Liberty Rally: Kind of Lame


I counted 52 participants at the Liberty rally kicking off the Liberty Convention 2010 event this weekend.  I’m sorry to say that it was much less eventful than I thought it would be and the enthusiasm level of the people in the demonstration was poorly lacking in energy. No crazy signs appeared… the best signs were at the beginning of the first video and the one I tried to capture in the second short video. I think the Tea Party movement in general is starting to learn that the crazy signs were hurting the movement and a concerted effort is being made to keep that kind of thing out of the public eye.

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  1. The Center Square

    This is Montana? Hey, 52 might be a majority. *just kidding!!*

  2. Lizard

    ah, protesters walking down higgins. remember the days when it was democrats protesting war and stuff? i guess war protests aren’t fashionable anymore. too bad, because obama’s escalation is about to really fuck up kandahar, and drone strikes are increasing, and an american citizen is on an executive hit list, and iran might be next, and blah blah blah…

    • carfreestupidity

      These people could very well be anti-war protesters. I don’t think they are there marching for that reason… But a lot of the people that are integral in the Liberty movement, which is much older than the Tea Party movement, are very much anti-war. Many of their base views are fundamentally opposed to the use of military force such as was used in Iraq.

      Chuck Baldwin has many times publicly stated that he is against the “war on terrorism” because of it’s use as an excuse to tighten down on citizen rights and bring about a “new world order” and to replace America’s sovereignty with world government via the UN.

      • Lizard

        then maybe the supposed anti-war left should embrace the anti-war tendencies of some teabaggers and some libertarians instead of making fun of them endlessly while giving our latest war criminal president a total pass.

        brian cloughley at cp puts articulates the disgust i felt when i heard obama joking about killing the jonas brothers with predator drones:

        It’s difficult to ignore the fact that the President of the United States considers robot drone strikes that kill people are a matter for humor.

        Do you remember the 2004 White House party for the media when George W Bush thought it hilarious to observe that there were no ‘weapons of mass destruction’ to be found when he was jovially poking around the function room mimicking a search for them in Iraq – while American soldiers were dying in the war he had ordered ? It was a squalid burlesque from which not one reporter was honorable enough to walk out in dignified disdain.

        And it seems the current generation of White House media patsies continue to observe that tradition.

        In a gruesome reprise of the macabre Bush conviviality, President Obama joked during a similar media jamboree that if members of a certain pop group had designs on his daughters there would be “Two words for you: Predator drones. You will never see it coming. You think I’m joking?”

        No, I don’t think the President of the United States was joking. Because nobody in his right mind jokes about killing people with Predator drone strikes.

        Anyone who thinks killing of any sort is even faintly comical is a psychotic buffoon. And when it is on record that US drone strikes have killed hundreds of women and children in Pakistan, anyone who finds it funny that “you will never see it coming” is out of his tiny mind.

        • carfreestupidity

          When it’s “your guy” there are a lot of things your willing to ignore. Right now the left is willing to ignore Obama’s broken promises about the war and his continuation of Bush policies. Back during the Bush years the right willfully ignored Bush’s “passionate conservatism” ie… Socialist policies of No Child Left Behind and Medicare part D. As long as your side is the one in power it really doesn’t matter what policies are put in place…. Right? ; )

          • Lizard

            so, CFS, if the presidential election were held this november, would you vote for obama?

            • carfreestupidity

              That last comment of mine was a cynical response… Just like the following. No matter who you vote for at that level… There is so much history and so much institutional momentum behind events that it leaves little room to break free. So no I wouldn’t because it wouldn’t ” change” anything.

              • Lizard

                i wish legitimate criticism of obama got a little more traction.

                instead focusing on events like this feeds the divide and avoids painful continuity between bush and obama.

                you almost seem disappointed no one brought the crazy signs.

              • JC

                Legitimate criticism? Like the fact that Obama is the number one recipient of campaign contributions of BP?

                Does anyone wonder why the government is taking such a low-key hands off approach to BP’s handling of the oil spill?

                BP’s spill is going to slowly evolve into Obama’s Katrina. Not because of his lack of immediate response like Bush’s. But because of his choice to allow BP to handle the spill will reap untold blowback as oil continues to wash up ashore and foul waters for months and years ahead.

              • Big Swede

                JC, that really you?

              • JC

                Yep. I’ll let the chips fall where they may. I’m no Obama apologist.

  3. carfreestupidity

    Lizard… its not that I was disappointed there weren’t any crazy signs, its that the enthusiasm level of the group made it so that the signs were the only interesting thing in sight.

    I think the thing with the signs is that it shows that Celebrating Conservatism is learning from the mistakes of the Tea Party movement at a national level. There was even one sign reading “Not racist, not violent, just no longer silent.” The language the group is using is evolving as well… they are eliminating a lot of the more extreme and inflammatory things that people can latch onto and point to as “crazy.” So I’m interested in how this group is evolving and learning how to organize and tailor their message to more people on the right.

    And I’m interested in what these people are doing and saying because at a local level they have a real chance of having an impact on future elections… especially down in Ravalli County. If there is one point that I agree with Celebrating Conservatism its their point that energy should be concentrated on the state and local level rather than national politics. At least at the local level a person’s or group’s effort has a reasonable chance of making a difference. I have pretty much given up paying attention to what Obama does because he was such a disappointment in his first year and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

  4. JayByrd

    Libertarianism has its limits, as is clear in the Gulf of Mexico right now. And thanks for honestly pointing that out, Rand Paul.
    Everybody loves freedom and hates zoning right up to the point their next-door neighbor decides to be a pig farmer, as Gulf coast residents are finding out.
    Obama should have been Chewing BP’s ass from day one, and he does have to answer for why his administration officials at EPA, NOAA, Coast Guard and Army Corps have been parroting BP’s public relations lines — like the volume of the spill, or the use of a toxic dispersant, for instance.
    But there’s liability reasons he hasn’t taken ownership of the disaster and really, the entire federal government does not have the technical means to deal with a blown-out oil well a mile down in the ocean. The Navy has one unmanned submersible able to go that deep, and it’s designed to save submariners, not turn valves.

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