Abject Failure

by jhwygirl

It’s a weekend…what the hell – here’s one to start it off: Billings man skips bail on 5th DUI.

Bail? On a 5th DUI? How wasn’t mere arrest on that some sort of parole or probation violation on the 4th (which would have been a felony charge)?

We have a judicial system that repeatedly makes poor choices. At question is why. Why would a presumably reasonable learned wise judge allow a 60 yr-old, four time convicted DUI andfelony burglar be allowed a bail of $7,500? Why would he be allowed bail at all, with a conviction meaning certain jail term?

Do they make these choices because of some financial analysis? Is there short space at the jail? Does the local have to pick up the tab – how does that all work? Is that the source of this?

Is that at the root of multiple DUI’s? Eight DUI’s? ELEVEN DUI’s?

Whatever it is, we aren’t doing something right…and rather than do the old Montana thing and try to figure it out completely on our own, why don’t we look at the statistics on per capita DUI offenses. See who’s at the top of that list with the least per capita – and see what it is they do on the enforcement and education side that attributes to that level.

Then let’s ignore the lobbyists that have a monetary interest in alcohol, and do what is right for the citizens health and safety….and for our overall tax paying interests.

  1. problembear

    business tip:

    the first bar that offers free rides both to and from their establishment on weekend nights will make a fortune.

  2. problembear

    and i don’t mean free ride home either. that takes way too long and nobody uses it anymore. a real dedicated vehicle and staff driver.

  3. JC

    There was a good article in the Indy about Missoula’s JP, Karen Orzech and her push to create a DUI court in Missoula. Sounds like a good project for the court and community to take on, from that angle.

  4. Everywhere I go, Republicans and Independents and Democrats are telling me they are going to vote for me, some hesitate because they are not sure I can beat the Democrat in the general. Let me assure you that I can and will. First, Dennis McDonald is out of money to the point where he is loaning himself money. Second, if Tyler wins, it will be the old gal versus the young boy and the old gal wins every time. And if I win the primary, money will start pouring into me. I have no doubt that I am the best candidate of everyone running. So many people do not want Denny to go back to Washington and the only want to stop him is in the the primary with me. I really appreciate all the support I am getting and let me assure you I will take it all the way to November.

  5. Big Swede

    At least he didn’t murder a hobo.

  6. petetalbot

    Ms. Otjen, we appreciate you posting here. We support your challenge of Denny Rehberg. By keeping him accountable, you’re helping to moderate Republican politics in Montana.

    Unfortunately, the third candidate in your primary seems to indicate the radical right direction of the Montana Republican Party. And Denny is more closely aligned with this candidate, Mark “Tea Party” French. It will be interesting to see how this primary plays out.

    I’m not ready to write off our Democratic candidates. Gernant and McDonald are worthy challengers to Denny. And look out for Melinda Gopher, a sharp, passionate Indian woman who speaks her mind.

    Wouldn’t that be a trip … Gopher v. Otjen in the general election.

    • klemz

      I think McDonald’s carpetbag takes up enough space that it prohibits the running an effective bandwagon. He’s also a tool.

      If you’re looking for a model state for DWI prevention, the stats say Vermont (And Utah, but that doesn’t count really).

      And here’s why:

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