Montana Conservation Voters Endorse Ellie Hill, Bryce Bennett

by jhwygirl

Montana Conservation Voters came out a while back with some of its endorsements in contested races.

Pete has reported on this in the past…so I hope I’m not stepping on any toes…

MCV had some trouble, it seems with many of the races – a failure to endorse in the congressional race is truly a disappointment for me, considering the clear differences in issues such as coal and renewable resources and green energy/jobs. Tyler Gernant clearly leads with those issues when compared with Dennis McDonald.

Wherein I see I’ve digressed…

Two local races facing Democratic primaries are HD94 and HD92 – and Montana Conservation Voters have made clear endorsements in those races – endorsing Bryce Bennett in HD92 and endorsing Ellie Hill for HD94.

Both are fine candidates and very hardworking progressives for both Missoula and the state of Montana. Their work alone should earn them your vote and the right to represent Missoula residents in Helena…but these two have been knockin’ doors (Ellie up there on Hillview? Good Lord the woman has tenacity!) and making calls, in between their regular 9 to 9 jobs that serve this community.

Clearly, they are excellent choices. Missoula is fortunate with such a wealth in quality for these two house candidates.

Mail-in ballots are in the mail, if not delivered today. Be sure to vote early. Save county Elections Administration Vicki Zeier and the rest of the staff that last minute rush.

In the upcoming day’s I’ll be offering a few more endorsements. Of course, I’ve clearly said Tyler Gernant is the best choice for Democrats if they want to take out Dennis Rehberg in the congressional race….but we’ve got a couple other races that I plan to opine on in the near future.


  1. SeenClearly

    I have a strong impression of Ellie Hill as being a shameless self promotor who is using Missoula as a stepping-stone. Thus, I’ll be supporting a more well-rounded candidate: LouAnn Crowley

    • Marty Yepsin

      Seen Clearly, I end up agreeing with you but for a different reason. I get the sense you have a more personal beef with Hill. For me its less about her and more about the POV. I think it is super important for orgs like the POV to have solid leadership who will advocate for the poor in the face of oppression.

      I feel that Hill hasn’t been the leader the POV needs because she is compromised by her political aspirations. Example: she had actually secured funding for the north side center, but pulled the plug on it only to appease the mayor. Why appease the mayor if homeless people are your TRUE interest? Because if you have political aspirations in Missoula, there’s this idea that you have to appease the mayor at every turn to win his support later on. The mayor needed that thing to go away. I feel that Hill could have stood up to this, as well as a local ordinance that discriminated against homeless people, if she was willing to be a leader and stand up for poor people. You know, rock the boat once and awhile for people who cannot.

      My fear is someone who will go to helena and just vote with the party line on every issue to earn political points instead of rocking the boat once and awhile for people who cannot.

  2. Pogo Possum

    Speaking of “shameless self promotors” using Missoula as a stepping-stone – you can add Bryce Bennett to that list.

  3. Oooh sweet, I thought SeenClearly only used the to defame me but it’s nice to see he/she is broadening the love.

    And really? How could I possibly have much time for shameless self promotion when I am too busy creating more homeless people to pollute downtown in my big homeless factory. Sheesh.

    Thanks for the endorsement jhwygirl. It means a lot. I’ll add to the list with Mayor John Engen, Council members Jason Wiener, Bob Jaffe, Stacy Rye, Marilyn Marler, Roy Houseman, Pam Walzer, Senator Ron Erickson… oh wait, lookie there… I guess I do have time after all. Ha!

    Again, thanks for the support b’birds. Putting yourself out there… running for office… it’s scary but I know I can make a difference for Missoula. That said, Lou Ann and Bryce are both incredible, qualified people, who have given much to this community and I hope folks keep things about political differences and not personal attacks.

    Back to the doors!

  4. Pogo Possum

    “I hope folks keep things about political differences and not personal attacks.”


    Does that mean you are willing to condem the ceaseless wave of personal attacks against Rehberg that have been appearing on this site for the past year. Does that also mean you condem the individuals making the personal attacks against Rehberg?

    • pogo- what personal attacks? please cite them. take your time and do a good job of it. since when is it a personal attack to criticize a politicians actions?

      oh the humanity!

      you come on here pretending to be the bandleader of civil discourse. so please ettiquettize us all with your sage admonitions so that we might be contrite for having the timerity to criticize your born-on-third-base mediocre marlenee aide who has done nothing at all since he was elected except lick the shoes of his republican handlers.

      how is that for personal attack?

      • Pogo Possum

        PBear.Don’t play dumb big bear. You know a personal attack when you see it.

        Make all the personal attacks you want. Just make certain they are true, don’t invent them out of thin air, don’t pretend that you don’t make personal attacks and don’t pretend the other commenters on this site don’t make personal attacks. Same goes for jhwyGirl.

        • That’s a lot of don’ts pogo. Might want to check that imperious tendency a tad….

          Folks might get the idea that the vaunted republican love for freedom does not include freedom of speech.

          Overdefensive much?

    • I second that – personal attacks on Rehberg? Please cite.

      A drunk? He has been involved in a number of public incidents that involved him being drunk. Legally drunk. He fell off a horse – he tried to charge taxpayers for a “hotel” bill that was actually a bar where he got drunk and slept it off on a couch in a basement – and now the boating accident where he was legally drunk at the time of the accident as any scientific evidence would suggest.

      Him holding back his BAC until two hours after the crash still supports the fact that he was drunk at the time of the accident.

      So if you want to say that calling Dennis Rehberg a drunk is a personal attack, I call BS on that….but yes – if you got anything else, please let me know.

      • Jessie V.

        So you have an issue with Rehberg’s public drunkenness, yet you endorse the infamous Ellie Hillton for House District 94?

        At least rehberg shows up to work on time.

  5. Chuck

    Crowley’s leadership on Dark Sky and her tireless efforts to strengthen the Missoula sign ordinance years ago prevented Missoula from becoming Great Falls. She has a decades long record of working for the environment in Missoula. Hill is a lawyer from Boise and runs the hugest homeless center in the state. The Conservation voter’s endorsement was a mistake and should be corrected.

    • crowley is an east coaster who wouldn’t know a western value if it kicked her at a miles city bronc sale…

      i’ll take a born in idaho western woman every time. ellie knows what this area needs- jobs jobs jobs and more jobs…. and she is tough enough to fight for us in the legislature.

      crowley is only interested in impressing her tiny clique of fervent supporters, most of whom look down on us regular montana workers as just getting in the way.

      i want someone who cares about the struggles of real people in missoula. not some regal idealist.

    • Where is this coming that Hill is “some lawyer from Boise” crap?

      Born in Idaho, yes – but went to law school here at UM…and came back to this town to work very hard for Missoula.

      It’s not like working with the homeless is some cushy job either. Like cleaning crap off of walls? Or trying to figure out how to fee 100+ people with donated food? Or trying to save lives when there’s little room in the inn and the temperature outside is 40 below zero with the wind chill factor?

      Yeah – Ellie Hill came to Missoula to advocate for the homeless because it is a glorious position that gets her invited to all the right parties. I’m sure she’s making a fortune doing it, too.

      • Nanci

        Actually, from her own bio, she went to college in Boise and the University of Idaho College of Law. Where do you get the UM Law School out of that?
        Are we myth building here?

        • $$$=: ) ?

          Nanci is telling the truth.

          Where is this coming that Hill is “some lawyer from Boise” crap?

          “After a lot of skiing and reading a few hundred books in Europe, Ellie continued her educational pursuits at University of Idaho, College of Law, where she graduated in 2001, with a Juris Doctor. In law school, she was the President of the law school divisions of the American Bar Association and Idaho Trial Lawyers. “

          • Hi folks, sorry I haven’t been keeping up. Yes, I grew up in Idaho.

            I actually graduated from college with my dad, a life long union worker and Vietnam veteran. We graduated from BSU together. He took one night class a semester for 32 years. I’m still very proud of that. Also, not that it is particularly relevant, I assure you, we ain’t rich. I worked very hard and took out student loans to get through law school.

            Listen, I have a lot of respect for my opponent, and I wish only the best for her efforts in this race. I hope anonymous supporters on both sides don’t feel the need to tear either of us down, because we’re both Democrats with a commitment to this community.

            Now, go enjoy this damn-near-perfect Missoula day!

            • Jessie V.

              So is it your father who’s running for office or you? And is it appropriate to tell everyone how poor you are/were when you own so much downtown property and haven’t had to work in years?

              Vanity jobs are easily disguised as altruistic… until someone decides to finally run for office.

  6. Pogo Possum

    Fortunately, the fantasy world you live in has lots of company, jhwyGirl.

    I see Bryce Bennett is playing the innocent and telling folks how upset he is that someone would dare oppose him and endorse his Democratic opponent (who announced his withdrawal from the race right after the critical letter to the editor was submitted).

    How dare anyone resort to dirty politics by suggesting another Democratic candidate that is older, better educated and has more experience is ….uhhhhhhl…..older, better educated and has more experience than Bryce.

    While Bryce claims he is above personal attacks, he seems to forget that he and his Forward Montana kids were knee deep in personal attacks against Conrad Burns The police even had to escort Bryce out of a GOP meeting when he was trying to force his way in to try and film “gotcha moments” for personal attacks on TV ads. Bryce also forgets he was paid to go door to door in HD 100 and help spread personal attacks against Nooney.

    All Bryce is doing is demonstrating how thin skinned and immature he really is. But, at least he is keeping you company while you both commune with unicorns and live out more political fantasies.

  7. Chuck

    Is the Pov a Union Shop?

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