I Know Dems Don’t Have Litmus Tests, But…..

by jhwygirl

I certainly hope the Dems in Kalispell are paying attention to this.

Democratic candidate for HD8, Dane Clark, of Kalispell was handing out tea party pamphlets, packin’ heat (because rumors of agent provocateurs, it seemed prudent) and passing out campaign lit for Mark French, Republican primary congressional wingnut racist bigot from Sanders County.

James Conner never writes enough for me. I wish he wrote more – but it looks like he’s done two pieces recently, both regarding Flathead County politics.

I did read his eulogy for friend Loren Kreck, back when he posted it a couple weeks ago. Loren Kreck is an environmental hero that I had never heard of, yet generations of Montanans – generations of people – will benefit from his diligent work to preserve the North Fork of the Flathead.

James? You did Loren righteous. It’s a beautiful piece of writing.

  1. um…you do know that open carry is completely legal in MT, right?

  2. Anon

    OMG!!! Tell me it isn’t true. A TEA Party supporter openly displaying a gun and it’s legal?? How many people died?

  3. petetalbot

    Great find, jhwygirl. It sounds like this Clark fellow should be running as a Constitutionalist. The Flathead Dems should be up in arms, no pun intended. Clark’s opponent in the primary sounds like the decent sort, though. Democrats from around the state should go up to Kalispell and do a little door knocking for Bryan Schutt.

    And Rusty, what’s the point of packing heat at political rally? I suppose this guy forgot his codpiece at home.

  4. Pronghorn

    Re: Loren Kreck–I didn’t know him, either, but have been made well-aware of his considerable contributions just prior to his passing. Many people who are part of the Last Best Place Wildlands Campaign http://testerloggingbilltruths.wordpress.com/
    have offered eloquent testimonials to his lifelong advocacy and I came to know of him through them.

    From the article: “That agreement prevented war, but at the cost of bequeathing to future generations the problems that derive from straight line boundaries.” While this is a non sequitur where Loren is concerned, this statement stood out for me because it so well defines the problem created by Yellowstone’s straight line boundaries on the north and west–and the resulting slaughter of wild bison who can’t access their traditional migration routes and birthing grounds without running afoul of Montana’s livestock oligarchy and its sheriff, who bragged, “No governor in Montana history has sent more bison to slaughter than this governor.” Bleh.

  5. There are litmus tests. Believe me. Certain views are not welcomed.

    • Toddler, screaming at the top of your lungs that Democrats suck and you’d never want to be one is not a litmus test for inclusion. The rejection that comes from such is giving you what you claim you want.

    • Blow me.

      I have written on this extensively, but the posts are perhaps too long for you. I have speculated on why we have but two parties, and on the nature of the process of discipline that goes on for people who are not in the mainstream of what passes for thought. I have written about thought control, the history of public relations, the impact of joining the Democratic Party on progressive ideals.

      Not only that, I have seen it play out before my eyes, and have described it.

      I am not a toddler, I am not screaming. I do not suffer fools, which is where you entered.

  6. Chuck

    A lot of newcomers to our state don’t know that open carry is not only legal but in rural areas very common and not given a second glance except to maybe admire a well crafted gun. I got my concealed carry permit just because there is less education of passersby needed. I’d guess 50% of my very normal friends at some point over the year will carry a piece in their purses,jacket pockets or behind the back under a coat. Accountants, lawyers, sales managers, veterans, firemen, quite a few carry. In Montana I think it’s always good policy to assume someone is armed and act accordingly,i.e. don’t assault anyone or grab their purse on the street.
    Yippee for the sunshine and a number 16 March Brown.

  7. James Conner

    The issue is not whether Clark was carrying legally. Insofar as I know, he was. No, the issue in general is whether there is any need for a political candidate to be packing a pistol at a political rally, and in particular whether Clark needed to be armed while working a honk-and-wave along Kalispell’s main drag. He did not seem to be encountering any hostility from the crowd, and I cannot imagine any Democrat taking umbrage at his posing as a Democrat to the extent that a firearm would be needed for self-protection.

    Clark was carrying as a political statement. It was a way of saying “I’m a free man, and I’ll protect my rights with actions as well as with words.” And it was street theatre. But it was not necessary. Our political system is far from perfect, but it is good enough that we can resolve our differences through rational debate and elections. Firearms are for posses. Words are for rallies.

    • petetalbot

      Thank you, James Conner, for your reasoned response.

      • jim

        We shouldn’t waste time trying to interpret the message of a legal carry. A lot of Democrats have been seen legally carrying at political events and in their campaign materials.
        The more important issue is his membership in the R party, and promoting candidates such as Rehberg. Anyone can legally file to run as a Democrat. however if they can’t support the basic D platform, they run naked and may and should be opposed by all Democrats and the state and local party as well.

        • Roger

          I have known Dane personally for a long time. Dane Clark does not endorse Rehberg AT ALL. He supports Mark French, who is not your typical republican. We all need to stop letting party lines blur our vision of qualified candidates. Most politicians are exactly the same…they say what they need to to get elected, then do what they want regardless of the will of the people, or their campaign promises. Even the great Obama has deceived his followers:

          And funny how Dane still got 20+% of the democratic vote yesterday.

    • jim

      I don’t think we should waste time trying to interpret his packing heat at a political rally. A lot of Democrats have been seen carrying legally at political events and in their election materials. The more important issue for Democrats is his membership in the Republican Party and passing literature supporting Republicans. You can’t be a D unless you support the basic Democrat platform, but you can still legally run as one, but you run naked and the party can and should support his opponent.

      • petetalbot

        I agree, Jim, that more important than packing heat is this Clark fellow running as a Democrat while stumping for Republicans. However, you say, “A lot of Democrats have been seen carrying legally at political events … ” Really? Not any of the events I’ve ever been to, which are a lot.

  8. Saddam used to wear a sidearm. That worked out well.

      • petetalbot

        Wow. Another pithy Rusty rejoinder.

      • Dictators and Tea Partiers show up at political rallies packing heat. Wow is right. Bang! Bang!

        • problembear

          this is all about immature play-acting by an immature person seeking attention….

          and as long as the public keeps rewarding toddlers who “act out” by supporting their aberrant behavior, we will be treated to more of it.

          guys like clark watch limbaugh, hannity and beck make total asses of themselves and haul their rewards off in carts filled with gold bars and think hmmm…..why not be as in-your-face-with-a-temper-tantrum as they are?

          and what better way to show adult temper tantrum than a politician with a glock strapped to his hip in a public function?

          does this mean that soon we will have max baucus sporting a pair of pearl handled colts; brian schweitzer looking dandy with his 30/30 winchester, rehberg jauntily doffing his sport coat to reveal a nicely shoulder holstered smith and wesson pressed against his side?

          james brown would have said GOOD GOD….Y’ALL! we can fafely say that we have finally surmounted the pinnacle of political ridiculousness in this country and we are now at the threshold of anarchy by stupidity. sinclair lewis would have loved it.

          • Roger

            “guys like clark watch limbaugh, hannity and beck”….um…no. He doesn’t watch those imbeciles.

            “and what better way to show adult temper tantrum than a politician with a glock strapped to his hip in a public function?”…the fact that so many of you get worked up about something like this, especially in MONTANA, is just sad. You wanna talk about tantrums? “OMG!!! That guy is legally carrying a legal gun in public!! What a horrible man! That tells us everything we need to know about his character!” Now THAT’S a tantrum!

            “and we are now at the threshold of anarchy by stupidity.”…yup. You just proved your own point.

        • Roger

          You are an immature moron. Dictators do not support the right of their people to bear arms. Dictators (see: Barack Obama, George Bush) try to control and remove the rights of the people. Real tea partiers are not republican or democrat (though they may include both). They are average citizens who are fed up (pun intended) with the way the gov’t has screwed everything up. It’s just sad it’s taken this long for people to see the light.

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