggers sounds ignorant and abhorrent to most decent americans just trying to get by.

    the democrats are not doing enough….but at least they do something besides ridicule the poor and alienate the fair-minded among the rest of us.

  7. Rimrock

    Well I agree, a coffee party might be a better idea. Or by this hour; beer.
    But the rest… Problem Bears are supposed to frighten, I thought?
    That’s more like “damning with faint praise”.

  8. problembear

    the s.o. tells me that problembears just annoy….

    they don’t frighten anyone.

  9. Ty Webb

    Rehberg molests collies.

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