A Matter of Convenience?

by jhwygirl

It sure works out that way for Representative Dennis Rehberg, who’d likely be (if he hasn’t already) depositioned in the case – if not subpoenaed for trial testimony.

Flathead Beacon is reporting that a tentative trial date has been scheduled for state Senator Greg Barkus, of Kallispell, in the matter of his tragic drunken boat ride (which included another drunk, Representative Dennis Rehberg) on Flathead Lake last summer.

Barkus has been charged with 3 felonies.

Rehberg has not been charged – he’s allowed to be drunk, there is no law against that – and that has been his defense all along. Rehberg, in fact, as recently reported by papers throughout the state, has not even changed his office’s policies concerning alcohol and work policies in the aftermath of the crash.

Dennis “I. Was. Not. Drunk. At. The. Time. Of. The. Crash.” Rehberg – sound familiar?

Only he was.

Rehberg’s a notorious drunk – he fell off his horse while drunk on a government-paid boondoggle in Kazakhstan a few years back….and many of you likely recall the expense report he submitted about 3 years ago in which he looked for compensation on bar tab from downtown Washington DC, claiming it to be for lodging (which was actually a couch in the basement, where he slept off his evening of over-indulgent alcohol consumption.)

Dennis Rehberg is an embarrassment. Looks like he’ll be saved the spectacle of the Barkus trial for this election cycle, though – with a trial date set at November 29th, he’ll escape public scrutiny of his role in the Flathead boat crash incident for both is primary and the general (if he makes it that far).

  1. Temperance aside, I doubt the residents of Montana will ever vote someone out for drinking too much. Instead, they might turn on teetotalers.

    You have turned ugly on Mr. Rehberg, pulling out the stops. It is frustrating that so flawed a man can hold public office, but look around you and remember that people who want that job are by nature third-rate.

  2. cynic

    Please let this shit go. Your hero Mayor Engen has stumbled out of many a Missoula bar drunk of his arse himself.

    If you are over 21 you are allowed to drink. You are allowed to get drunk. And many Montanans do. Get off your high horse.

  3. I believe I said it was legal to be drunk. Perhaps you missed that part.

    You appear to also be missing the part where Montanans are increasingly seeing nothing but contempt for politicians – state legislators and Dennis Rehberg, alike – who think of alcohol as the breakfast of Montanans everywhere. Drinking, and drinking and driving, is quickly loosing its ranking amongst the top 10 pastimes of the citizens of this state.

    Lives matter. More than anyone’s right to drink and drive and more than anyone’s right to defend that kind of activity as something that is no big deal.

    • Slow down Carrie! I don’t mind teetotalers, but do insist that they keep their views private. Too much tightness of attitude produces unpleasant judgmentalism. Even if apocryphal, I like Lincoln’s response to those who complained that Grant was a drunk – to give each general a case of what he was drinking.

      There is high correlation between too much liquor and stupid public behavior, but the public is willing to forgive so long as they don’t see the pictures. If Denny had a Nick Nolte-like mug shot, he’d be toast. But he survived. No pictures, no story. Sorry to disappoint you.

      My most cherished Montana senator is Lee Metcalf, long rumored to be a man of the spirits. If Max would drink whatever Lee enjoyed, he might be a decent guy and worthy office holder. People with highly creative impulses often need to be brought down to earth, and self-medication via alcohol is often the drug of choice. I’m not saying that every drunk is a creative genius – only that drinking too much does not mean a man is unworthy of high office.

      If this is all you got, start practicing: Senator Rehberg, Governor Rehberg.

  4. Big Swede

    I betcha McDonald wishes he was drunk when he was holding that mop.

  5. Pilot

    Rehberg is certainly a drunk of Bunyanesque proportions. Word is that his wife moved the family back to MT to put reins on his partying around.

    The big problem with Rehberg on the boat is that he was not only foolish in boarding with Barkus at the point of knee-walking at the helm, but that he brought his staffers along for Mr. Toad”s Wild Aquatic ride. He as their employer had a duty to insure their safety but instead put them in life-threatening jeopardy. Frost nearly died of massive brain injuries and only the quick thinking of a passerby who heard the crash kept him alive, as he was pulled out, nearly comatose, face down in the water.

    They then went back to wipe their fingerprints off it all. They got some storefront preacher/cabaret singer to swear that neither legislator was schnozzled when they left, minimizing the amount they drank. The guy claimed expertise he didn’t have to assess their state. But the tip off if you don’t get it yet, is that the guy then sent letters to newspapers all around the state in his efforts to cover for Rehberg.

    The was told immediately by Kirsten Smith who verified that Barkus was careening around the lake, lost without running lights, running the craft at top RPM so that his passengers had to duck to get out of the wind.

  6. Chritine

    I am from Havre and grew up with Barkus and he has been a partying drunk for 50 yrs. He’s a Repulican so this shouldn’t apply to him. Just ask him.

  7. Alcohol and work policies? You’re not supposed to be drunk and unruly in the halls of power but the minute you hit the front steps you can do anything you want? State Represtntatives represent our state, right? This kind of behavior stuns me. You expect it of a Kennedy, but from our kind it seems impossible.

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