Hate Crime Assault Downtown?

by jhwygirl

All I’m going on is this report, from KPAX, which I picked up via its twitter feed.

The man told Missoula police that he was assaulted by close to 10 individuals behind Red’s Bar. He said he doesn’t remember much of what happened, but does recall hearing anti-homosexual remarks while he was being attacked.

During the assault, some personal items were taken from the victim, so police are calling the incident a strong-arm robbery.

The police are “calling the incident a strong-arm robbery”? Sure sounds like a hate crime to me.

Don’t we have The Matthew Shepard Act signed into law?

Because if all that haters have to do is steal something while they’re committing their hate crime to avoid the penalties associated with committing a hate crime, well, boy…..what to say about that.

Years ago Missoula experienced a round of assaults that came with anti-gay overtones. Many felt there was a downplaying by the police of the nature of the crimes.

Let’s hope that isn’t happening again. Missoula Police should be investigating all aspects of this crime as presented by the victim.

  1. Bullshit. What a pity trip. Get a grip, gal.

  2. klemz

    I’m not a criminal law guy, so please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it’s not a hate crime until US attorneys chose to prosecute the federal law. In other words, you have a strong arm robbery (state law violation) that then also becomes a federal law violation when the Dept. of Justice decides that the attack was motivated by sexual identity. The police cannot make that determination.

  3. Jose Soplar

    Just wondering, but how many strong arm robberies commonly have 8 to 10 assailants? Maybe foos could provide a police statistic to back up his assertion. So, let’s work with what we have here. Eight to ten assailants, not COMMON modus operandi for strong arm. Yelling anti-homosexual remarks. Not COMMON with strong arm. Hmm. I think that foos is ON to something here……….or on something as JC speculates.

  4. Jose Soplar

    p.s. I am amazed that this sort of thing is still happening. And aslo, these folks involved should recieve the maximum sentence, for this type of attack is ultimately done to instill terror in a certain group of people. In other words, it’s domestic terrorism pure and simple.

  5. “Hate Crime” Laws are among the stupidest legislation on Earth.

    Lemme see…. Someone else, not in a “hate crime” would slug him in his face because they like him?!

    It’s called “Assault” and should be dealt with in that manner – no more or less.

  6. Hate crime laws are about as useful as civil/criminal penalties for refusing a DUI blow test. They make people feel good about “doing something” about a problem, but have zero impact in terms of actually dealing with said issue.

  7. Mayor of Mayhem

    If you are stupid enough to beat people for being gay, you are probably not smart enough to figure out the ramifications of your actions and the severity of whatever harsher penalty you may receive because the beating was motivated by gender or racial hatred.
    Most violence is motivated by hate. Only governments kill without hatred, then it’s Patriotic.
    I never understood how it helps the dead guy, who happend to be gay or black or whatever if the killer/ beater gets a more severe sentence for killing him.

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