Rehberg Supported Public Subsidy in Health Reform and Didn’t Know It

by jhwygirl

Continuing on the fine subject of earmarks and deficit spending and health reform, a simple internet search led me to, and a summary of Representative Dennis Rehberg’s earmark requests just from FY2008 House and Senate Labor-HHS-Education bills and the 2008 House Defense Bill.

How much did our very own drunken sailor/deficit peacock ask for? $2,000,000.

What was the $2,000,000 for? Exclusively, the money was for health care-oriented grants.

It’s another glaring example of the hypocrisy that is Dennis Rehberg – he saddles up to tea baggers by shouting down wheelchair-bound health reform supporters – the same tea baggers that are formed out of new found hatred for deficit spending.

Did they know as they hero-worshiped deficit peacock Rehberg down there in Hamilton Montana that surely sunny day that he had already earmarked $2,000,000 for health care throughout Montana?

Rehberg is what he is. Conservatives and their tea partying offsprings should not be fooled to think that he’s fiscally conservative by any means.

Something to mull over – check this chart out and consider that Rehberg took office January 1, 2001:

Rehberg might be Republican, but fiscally conservative he is not.

  1. problembear

    those look like pretty worthy uses for the money. i get your point about political-speak but i sure wouldn’t want worthy projects starved because we want dennis to walk his talk….

    i personally don’t have a problem with worthy causes like food banks, hospitals, poor rural areas getting help etc. i wouldn’t want us to sound like ignorant teabaggers here nixing everything that helps other people with needed services.

    i know that is not what you are doing here. but it still makes me a little uncomfortable. Rehberg needs to keep on finding ways to help the poverello, food banks etc. seems like he does more for those folks than baucus does. or am i wrong about that?

    • Should Rehberg bit-by-bit, earmark-by-earmark dole out $, year by year for entities like all of the hospitals listed that I linked to? Or should he have supported health reform for everyone?

      It’s a double issue, pb – he hangs and organizes with the teabaggers. He rails against the deficit. He couldn’t support health reform, yet alone a public option….yet here he is doling out taxpayer cash to hospitals.

      Hypocrite who contributes to years of going nowhere in congress because he refuses to participate in meaningful discussion. He’s part of the problem.

  2. it’s not just pb that misses the point with earmarks. most folks aren’t against government providing needed services – that’s what legislation and appropriation is all about. we let our representatives debate what are the most important priorities and off we go.

    but, earmarks are slipped in to often unrelated legislation and rarely see debate on the floor. is it any wonder that Denny “No” Brain doesn’t even know how many he’s slipped in? nobody really does. they’re not a lot of money typically, so why waste too much time on them

    • Taxpayers for Commonsense tells us that Rehberg forwarded $1 billion in earmarks for FY2010.

      I’m guessing it’s this list from his website? Or maybe it’s this list?

      Now, again – it’s the hypocrisy. He doesn’t get to rail against the stimulus and deficit spending while submitting $1 billion in earmarks for this fiscal year 2010. He doesn’t get to plead business-as-usual to get away with it – there are a number of his tea partying friends in congress who don’t request earmarks.

      Government has a role and function. Rehberg doesn’t get to talk one way and walk another. It’s part of the dysfunction that is congress.

      He is the party that has ignored domestic responsibilities while giving tax breaks to the richest of Americans. Now that the bill has come due – the economy damned near collapsed – he doesn’t get to pass blame on everyone but himself as to why that bill is so large.

  3. People need to realize the money that has been squandered to get us in this mess didn’t just disappear….

    It hasn’t been wasted by earmarks either. It has been and continues to be stolen by the masters of the universe- aristocracy and their corporate entities.

    Rehberg needs to be replaced because-just like baucus he is as dumb as dirt and a tool. They both need to go.

  4. problembear

    all politicians are hypocrites….

  5. problembear

    melinda has the best chance of unseating rehberg by the way. if you want someone who can mobilize voters and impassion people about changing this corrupt system….

  6. Ty Webb

    I for one do not want a collie molester in office anymore.

  7. If this were just an election issue to be exploited, as it appears offshore drilling was, then it would be easy to predict that once the election was over, not matter the winner (Rehberg, in case you are interested), earmarking will go on as before. Some of it is for the good and worthy, much of it is payola, and both branches of The Party do it.

    There are issues, and there are wedge issues, and there are fake issues. This one is fake.

  8. Jag

    Second that Ty.

    We’ve been running scared ever since he took office.

    Everytime he does these statewide ‘listening’ tours we get scared.

    Listening my paw.

    It’s probing that goes on.

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