Born to Lose


Welcome to Mark Fiore, 2010’s Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist. Mark’s Pulitzer is the first given out to an artist whose works do not appear in print. Here’s the blurb that accompanied his prize:

“Awarded to Mark Fiore, self syndicated, for his animated cartoons appearing on, the San Francisco Chronicle Web site, where his biting wit, extensive research and ability to distill complex issues set a high standard for an emerging form of commentary.”

Mark’s animations remind me of style combining Bullwinkle with South Park. Many of you are probably too young to know much of Rocky and Bullwinkle (a decidedly leftist plot to infiltrate the minds of young Americans), but they were a saturday morning watching-the-cartoons-on-tv staple in the early-mid 60’s. And of course, the reruns during my early college days were a must for after work/study munchies. Here’s a bunch of Rocky & Bullwinkle episodes.

I’ll do my best to bring an occasional treat from Mark for you guys to watch, and I’ll add a link to his site in the Political Blogs column of links to the right, so you can check out his weekly posts. Enjoy, and consider this an open thread!

  1. thanks jc. this guy deserves a pulitzer.

  2. pj

    Thanks for the Fiore piece. I’ve been a fan of his for quite some time. He does indeed deserve a Pulitzer.

  3. I dunno … I wasn’t that impressed. I didn’t pick up any South Park in there. Other than the male narrator, I didn’t really get much of a wisp of Bullwinkle either.

    It kind of left me with a touch of SNL fiaux ads, which can be very good, maybe a bit of Python. The animation is not even up to Hanna-Barbera standards. I get minimalism, with maximum viewer participation, but this is really not that good IMHO.

    It’s entirely derivative, and since it attacks Republicans, I presume that there is some Democratic financing behind it, wanting to be atop the cutting edge. Kind of reminds me of when Fox News put out a news show to compete with Daily Show. They weren’t very good at it.

    Try Tom Tomorrow. He’s at least got an original style.

  4. Pogo Possum

    Fiore forgot the very large Democatic contirbution to this whole problem.

  5. but at least the democrats are “putting on a good show of” trying to reform wall street – much like hcr.

    republicans actually oppose reform.

    i know it is a choice between two very corrupt political parties. but i have to give demos the nod for the appearance of trying.

    of course, they are both complicit because congress kneels before their corporate masters.

    • JC

      So I take from your comment you’re against net neutrality? And you don’t value your privacy?

      Nice, BS.

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