MT Conservation Voters Highlight Gernant’s Sustainable Energy and Jobs Policy Position

by jhwygirl

Montana Conservation Voters recently sent out an email that all but reverses their previous (disappointing) stance of not endorsing in Montana’s hotly contested Democratic and Republican primary races for the U.S. House of Representation.

MCV’s email highlights Tyler Gernant’s strong stance on helping bring Montana new jobs through support of sustainable clean energy. The emailing also highlights Dennis McDonald’s flip-flopping ways on coal. Theresa Keaveny, Executive Director writes:

Hello, MCV members inquiring about the U.S. House primary,

Some of you have asked about Montana Conservation Voters’ endorsement in the U.S. House of Representative’s primary election. MCV did not endorse in this race, as we are focusing resources in state legislative primaries. We have included information on the Congressional race on the MCV web site at including the press release and video by Tyler Gernant about Dennis McDonald’s comments on energy development and the Otter Creek coal tracts, and Dennis McDonald’s statement. Both are found below. I am sending this to you and posting on the web site as voters make up their minds who to support in the June 8th primary. As candidates make further information available, it will be posted on the web site.

The email contains more – and I’ve linked it up on my google docs account.

A while back, Gernant did a Clean Energy and Jobs tour of the state, and stopped in at Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Company in Belgrade, where he spoke with Dave Tyler. Dave ranches a beautiful spread where he organically raises sheep and cattle on land that chemical fertilizers and herbicides. His ranch is also certified “predator friendly,” as Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool uses natural less invasive methods of control:

Our principal protection against native predators are our guard dogs and llamas and our own vigilance; because we have chosen not to use lethal control methods against coyotes, bears, wolves, mountain lions, our ranch is certified as “predator friendly”. It is a choice which, like many of our land management decisions, acknowledges risk in the interest of learning how to coexist with native species while caring for the land.

Watch Dave talk about his ranch and its sustainable solar water heaters that he uses for their wool production. As Dave explains, Tyler Gernant is the type of candidate we need in both Washington:

Thirteen Mile offers some great products. The hats are just some of the lovely items they create, sustainable, here in Montana.


  1. The MCV is Gernant’s disastrous union endorsement that has bedeviled Dennis McDonald. I thought Tyler was doing so well, and now I respect him less.

    My message to MCV, the AFL-CIO; your endorsements sometimes when they are ill thought out, can actually do more harm than good to candidates. This one does that, like the leadership union endorsement of McDonald.

    In my own defense, your endorsement does not square with reality; especially with voters like those in Ft. Belknap. There, they are familiar with the Gopher family name, as we stuck it out with them for the better part of a decade to fight the open pit mining that was destroying their water.

    I can only encourage us all to stop this kind of shameless politicking–voters are too smart for that, and it turns them off. I see these kinds of things, and if Democratic voters tolerate this–lets remember-you all need the Native vote to get elected, this applies to environmentalists, gay rights leaders, union leaders, attorneys, and any person from whatever walk of life that may run for office.

    These overt attempts to unfairly advantage these two white men here, it is noted, and has served to fire up the base–certainly I do hope women and the native vote turn out in force–I have every indication to believe they are.

    I am probably the better candidate to have been endorsed by both the MCV and the Unions–I urge those of you to look and evaluate these men’s track records on these two issues, to mine–and the choice is clear.

    I worked with the union as far back as 1996 on political campaigns to strengthen the union/native voting block, I have a track record of that here, in this state, not somewhere else. I have a strong environmental/civil rights track record. For those that are uncomfortable with this new low in Montana politics–a low I will continue to challenge–just walk away from these endorsements and vote for me on June 8th. I will bring the fairness needed.

    • you have my vote ms. gopher. this will be much closer than people think it will be.

    • Comparing Gernant’s sustainable energy and jobs policy position (which has been one of the cores of his campaign) to the AFL-CIO’s closed-door endorsement of McDonald is like comparing pears to tomatoes.


  2. MelindaGopher

    My bad, sorry. Thanks Tracy for correcting.

  3. MelindaGopher

    misleading headline….sorry, once again.

  4. Sarah Cobler

    Ms. Gopher,

    To clarify, we didn’t endorse in the Congressional race, and are trying to post current information on each candidate on our website.

    Sarah Cobler, MCV Program Director

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