Live Blogging the City Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, Part II

by jhwygirl

Picking this up where Taryn Nash, daughter of Tei Nash speaks:

Hello members of the city council, the Missoula community and my friends. My name is Taryn Nash. I am a Missoula native and I’m currently in Spokane right now attending physicians assistant’s school, but will be coming back in 3 months.

I am also Tei Nash’s daughter. Tei Nash, if you don’t know already, is chairman of

I am also a member of the LGBT community. I am here for two very important reasons tonight and I appreciate you listening to my short statements. The first is to address my father – he just left, I don’t know if you saw that, but it was because of my presence I believe he left.

Dad – I strongly disagree with the way you have been portraying the LGBT community who are my friends. You have gone too far. I will not sit back anylonger and be quiet. I love you because you are my dad, but I have lost respect for you. Your blanket judgements and irrational conclusions are ignorant and hurtful, and you need to realize that this crusade you are on is wrong, and it affects me personally.

It makes me sad to say this, but Dad? Right now I am ashamed to call you my father. I am asking you to stop your ridiculous agenda of battling the LGBT rights or you will lose me forever.

The second reason I am here tonight is to encourage the council members to pass this very important ordinance. I plan to practice medicine, with an emphasis in geriatric care in the Missoula community. And I hope to live in a community where I won’t be discriminated based upon my orientation.

I also encourage you to pass this ordinance because these wonderful people of the LGBT community deserve protection against discrimination in all areas. They are hard-working, trustworthy, loving and respectable people and I am proud to call them my family.

Thank you for your time.

{Wow. Hug.}

  1. Ryan Morton

    she’s my new personal hero. i know how she feels and believe even her parents (like mine) will learn to accept LGBTIQ people.

  2. Quest

    I was so impressed by this young woman. But then again I was impressed by the big turn out and the patience and tolerance Missoula has shown on the issue.

  3. Ryan Morton

    10-2 with Haines voting yes. Woot! And now, good night.

  4. carfreestupidity

    She displayed an amazing amount of courage standing up to not only confront discrimination, but also her father. I’m generally amazed by the courage many within the LBGT community displayed throughout this whole affair as many shared personal stories of harassment and discrimination. All while the opposition was equating the LBGT community with pedophiles… a telling and sad dichotomy.

  5. I hope her father left because he was tired, and not because he was ashamed of his brave, inspiring daughter.

    But we all know it’s probably the latter that inspired Mr. Nash’s early exit.

  6. John T

    Congratulations to Taryn, she’s probably better off without her father in her life.

  7. jan

    I thought what Taryn did was a disrespect to her father.
    you could of at least talked to him before hand.
    His passion is just as strong as yours ………….
    Shame on you . You have younger sisters and you should be concerned for their welfare. This law that was past was way to ambiguous . I can forsee many problems.
    Our city council is stupid and to quick to make important decisions.

    • No. What’s disrespectful is that Tei Nash would publicly advocate for the things he does knowing his daughter is gay.

      Taryn did not surprise him. This is something he knew – why else did he leave? What he didn’t know was that she was going to drive from Spokane and speak publicly.

      Shame is on Tei for the hate he spews for fellow human beings just like his very own blood.

      As for the council being “stupid and too quick” – council took 4 months with that ordinance. There were numerous hearings, and numerous legal experts weighing in. This ordinance is fine. It’s great, actually. Something I’m proud they did.

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    […] were the two council members to vote against it. Jhwygirl blogged live from council chambers here and here. I went to the rally and marched to council […]

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