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by jhwygirl

…no one is leading.

Change takes leadership.

Some food for thought for your weekend.

by jhwygirl

I’m over the maddening part…and at this point I actually find solace in the fact that I did not vote for him. I voted none of the above.

Bear with me…We’ve got 3 more years…it’s all I got.

Governor Brian Schweitzer really is a megalomaniac. That isn’t news, but his over-the-top demand for a pledge to coal has everyone I know cracking jokes that end with “well, maybe you can write Brian and pledge an oath to coal and it’ll all work out.”

The story itself is pretty hard to believe, frankly…but add the letter and you clearly have major delusion going on there.

Button Valley was first on it, calling it Political blackmail. The Editor also goes on to ponder whether ultimately, if what’s next is a pledge to cow dogs.

God only knows, right?

Matt’s calling it Jumping the Kingfisher. Jay’s got it pegged pretty accurately at extortion.

My personal editorial savior, The Indy’s George Ochenski sliced and diced it up as darned near thoroughly as you can, calling it “coercion” and here’s the basics:
1.) Only the legislature appropriates money.
2.) The $89,000,000 Otter Creek bonus payment is school trust money.
3.) By law, 95% of that must be put back into the school trust, and 5% of it goes towards schools.
4.) Directly equating Otter Creek money with road repair and the like exposes the state to lawsuit from any darn person in the public that doesn’t like the fact that school trust money is being used not only for roads, but also for political gain.

Of course, he goes through plenty of other relevant facts: The “645 money” (as local officials are calling it) was approved lawfullly and signed into law by Governor Brian Schweitzer. He could have line-item vetoed it. He didn’t.

Keep that in mind while he flies around the state in a plane that is pretty expensive to operate, heading down to Republican represented districts for what Montana Cowgirl touted the The Say Uncle Tour. I couldn’t even leave a comment on that post, I was speechless that even the most rabid of Schweitzer supporters wouldn’t stop to think of what they’d think if the tables were turned.

What is my favorite epithet? Hypocrite? And all to stroke an ego? At the state’s expense, nonetheless.

What else does Ochenski point out? This gem:

Public sentiment, if last week’s unscientific poll in the Helena Independent Record is any measure, runs 75 percent against the decision. And, of course, the impacts of global warming are eminently visible in western Montana, with an estimated 2 million acres of dead, beetle-killed trees.

This isn’t just lost on just the blogs – here’s a roundup, in no particular order:

The Bozeman Chronicle
The Missoulian
The Helena IR
The Helena IR (again)
The Flathead Beacon
The Flathead Beacon (again)


Great Falls Tribune
The New York Times

I said he was dangerous – “This is not a monarchy,” were my words back in December when he was picking on leaning-conservative town Bozeman. Those loving the 30-second news cycle thought it was great…hell be damned to the laws and the constitutional issues.

Triangulation anyone? I’m starting to think that Governor Brian Schweitzer is Montana’s very own Sarah Palin…and not only that – I’m betting it’s exactly what he wants!

A few weeks ago – and supermontanareporter John S. Adams gets the goods here – Governor Brian Schweitzer’s office (story gets into a who-said-what realm) “rushed along” the retirement of a Dept. of Commerce employee that spoke out against Schweitzer withholding stimulus funds:

During a hearing at the Capitol, legislators questioned Kelly Casillas, acting administrator for the Department of Commerce’s Community Development Division, about why grants for some 50 projects aren’t being released to local communities.

“The state had to make the difficult decision to put them on hold pending the current fiscal situation,” Casillas told the panel….

Cole said earlier this week that the Schweitzer administration forced him to resign last Friday after the release of a list of local grants that had been frozen by the Schweitzer administration.

Schweitzer spokeswoman Sarah Elliott said the administration didn’t know about Cole’s early retirement until after it happened.

Makes you wonder what he’s gonna do with this guy.

Democrat leaders need to speak out. This is damage being done, and a bill will come due, and I’m not talking about stimulus cash. Thought Judy Martz was bad? Imagine what the product is going to be of this behavior. Of course – Schweitzer is termed, so this year’s election is of little concern. For him.

Ask yourself: Do you want a Republican governor running around doing the same thing Schweitzer’s doing? What if it becomes cuts to DPHHS? Education? I don’t like birth control pills under Medicaid? Let’s quit with all this fancy forestry stuff – clearcut! CHIP sucks and I never liked it anyways?

See where this has the potential to go?

So – considering that I didn’t vote for the guy, what do I regret? I regret that he was allowed and enabled to get to such a point that sending out written letters demanding adherence to his coal carbon Church of Brian are now part of the ordinary course of business for the guy who calls himself “Montana’s CEO”.

(I want to point out, as I know I was pretty rabid on Otter Creek and have been on coal and carbon issues – I’ve wanted to let this Otter Creek thing go. They’ll be other battles to save the Tongue – and frankly, it ain’t over. But gosh giddy god darn, The Brian sure is doing his best to keep the thing in the news.)

(I also continue to cast shame on State Auditor Monica Lindeen and Secretary of State Linda McCulloch. They basically produced this current episode that is part of what will be a scour on our state for decades to come.)


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