Honda Strike Highlights China’s Next Economic Goals

by jhwygirl

Found this New York Times article interesting for a few things it mentions.

The China government – who usually suppresses these worker-centric protests – is letting this one roll. Why? Because “without higher incomes, hundreds of millions of Chinese will be unable to play their part in the domestic consumer spending boom on which this nation hopes to base its next round of economic growth.”


What does that mean – if you haven’t figured it out already? If this sort of Chinese government blessed activity continues, the cost of just about everything Americans buy will increase rapidly. Made in China could take on a whole new meaning.

I’ve got nothing against workers, anywhere, wanting fair wages – let me make that clear. As the story states, these people in Honda’s China facility make $150 a month, and are seeking an increase to $270. That’s slave labor, even if the cost of living is lower. But that kind of thing isn’t flying anymore there, as all-things-American (like cell phones and cars) make their way into the lives of the Chinese (even if it is currently only those of privilege and class).

China is going to bury us not with bombs but by choking us off economically. Decades ago American corporations started closing up shop in favor of Chinese cheap labor and lack of environmental standards to manufacture its goods (like steel and machinery)…and now that they’ve successfully grabbed up the bulk of our manufacturing (and left us the Burger Kings and McDonald jobs), they’re prepared to now go in for the real attack.

Interesting, no? As Missoula tries to address the Exxon/Imperial Oil transport modules built in N. Korea that will merely travel through the state, it only gives us more food for thought.

Instead of Governor Schweitzer advocating for flag-waving jobs for Montanans, maybe he should be advocating for these things to come in by rail, in smaller pieces, to the old Stimson mill site (where the rail yard runs right through it), so that Montanan’s can at least piece the stuff together and send it on its merry way up (I-90 and on to Canada).

I mean, if it’s really about “, jobs, jobs”….then Governor Schweitzer should step up and get us those jobs, jobs, jobs.

  1. Big Swede

    No matter how bad it gets gets here or in China, its still miles ahead of Europe. Catch the China comment at the end.

  2. Long before the overseas exodus started, the public had to be imbued with the attitude that 1) large corporations practiced “free” enterprise; and 2) unions were corrupt and contrary to individual freedom.

    It started during FDR’s term, with the National Association of Manufacturers launching a propaganda campaign that came to fruition in 1980. By then the New Dealers were no longer the force in politics that they were before, the the schools had successfully indoctrinated the kids in the attitudes of “free” enterprise, markets and trade.

    Once these ideas were commonplace, the next logical step was to stick it to us, as unions could no longer put up meaningful resistance.

    So if you think electing a Democrat here and there (who are probably lying about their beliefs anyway) is going to fix anything, I have a made-in-China bridge I want to sell you.

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