So Unviable That I Spit Coffee on My Computer Screen, Laughing

by jhwygirl

Yellowstone Kelly has a post up at Left in the West, aptly titled Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine, which reports on Secretary of State Linda McCulloch’s travelling the state with Governor Brian Schweitzer and her own entourage comprised of her top 3 staffers (and yes…who is in charge when she’s out helping the Governor with his daily schedule?)

The whisper YK puts out there is that she may be considering a gubernatorial run in 2012, when The Brian’s term (finally) expires.  This is something I’ve been saying for months now, but sadly, only in private emails and conversations.  It’s been clear in her interactions with the Governor during the Land Board hearings – and with Brian looked at her almost downright adoringly as she made the motion to approve Otter Creek and the motion to add the bonus bid (which wasn’t one, in the end.)

McCulloch offered an afterthought to the final approval of the $86 million bid on Otter Creek, throwing the responsibility of seeing that its millions are spent on schools to the citizens of the state and called on everyone to ‘hold their elected officials responsible’ in making sure the money was spent on schools.

Not only did that contradict the constitutional blackout she had when she added the bonus bid, assuring the public ‘that the bonus bid will go directly to the schools’ as an over-and-above amount from what the legislature appropriated….it flew in the face of who she is.

She’s an elected official. Was it even two days after the approval of that lease before her paramour Schweitzer was out letting the world know he saved the state’s budget with the Otter Creek millions?

Where was she then?

Where was McCulloch when megalomaniac Schweitzer was out politically blackmailing county and city local governments, requesting a pledge to coal in order to secure release of legislatively appropriated stimulus money?

She won’t be getting my vote again. Evah. Same for Auditor Monica Lindeen.

YK mentions that Attorney General Steve Bulloch is another one rumored to be seeking the Governorship. I’ve got one eye on Bulloch, and so far he’s done a pretty righteous job…extraordinarily so as the Attorney General.

But it’s one eye only – my other eye is still on the lookout, given that Bulloch’s vote against Otter Creek was driven solely by his responsibility to the trust – and not his constitutional obligations to ensure a clean and healthful environment for Montanans.

Time will tell. Who knows – maybe someone I’m a big fan of might decide to take the leap. I can only hope.

  1. Chuck

    J-Grl…Best stuff I’ve read on here.
    You know The Buffoon.

  2. Pogo Possum

    We are hearing similar rumors on the Republican side of the aisle on McCullough planning a gubernatorial run in 2012. Same for Bulloch.

  3. Dial Tone

    And, on the Republican side, when is Steve Daines going to quit push-polling me with the robodial and just form an exploratory committee?

  4. cynic

    Bulloch? Really?

    It is getting harder and harder to accept you as anything other than a hack when you fail to spell the name of a statewide official. Especially when said official has been a pretty key player on your “pet issue” of Otter Creek.

  5. jhwygirl

    Yeah, cynic – I’d quit reading me too. Bad spellers are nothing but hacks.

    I do like Bullock. I shouldn’t be so harsh. His “corporate welfare” anti Otter Creek vote was righteous. And I reiterate that he’s been superb as AG.

  6. Ha ha. So what are you going to do? Vote third party?These two – McColloch and Lindeen sounded good when they ran for office. Then it turned out they weren’t so good. So now you turn away and vote for someone else who sounds good?

    Hint … party politics is not the answer. It’s nothing but a confidence game.

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