GOP Congressional Candidate A.J. Otjen Speaks on the Campaign and the Election

by jhwygirl

I ruminated in a comment or two around here on how Rehberg really failed to engage in the primary. I had heard nothing of any forums – while I know that county Democratic organizations around the state held forums for their congressional candidates. It’s hard for any candidate that doesn’t really get the opportunity to engage, side-by-side, with their competitors. But hey – that’s Rehberg arrogance. Besides that, I know that Pogo Possum expressed an interest in hearing more from A.J. Otjen….so here you are folks. Information is power.

From A.J. Otjen:

In January, Denny promised me that we would have a Republican Primary Debate. It is now less than a week before the election and his schedule as never let that happen. It is just never in the best interest of the incumbent to debate. I have met him in public and have asked him specific questions and every time he says…”we are not going to debate now”. So when? Tell us why you are now fighting for a balanced budget without getting specific about spending cuts and where to find revenues. Tell us why you have sponsored hundred of bills and sent out thousands of press releases that go absolutely no where. Tell us why you vote against a stimulus package and then beg for the money to fund projects in Montana.

I am on the road doing my last tour of Montana before the election and do meet Mark French in public forums. He does have a following like a preacher has sheep. After one of his tirades, one of his followers even said as I stood up…”good luck following that”. Through out these events, it is always clear that he has no handle on facts. He is all fire. (The conservative conference in Missoula helped him raise money in one day) I call him the dramatic candidate and myself the practical candidate, undaunted by his brimstone. I am undaunted by his misrepresentation of me saying ‘Ms. Otjen who hates the constitution.’ I say, for have to call me Dr. Otjen. Almost every male in my family has been in combat defending the constitution.

I have enjoyed most of all going into the French and Rehberg areas and turning folks around. It works mainly with small groups. When people have time to listen. When people do not get caught up with emotion and loyalties, the facts always win. There is so much hope for where we can go with politics if we treat it like an elephant that we eat one bite at a time. Even the TEA party. If they were truly just about Taxes Enough Already, maybe they would be OK. When we hold them to that….they calm down. I asked them if they were about any thing else…and they refused to say. I confronted them with their misrepresentation of me..and a few have been embarrassed. I confronted the College Republicans with their own embarrassing but humorous recruitment video and called them Fox Mimics who needed different students in their ranks.

But we could have one tremendous bite right now with this election. We could change so much about Montana oplitics with the GOP primary turning out reasonable Republicans going forward to the general. It is states with open primaries like ours that will lead the nation back to having two equal and reasonable parties. Instead we have one in power at a time, which always leads to absolute power corrupting absolutely. Extremists on either side can not keep controlling our agendas. The issues facing us right now will change the way we live just 30 years from now. Knowing that, and seeing how the future could be devastating or fantastic, is why I decided to run.

Trust that whichever Democrat wins will be fine. The real choice is in the GOP primary. Here is the my TV Commercial:

ed. note: I like how she begins that “I’m not running against Denny Rehberg, I’m running for a balanced budget.”


  1. OK with AJ

    She got my vote in the primary. There will be a lot of crossover voting in Gallatin County. The Tea Party and Constitutionalist Party crossovers will vote for French. The Democrat crossovers will vote for AJ.

    It should be an interesting tally.

  2. Quest

    Wow…wish AJ had talked like this a little sooner. Already filled out my ballot, democratic, but I really liked what I just heard from her here. Thanks for sharing jhwygirl. (Quick side note, commercial, less than great. Talk to people not to horses and you’ll get a little farther.)

  3. petetalbot

    What a pitiful congressman Denny Rehberg is. He won’t even discuss ideas with the far, far right (French) and the moderate Republican (Otjen). He’s ignoring the voters. What arrogance.

    A.J. did a nice TV spot. Saying “the Republican Party is off course” takes some chutzpa.

    I note some bitterness from A.J. in the post above. Democrat Melinda Gopher showed some bitterness in her posts, too. They have that right.

    These women are challenging the establishment — never an easy task.

    If I thought it would help, I’d cross over and vote for Otjen. But really, I think the Democratic primary is so important; not just the congressional race but the down ticket races, too.

  4. Pogo Possum

    “Besides that, I know that Pogo Possum expressed an interest in hearing more from A.J. Otjen…”

    Not exactly what I said but what the heck…….always glad to hear more from a fellow Republican. I will be voting for Rehberg however.

    Note to Pete – calling Rehberg names for not holding a GOP debate to give free publicity to his opponents that everyone knows he is going to beat in the Primary is uncalled for. It is just plain good campaign strategy and I expect the same of any politician in a similar position regardless of party.

    Note to A. J. Otjen – Always glad to see new upcomming candidates take the stage especiallly women candidates with new points of view. You have a future in Montana politics down the road. I wish you well in future races.

    However, for this race, I have to point out that the 4 key components in a successful political campaign consist of Message, Organization, Money and Management. Though you have provided your message, you have been unsuccessful with the other three components. Your future success will depend on mastering all four of these key campaign elements.

    Note to Melinda Gopher – see comments relating to A.J. Otjen.

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