Deep thoughts: time to build that wall

by Pete Talbot

Walls come and go. The sieve-like wall that separates Mexico from the U.S. is being fortified, and an additional “virtual fence” is in the works. The Berlin Wall is history. The Great Wall of China endures. Israelis are building walls to keep Palestinians out.

So how about a wall along the Missoula-Ravalli County line? I believe this would make folks on both sides of the wall happy. It would keep all the Communists and sexual deviates from corrupting Bitterroot youth. It would keep the right-wing nut jobs from stirring up trouble in Missoula. It’s a win-win.

I don’t have a lot of examples of Communist or sexual deviate infiltrators but I have plenty of right-wing nut job anecdotes.

Dallas Erickson. He keeps reminding Missoulians how morally bankrupt we are. He’s worried that perverts are lurking in our bathrooms. He’s also a big crusader for Wal-Mart.

Or this guy, Glenn Kimball of Corvallis. I’ll skip over his wacky Celebrating Conservatism street demonstrations and cut straight to this quote from a letter to the Missoulian:

Montana’s own Democratic U.S. Sen. Max Baucus is admittedly a socialist. He has served in Congress way too long, and his recent support of unconstitutional Obamacare unveiled his true colors.

Mr. Kimball might be right about Max serving “way too long,” but I missed Baucus admitting that he’s a socialist (must have been back in that tough 2008 race against Bob Kelleher). Christ, I wonder what that makes me?

And I didn’t realize that the watered-down health care bill, which, with the help of Max, is a minuscule change from the status quo, is also unconstitutional. Even Rob Natelson thinks the health care legislation is here to stay.

Then there are the kids packing (toy) heat and lining Highway 93 in support of the Second Amendment. I wasn’t aware it was in jeopardy, particularly in light of recent Supreme Court rulings.

The list goes on-and-on.

Of course, there’d be a toll booth in the wall. That way, both counties could garner some much needed revenue, but it would keep the general riffraff and obstructionists away — in both counties.

Now I know there are progressives in the Bitterroot, just like there are right-wingers in Missoula. Perhaps some sort of window sticker that would allow like-minded folks to travel between counties without being charged a toll; you know, Bitterroot progressives get free admission into Missoula and right-wing Missoulians get a free pass to Ravalli County.

Anyway, it’s a thought.

(Update: Here’s another reason to build that wall, courtesy of Jay over at LiTW.)

  1. Wake up, Einstein. Denial is an ugly thing. Perverts are definitely lurking in your bathroom, you have numerous incidents in the schools including one rape of a young girl and two others who were deliberately allowed to bleed to death, but the right wing nut jobs will never be much of a threat. Do yourself a favor, build a big wall, get out of that bullshit town, that bullshit state and that bullshit country. Sheep ain’t the only critters who are nervous in Montana.

    • petetalbot

      Whoa, foos, this is supposed to be a humorous post. Guess you missed that. I’m not quite sure what you’re saying here but you’re worrying me. Seek help.

  2. Tear down that Wall!

    come join me in the middle!

  3. Big Swede

    Now if only we could get them to fly over Mizzo.

    WASHINGTON — An unmanned aerial drone will soon fly over Texas skies as drug-cartel violence continues to escalate on the U.S.-Mexico border, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate hearing Tuesday.
    Texas is the last border state to receive a Predator drone, and Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said that has hurt intelligence capabilities to federal, state and local law enforcement on the ground.

  4. Moorcat

    I am going to stay out of the discussion on the current happenings in Missoula and the Bitterroot over the petition to overturn the new Missoula ordinance other than to say that the upset “Bitterrooters” have no business dictating to the Missoula City Government what they do in Missoula.

    What I do want to address was your snarky comments about the Second Amendment demos in Hamilton. The very reason that gun rights are as strong as they are now and that no new gun control legislation has made it out of committee either in the Federal Government or in this state is the very public Second Amendment Movement. Regardless of which side of the issue you are on, it has been a very effective movement. In fact, 23 state and federal gun restriction laws have either been overturned or removed in the last year because of it.


    • petetalbot

      Thanks, Moorcat, for weighing in but you make my case. The courts agree with you. So, what’s the point of young girls on Highway 93 with guns? It’s over the top. This is militia fodder, don’t you think?

      • Moorcat

        No, Pete, you misunderstand. It is not “militia fodder”, it how the Second Amendment movement IS winning and will continue to win. The issue isn’t dead anymore than the issue of Abortion is dead and these people will continue to push the issue as long as they can. The longer they stay in the public eye (and show that they still support the idea of no new restriction laws), the longer the courts will continue to overturn gun restriction laws. The fight hasn’t “been won” as you seem to think it has anymore than the fight over abortion has been “won”.


        • This really isn’t the venue for this discussion, bro, but …

          It is not “militia fodder”, it how the Second Amendment movement IS winning and will continue to win.

          First, it is militia fodder. Just because it’s a symbol for other things doesn’t mean it ain’t militia fodder.

          Second (appropriately enough), there is no Second Amendment movement. It is the same bunch of folks who were terrified under Clinton and Carter and every other Democratic administration that somebody gonna take their guns. That’s because they’re being whipped into a frenzy by the same folks who always whip them into a frenzy, those who manipulate fear of losing gun rights either as a wedge political issue or to make money (the NRA). There job is a little easier this go ’round because “that one” is in the White House, and we all know how ‘those people’ are.

          Third, and this is the biggie, I’m not the only one uncomfortable with the idea that the court(s) have become political wings swayed by loudly voiced opinion. Your comment seems to celebrate that fact. The law is the law, as passed by elected officials. Public outcry should have very little to do with a court’s interpretation of the law. So how can you possibly find comfort in this:

          The longer they stay in the public eye (and show that they still support the idea of no new restriction laws), the longer the courts will continue to overturn gun restriction laws.

          Please think about what laws have been passed recently, say in Arizona, that courts might have to rule on. And while your at it, please come up with a definition of ‘activist judge’ that isn’t self-contradictory. And before you do any that … “Papiere, Bitte.”

          There is a fundamental contradiction going on in this country right now. Half of all self-described teabaggers believe that Obama will take away our firearms. The NRA is still sending mailers supporting that view. Meanwhile, the Brady Foundation (supported by the Republicant Messiah St. Reagan) has given Obama an F for failure to institute gun controls, while our health care system swirls down the toilet, and the world economy is crashing on an almost biblically epic scale. This is nothing more than a wedge issue. It is fear mongering for the rather clueless special interest crowd, nothing more. The last thing on Earth it is is a “movement”.

          Well, I’d be correct except for that bowel movement known as “thoughts from Chuck Norris”.

  5. Frank

    If you really want to increase the city/county revenue, why not just put fences around the Walmarts and charge admission? It would be like selling tickets to a concert… that really sucks… the life out of a community.

  6. Widowmaker

    I enjoyed the satire here Pete. As a Benefactor-Life member of the NRA I have been sneered at in the Bitterroot due to the “4C” license plate issue on my Tahoe. The veteran plates didn’t seem to help either. It is going to have to be one heck of a sticker at the toll booth to be accepted as a “Real” conservative over there. A gun-toting, Christ-loving, NPR-hating, conservative veteran wasn’t enough. Of course that same Tahoe was keyed in Missoula for being a Tahoe. So, I can’t win for losing! Is there a middle ground somewhere between the Walmart on that HWY and Ravalli? Or is that called Great Falls.

    • snot rocket

      You loves you some Jesus, huh? And yet you’re a “gun toter”? Wow. Aren’t YOU a walking contradiction. And a vet! AND you hate NPR! Hey, is this Sarah Palin?? You got the brains for it.

    • problembear

      widowmaker- it’s just a function of too many people with a little too much time on their hands who gather like sheep around a few nuts to kill some time as far as i can see.

      kind of like blogging, only more so…….

  7. Chuck

    I’ll help ya Pete , but let’s build the wall to follow the city boundary lines. Any wacko liberal straggler’s we find in the county we can toss back into your hip and inclusive urban utopia.

  8. Mayor of Mayhem

    I’m going to build a wall around my house

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